Jeff Crockett – double twisting Jaeger!

In training, the first I’ve ever seen.

From Gymblog’s excellent post on the evolution of Bernd Jaeger’s skill:

And now have a look at the double twisting Jaeger, performed by Jeff Crockett, a member of the University of Washington’s men’s team in 2006.

Awesome, no?

Jeff Crockett’s double twisting Jaeger « WordPress Gymblog

Click PLAY or watch Jeff swing out on YouTube.

History-wise, I recall with greatest admiration Artemev’s Winkler (layout Jaeger-full) and Valeri Liukin’s Layout Tkachev full and Winkler in the same routine. Both did it from el-grip.

Many girls have competed Def? (Geinger 3/2 twist)

Has any female competed layout Jaeger full as yet? (Leave a comment.)

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