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A few pics from the pilot training course for “learning facilitators” (formerly “course conductors”) in a big revision of Canada’s NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level 1 Gymnastics Foundations course.

The Canadian beginner coaching manual — in my opinion — is the best English language gymnastics book available, succinctly explaining the movement pattern approach of principle author Keith Russell.

The course has been successful for over 30 years.

Yet here are Keith and crew piloting a MAJOR revision.


The first day we spent looking at the new format of coach education in Canada. In our socialist, government managed sport system, a top down decision was made to focus on “coaching competencies” rather than “coaching knowledge”.


In future beginner coaches will start younger (age-15), know less — but be better trained to teach.

Today we reviewed the “movement patterns” common to all gymnastics sports including Rhythmic, Aerobic, Trampoline and Tumbling. We want all acrobatic coaches to have a common starting point in the new system.


More time in the new course is spent on the benefits and risks of back bridge activites. Of course we want beginners to bridge with the feet elevated to put more weight on the upper back and shoulders. Less on the lower back.


This partner bridge is included in the new manual. Somewhat controversial, but still recommended for those physically ready. UPDATE: Keith has decided to remove this skill from the manual simply to avoid a slow down in the course. It’s still a good activity. I will use it.

Many in Canada are taking a “wait and see” attitude with the new system. It’s still being fine tuned. The first official courses are scheduled for the Fall of 2008.

more information on this course – Gymnastics Coaching » Blog Archive » learning facilitator training – Canada

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