“spring free” trampolines

Friends just bought a backyard trampoline.

Straight off, as a gymnastics professional, I advise everyone against backyard trampolines. I am surprised they are still legal in Canada.

Kids should do trampoline only under the supervision of trained coaches on properly maintained equipment.

If you insist on putting a dangerous trampoline in your yard, consider a trampoline without springs. For example, the Spring Free SF90E.


As backyard tramps go, I am impressed. This company is focused on safety.

Eliminating the springs is a great innovation!

But I dispute the company’s claim that “SpringFree is the Safe Trampoline!”.

It’s a safer trampoline. But the reaction force from the elastic bed can still injure children.

UPDATE: Check the comments below:

“in two weeks my son severely fractured his ankle”.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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