new BEAM VIDEOS by Debbie Rodriguez

Back in the day I had the privilege of coaching Debbie Broderick.

Today she is Debbie Rodriguez, club owner (Byers), Mom, elite coach and Beam guru. I was thrilled to see her gymnast — Katelyn Mohr — hit eight routines for eight at USA Championships 2007.

After the success of Debbie’s introductory beam video — It’s About Stability — the good folks at Gym Smarts quickly released two more:

Balance_Beam_Dismts_DR.jpg Balance_Beam_BackTumbling_D.jpg

1. Balance Beam – Back Tumbling Step-out Series

A continuation of Debbie Rodriguez’s It’s About Stability Series. Learn the back handspring to layout-stepout tumbling series on the balance beam

2. Balance Beam – Round-off Dismounts
A continuation of Debbie Rodriguez’s It’s About Stability Series, learn to perform and sucessfully complete round-off Dismounts with confidence.

Debbie Rodriguez

Debbie_Rodriguez_head.jpgWith over 30 years of gymnastics experience as gymnast, Canadian Elite Gymnast, Collegiate Athlete, Coach and Club Owner, Debbie Rodriguez is recognized as a leader in the gymnastics community. She coaches all levels of gymnastics from beginners to elite athletes. Debbie holds a bachelors Degree in Physical Education, Physical Therapy, is a Certified Weight Trainer, Nutritionist and a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Combining over 20 years of coaching and her international competitive experience with her extensive educational background has helped Debbie create some of the most successful gymnasts in the United States today. She was 2006 Region 1 Optional Coach of the Year.

Go to for details on these DVDs and many more at about US$30 each.

I’m no beam coach, but those I’ve spoken with really like Debbie’s approach to the apparatus.

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