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Olympic Vault GOLD

1932 vs 2012

“Should Have Been a 10″ Vaults

American Gymnast top 5 American vaults.

Perfection is very difficult to achieve in a sport like Gymnastics. When you see a gymnast put up a huge routine on an apparatus that appears to be flawless,…

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when Yurchenko was dangerous

The old vaulting horse was more dangerous than today’s table.

Round-off vaults were more dangerous before the introduction of the Yurchenko collar. I recall duct taping our home made versions, back in the day, before you could buy them.

There were some serious injuries. The death of Julissa Gomez, as an extreme example, resulting from her 1988 accident.

Bogi, at the time, disagreed.

From the L.A. Times – November 17, 1989:

Svetlana Boginskaia of the Soviet Union, who used a Yurchenko when she won the gold medal in vaulting at the 1988 Olympics, said there’s little risk with the roundoff approach.

“I’ve never had a problem with it,” she said through an interpreter last Sunday while participating in an exhibition at the Forum. “It’s an easy vault for me. …

It’s Dangerous From the Start : Gymnastics: Some officials and coaches wonder if the spectacular Yurchenko vault is worth the risk.

Yurchenko Aliya

The table was one of FIG’s best equipment innovations.

Yurchenko drill

From Mary Lee Tracy.

Before kids are ready to flip, they should be skilled at this fun drill.

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This way they are working on the most dangerous phase – landing – long before they have to worry about rotation.

Don’t stay on this drill too long, however, as it teaches them NOT to flip. It’s useful only for a very short phase of the skill development.

Another thing I like about the drill is that it starts new Yurchenko kids off thinking about doing the twist late. :-)

Shallon Olsen – Vault

EF 2014 Top Massilia

14.7 / 14.333 = 14.517 – 2nd

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Sergio – piked Dragaslescu

Come Rio Sergio Sasaki could be an AA podium threat. He’ll be getting a lot of press.

Work hard! ???????????????? #rio2016

sergiosasaki?@Sérgio Sasaki????? ·

That was linked by Arabian Punch Front – This Week in Training

Nico linked to his Blume Memorial Floor where he mounts with the same acrobatic element, first competed by Korolev (on a rock hard FX) if memory serves.

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Vault – the Skinner?

Nico on GymFever2012 linked to this awesome feat.

Half on 2 1/2!!! Never seen anyone do this before…. New skill

Um vídeo publicado por Mykayla Skinner (@mykaylaskinner2016) em

BEST Gym Halloween costume EVER

Coach Marc from Club Aviva. :-)

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Hong vs Biles – Vault

The 2008 Olympic Champion competed first. And hit better than we’d seen her in training or prelims.

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With 0.8 lower start scores, Simone needed to stick or near stick to move ahead.

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Two fantastic vaulters. I was happy with the podium ranking.

1. Hong Un Jong
2. Simone Biles
3. Mykayla Skinner

vault results

commentary by Catherine – Beautiful Gymnastics – EF Day 1: Vault and Bars

She notes that we had no falls, a wide variety of vaults and, happily for me, no Produnovas. Only Dipa of India competed one at this Worlds.

Simone – crazy high

Though Simone is short, she launches her vaults as high as anyone aside from Maroney.

I’d love to have a computer evaluate air time, height and distance as part of the Vault score. As they do in Trampoline.

See more 2014 USA World Championships – Event Finals (Day 1) photos by John Cheng.

NCAA Vault – a stick contest

Since College judges do not much reward height, distance or body position, getting a good score is pretty much determined by the landing.

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Keisuke Suzuta – Ri Se-Gwang

Ono tells that Suzuta has been competing this vault for a while.

Cabriole sends these links.

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Would somebody please tell these guys that this vault is not humanly possible. :-)

This makes 3 who have competed it successfully.

6.400 + 9.400 = 15.800

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Sean Senters – triple twisting Yurchenko