vaulting mechanics

Dr. Siros Prassas is the editor of a good site for those interested in sport science.

For example, here’s an article he posted on the biomechanics of vaulting.

Should be very interesting. Right?

But most coaches do not have enough time for this kind of data.


Are your eyes getting blurry?

In this blog we strive to KISS. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Here are the most important points I got from the article:

  • speed of the sprint (at the board) is critical

  • many variables of body position and muscular contraction must lead to the optimal position when leaving the board

  • the gymnast both absorbs (on the “block”) and generates force on the horse

  • few vaulters are able to stick the landing. Forward facing landings are more difficult than backward. More gymnasts over rotate than under rotate. Female gymnasts are worse than males on landing.
  • The article is OK though I disagreed with some other points not listed above.

    Academic biomechanical analysis is often of limited value. I’d much rather listen to an elite coach who knows the most important conditioning and drills. Not every variable.

    The best reason to check out the article is to watch a video of an amazing Handspring Double Front used as a model: Vaulting Mechanics – Dr. Spiros Prassas – Associate Professor, Department of Health and Exercise Science, Colorado State Unversity

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