Liukin is USA Gymnastics Champion 2006

Just like Artemev in the Men’s competition, the winner of the Women’s meet was a very artistic, foreign-born, fan favourite.

Like most everyone, I love that a girl with a Rhythmic Gymnastics body can be so successful in Artistic gymnastics. Congratulations Nastia Liukin!

Competition Results – Senior Women.

There was some controversy over the high score awarded Nastia on beam after she took as big a wobble as I have ever seen without falling off. But I and most other pundits are too confused by the new scoring system to be able to comment. We need an analysis by up-to-date beam judges.

Personally I am thrilled that Nastia repeated as National Champion. Her form has improved since Worlds and she could peak for World Championships in the Fall. I will be cheering. Her Bars and Beam are thrilling.

The best highlight of the Senior meet, however, was Alicia Sacramone on vault. Her lift off the vault horse must be the highest ever seen.

more photos on Alicia’s official website

The USA is the team to beat at Worlds 2006. And the future looks bright as the Juniors coming up are even better.

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