NEW – Australian Gymnastics Blog – G’day

The best news on the internet in 2008 was the launch of a new gymnastics blog on January 1st.

Mez, from Melbourne, is the editor. She’s knowledgeable, opinionated and writes with cheeky, entertaining style.

I subscribed instantly.

Mez will report on Artistic gymnastics from the perspective Down Under. The Aussies have been the most successful Western gymnastics nation relative to population. We all have a lot to learn from them.

It’s worth reading all the posts from the start. But most interesting to me was the reaction there to Hollie Dykes retirement. (*Insert Expletive Here*) And how National Coach Peggy Liddick handled the troubled super talent.

Another post details the exclusion of Philippe Rizzo from the Beijing Olympics:


Sam Simpson (QLD), pictured at top, is to be Australia’s sole representative at the 2008 Olympic Games after his placing at the 2007 Worlds and winning the Oceania Olympic wildcard slot. Sam is the 2007 national floor and vault champion. He also valiantly spoke out against team-mate Philippe Rizzo’s exclusion from the Games thanks to FIG technicalities which have been deemed controversial by many. …

The Summer of Sams

Click through for the specifics.

It’s tragic that Rizzo and Pommel Horse virtuoso Prashanth Sellathurai will not compete at the 2008 Olympics. Either could have reached the podium on their specialties.

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