strength training – hanging V-sit and variations

Yet another excellent article by Christopher Sommer on the DragonDoor website.

Click thumbnail photo for larger image.

hanging-V.jpgThis post details the correct stages of development of leg raises, also called hanging leg lifts.

For gymnastics coaches, this strength development is essential, especially helpful for beginners learning “kip”.

I’ve had good success spotting hanging L-sit, hanging V-sit, as well as leg raises. (Ensure the knees stay straight throughout.) Progress can come astonishingly quickly for some kids.

see Chris’ full article with excellent photo illustrations

Christopher Sommer is the men’s head coach at the Dessert Devil Gymnastics National Team Training Center in Mesa, Arizona and has one of the premiere men’s gymnastics programs in the United States. He’s also been training female gymnasts, Navy SEALS, Air Force Para Rescue, undercover DEA, Hostage Rescue and FBI among others.

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