TumblTrak tumbling “Air Floor”

Doug Davis of TumblTrak showed me his latest edition air floor. It’s 3 inches thick.

Looks fantastic though it is not inexpensive.

air-floor-gymnast-holding.jpgCheck details on their Air Floor page. It includes an endorsement video by Kurt Thomas.

The air mat is designed to sit atop a spring floor, tumbling strip, carpet foam or panel mats. Hard wood floor or grass not recommended.

“More Reps, Less Stress” is the tag line. It should reduce overuse injuries and prevent some traumatic ones.

Using an earlier model I found it added about half a somersault and a full twist to the potential power of almost every competitive gymnast.

The Air Floor is perfect, I feel, for a club that does not own a tumbling trampoline. It’s even better for programs specializing in tumbling, including cheerleading. And if you must move or store your tumbling mats, there is nothing better.

Cost is between US$800 – 1500 for mats between 3-6m (10-20ft) long. Add shipping, tax and brokerage fees (if shipping outside the USA).

Want a price on the air floor? Email TumblTrak at Tumb800@AOL.com.

Next — I also need a thinner (perhaps 1 inch thick) air mat just for take-offs into the pit. Would the (much more affordable) TumblTrak “Sweet Spot” do the trick? It is normally used attached to either the vault horse or the beat board?


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