video – advanced bar-to-bar transfers

One of the best clinicians I know is Svetlana Degteva, many years coaching at Gymnastics Mississauga in Toronto, Canada.

Though a petite female, she decided to coach Bars herself, spotting everything. (Tkachev is a bit intimidating.)

She recently presented a half-day clinic on advanced bar transfers including Pak, Shaposhnikova, and others.

Instead of showing the best performers at Worlds on video, she brought a video of her own girls — different heights, different levels of ability, typical problems — and this was much appreciated by the attending coaches. She is very honest and unpretentious.

Click PLAY or watch a short sample (of her much longer video) on YouTube.

A few notes from the clinic:

  • all girls can do Pak and Shaposhnikova, regardless of their height though technique will vary.
  • if the kids understand the skill, progress is much faster. Have them draw new skills to get a feel for their comprehension.
  • it’s almost impossible to aspire to be competitive at the highest level unless you have 3-times-a-day training and a special school arrangement. (She does not have this now though she did in the former Soviet Union.)
  • with limited training time, physical preparation is even more important.
  • things will go wrong. Kids lose skills. Kids miss skills. Be prepared for anything and everything.
  • DegtevSvetlana175.jpg

    Svetlana “has a Bachelors degree of Physical Education and Sport from Lvov University in Ukraine.

    Ms. Degteva is a former Russian National Team Coach and an International Judge.

    She has coached at every level in Canada and produced many Provincial and National level Champions and medalists, as well as a number of World and Olympic Team members.”

    Gymnastics Mississauga bio

    If you are looking for an elite clinician who can relate to the problems of the regular coach, contact Svetlana directly via her club.

    ===== Want more?

    video – spotting the “Pak”

    video – spotting Pak – part 2

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