Great West Gym Fest press

Anna Marie Niemeir, 14, of Missoula, performs her floor routine before judges at the 2008 Great West Gym Fest at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Convention Center on Saturday.


… Dani Crane, 15, said she also enjoys meeting other gymnasts, as well as meeting some of the Olympic athletes who attended the event.

“They share their stories with us about training and stuff. It’s really cool,” Crane said.

Among those attending were gold winning Olympians like Shannon Miller, the most decorated gymnast – male or female – in the U.S.; Stoyan Deltchev, for whom the impossibly difficult Deltchev maneuver on the uneven bars was named; and Carly Patterson, the all-around gold-winner in the 2004 summer Olympics.

deltchev.jpg“The kids really love it,” Deltchev said waiting in a Coeur d’Alene penthouse suite for the next event.

Deltchev said the young athletes don’t remember his 1980 Olympic win or recognize his face, but when they hear his name “they say ‘oh that’s the guy the move is named after.'”

This is Deltchev’s third year attending the event. He said he continues to return because of the quality of the meet.

“Everything here is at a super high level,” he said.

Shannon-360.jpgMiller, a gymnastics ambassador who hosts her own extended cable network television show, “Gymnastics 360 with Shannon Miller,” agreed with Deltchev.

“It’s exciting and fun for the athletes, and it’s one of the most well organized invitationals in the U.S.,” she said.

Gym Fest gets rolling –

Note – The photo of Deltchev shows him doing “Spagat” (splits) on rings, not the Deltchev release.

Great West Gym Fest – official website

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