gymnastics bar training – KIP

An under-appreciated drill for improving kip on Bars or Horizontal Bar is kip series on safety straps.

I asked one of the Funtastics gymnasts who had had some trouble learning the kip when she was younger to try for at least 8 in series on a safety strap bar. (I expected her to do 3-4 on first attempt.)

Here’s how she did:

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

In my experience, gymnasts who can do 8 in series will never again have any problem with single long kip in their routine. Connecting cast handstand should be relatively easy. Through “overload” gymnasts learn how to kip efficiently. This can be done on a low bar for glide kip series too (though I never use that drill myself).

No spotting is required. No “rips” on the hands.

(Same strategy for giant though I ask gymnasts for somewhere between 20-40 giants in series.)

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