should parents watch sports training?

Still a controversial question, I agree with the Sports Girls Play blog:

Some of the gyms I have coached at in the past (before I had kids of my own) actually had “no-watch” policies. I don’t agree with that philosophy ….

As a parent paying tuition or players fees, it is your right to observe what your child is learning. Additionally, I would be very cautious allowing my child to participate in a program that regularly held closed practices unless there were multiple coaches that I knew well and trusted present at all times.

On the other hand, parents in the observation areas do sometimes cause some problems:

Years ago I had a student who’s Mother watched every practice. She would sit in the stands and count how many turns each child took and if her child got any fewer turns than anyone else, she would make a point of letting me know after practice.

She was constantly comparing her daughter’s progress to the other girls and it put a lot of unnecessary pressure on her daughter.

Should Parents Watch Sports Practices?

My personal philosophy is to explain to the parents why it is not optimal to watch all of every practice.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

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