video – Advanced Gymnastics with Paul Hall

UK Coach Paul Hall trains Louis Smith, Daniel Keatings, Luke Folwell and Marissa King at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club, all who qualified for the 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart. In fact, Paul blogged that event:

Blogging with the champion gymnasts

Paul is charismatic, media savvy … and obviously a great coach. Smith and Keatings BOTH qualified for Pommel Finals.

Key Skills in Advanced Gymnastics for Girls and Boys with Paul Hall is the title of a 2-disc DVD instructional video set available from expert videographer coach Charles Minster from Australia. He’s been producing superb video Down Under for decades. (We’ve raved about Charles’ videos before.)

Running time is over 3 hours !! (180min) for the two disks.

Charles gave me permission to excerpt the DVD to show you a sample. I chose two drills I had never seen before. (Paul includes many interesting, unusual drills on the video. I’m definitely going to try his method of introducing “tilt” twisting to beginners.)

Click PLAY or watch a sample of Paul Hall’s instructional video on YouTube.

Charles has a number of other Paul Hall video previews on his official website.

Australia – AUS $120 + tax
UK = UK £46
USA = GymSmarts $75
Contact Charles Minster by email if you have any questions:

sales @

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