Oscar Pistorius banned – IAAF result

pistorius.jpgOscar Pistorius is the South African Paralympic sprinter who wants to compete against able bodied runners. It looks like his bid to switch to Olympic competition will be denied by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

IAAF report concludes that Pistorius’ Carbon fibre prosthetic limbs provide a “considerable advantage”

The IAAF tests on Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius have now been handed to IAAF President Lamine Diack, and the early reports are that the tests have indeed confirmed that the carbon fibre prosthetic limbs, knowns as “Cheetahs”, do in fact provide Pistorius with “considerable advantage” over other runners.

Unfortunately and frustratingly for us, the IAAF have issued a press release which states that “the IAAF does not plan to discuss the contents of the report, or make any public announcement about any decision related to the report, until 10 January 2008”. Because of this, we don’t have access to the specific results and so we cannot, unfortunately, bring you any more detailed insights or interpretation of the specific test results. But the lead researcher, biomechanics expert Prof Gert-Pieter Bruggemann was quoted in a German newspaper as saying that the advantage is considerable – several percentage points in size. Apparently Prof Bruggemann was himself surprised at the size of the difference. …

The Science of Sport: Oscar Pistorius banned – IAAF result

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