inspirational gymnastics videos

gymgymgymnast08 on Chalk Bucket linked to two inspirational videos.

Not superb editing, but I like the message of both:

Gymnastics …

  • Its being able to do things most people can only dream of doing
  • Its being with your team more than anyone else
  • Its being able to remember every routine you’ve ever done
  • Its never having time to do anything else Its ripped and blistered hands and feet.
  • Its always being sore- but never contemplating a night off
  • Its not being able to understand how some people can’t touch their toes
  • Its using chalk more than soap
  • Its never using the words “can’t” or “impossible”
  • Its owning more leos and warm ups than actual clothing
  • Its knowing you work ten times harder than any other sport
  • Its that dizzy, happy feeling when you stick that one landing
  • Its having your own language and using it non stop.
  • Its not just a sport… *Its a way of life*

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

    The second video is an inspirational slideshow montage: YouTube – Gymnastics is…


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