poem – The Magical Light

by Charlie Amerosa

My friends are at home warm and cozy and getting ready for bed

But I have goals and dreams to fill so I’m here in the gym instead

As they were chatting online, watching TV and eating lots of ice cream

I was flipping on the floor, swinging on bars, and trying to stay on beam

Near the end of training each night, after we are done with our routines

We have muscle burning conditioning, like little gymnastic machines

Well I hated it and I was lazy, it just seemed like punishment to me

I took shortcuts and had a bad attitude because I just couldn’t see…

We are spread out across the floor, always spaced evenly apart

It’s quiet because we have to be focused and ready for the start

He say’s “get ready for V-ups”, and that means stomach pain ahead

It’s not the first or second set of sixty, it’s the third set that I dread

On my back getting ready for the pain, I was staring up at the ceiling

When the brightest light blinded my sight and I had the strangest feeling

“Why am I here, I’m wasting my time if I’m not going to give it my all”

Wow! What just happened, was that some kind of magic wake up call?

He barks out the count, and it helps to keep up the pace

I know he cares about us, because you can see it in his face

But he’s firm and relentless about our physical condition

Every muscle, every movement, every body position

First I get the burning pain then my muscles start to feel numb

But I have to stay focused, I know there is a lot more to come

My teammates all need each other, to keep up with this brutal grind

Because we know we would have to start over, if one of us fell behind

My body is overheating, pouring sweat burns as it drips into my eye

A younger girl whimpers from the strain and it makes me want to cry

It is said that what doesn’t kill you, will always make you stronger

I’m trying as hard as I can but my body can’t take this much longer

He always seems to sense our limit, his counting slows down a bit

I dig in hard and finish the set, there’s no way I was going to quit

We all lay back when the set is done and the pain starts to fade away

No one speaks, we’ve been here before and we are all going to be ok

So that night something changed inside me, and I was finally able to see…

The effort it takes to be the gymnast and be the person I was meant to be

And although I keep this to myself, I have a six pack made of steel

I love how I look from all my hard work and I love how it makes me feel

What a great honor to march with my teammates into a gym for a competition

And hearing people whisper, “OMG look at them, they are in amazing condition”

It’s humbling to be admired by family and friends and by people we don’t even know

And I hope that soon you will see the light, just like I did, one night, not so long ago

by Charlie Amerosa (Flipr110 AT aol.com)

photo – Christchurch School of Gymnastics

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