Ellie Downie – Lopez

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2015 Netherlands-Great Britain Friendly Results

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Sasha Artemev – triple twisting Yurchenko

This was his best one, I believe, 2007 in San Jose.

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stuck Yeo 2

supermura linked to this .gif

Yeo 2

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fun Tsukahara drill

Long before gymnasts flip their first Tsuk, they should do drills like this for psychological preparation.

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It should be fun, not scary, when you finally allow them to flip. :-)

Another prerequisite would be double backs somewhere, even if only in a spotting belt on Tramp.

Marian Dragulescu back competing

Marian seems pretty serious about his latest comeback. And he can still stick his signature vault.

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Watch his Floor at Israel Cup (VIDEO)

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via Nico on GymFever2012

Vault – double front from Tsuk approach

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Gymneo English – Tsukahara

The best coaching videos in 2015, overall, are produced by Gymneo out of France.

I joined Gymneo English day 1 – October 25th, 2014. Since that time they’ve added English versions of their existing French content on a regular basis.

The newest skill translated to English is Tsukahara.

Click PLAY or watch the Tsukahara overview video on Facebook.

Each skill on Gymneo is broken into 7 parts:

technical analysis
physical preparation
LIVE performance

details on Tsukahara (1hr 40min total)

You can buy that one skill for 37,20€ (41.54 USD) or get a year’s access for 199€(223 USD). A good investment for serious WAG competitive coaches.

There are discounts and sales. The price has gone down since last year as more people join.

If you do speak French the French version is a better deal. More content for the same price. Unfortunately English members do not get access to the French content.

Consider this a strong endorsement for Gymneo.com. You do need speedy internet to stream their videos, as you need have for all video sources (aside from YouTube).

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this product.

If you have questions about Gymneo, email: contact(a)gymneo.com