Funtastics Gymnastics – Mission Statement

Just back from visiting Funtastics in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. At the beginning of the season the competitive TEAM girls memorize their program mission statement:

We exist to provide every athlete in our developmental and competitive team programs with a rewarding and fulfilling experience through the building of character, and ‘heart’ above all. We are working towards this by focusing on respect for themselves and others, time management skills, self discipline, development of competitive abilities, dedication to a team, strong work habits, goal setting ability, a love of exercise and an overall sense of accomplishment in their endeavors. In short, an attitude of “never less than the best we can do”.

We work on and encourage a positive attitude, courage, development of superb physical and mental strengths and abilities and the willingness and ability to put in your best effort at every opportunity … to stick to a task and persevere, overcoming challenges and goals that were ‘impossible’ only a short while before.

In essence, we are striving to develop life skills that will last you long after your competitive days are over.

778208865_531d44c0f4_m.jpgLearning and discussing the Mission is part of their Sport Psychology program which Head Coach Dave Adlard feels is the most productive training session of the week.

Also, they’ve changed the word “goal” … to “promise”. A much stronger word and one more meaningful to the kids.

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