Gymnastics UK – Beth Tweddle inspires

Gabby Logan posted a strong personal opinion piece on why elite gymnastics is good for kids. And why Beth is a great role model.

As it turned out, Beth Tweddle finished third in voting for BBC Sports Personality of the Year after world champion horse rider Zara Phillips and golfer Darren Clarke.

Beth Tweddle’s gold medal on the uneven bars at the World Gymnastics Championships this year has inspired a generation of children in Britain who were previously under the impression that unless you are Chinese or from a former state of the Soviet Union, you don’t stand a chance on the world stage.

The gold medal was a good start, as was the one she collected at the World Cup in Brazil on Saturday night, but coming in the top three on Sports Personality of the Year could give gymnastics the kind of PR that money can’t buy.

What is not to love about gymnastics? It combines just about every attribute you could hope for in a sportsman or woman: grace, bravery, confidence, dexterity and power, to name a few. Most young girls and lots of young boys do gymnastics of some sort, even if it is only for one term at school, so the chances are you will be familiar with a horse, a beam or at the least a mat, although because of scarce television coverage we are not on first-name terms with the national squad.

Gymnastics: Tweddle can prove an inspiration to whole generation of children – Sport – Times Online


2004 photo – Samantha Davies (one of our favourite photographers)


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