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Youth Olympic Games Finals

day 1

1. Wang Yan, China, 14.783 (6.0 / 8.9, 6.2 / 8.566)
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.566 (5.8 / 9.066, 5.2 / 9.066)
3. Sae Miyakawa, Japan, 14.566 (5.8 / 9.0, 5.4 / 8.933)

1. Seda Tutkhalyan, Russia, 13.575 (5.6 / 7.975)
2. Iosra Abdelaziz, Italy, 13.366 (5.4 / 7.966)
3. Wang Yan, China, 13.066 (5.5 / 7.566)

full results – Gymternet

I’m Simone Biles

Vault is easy. :-)

(via Debbie Broderick Rodriguez)

Mykayla Skinner – Cheng

Interesting discussion on the private GymFever2012 Facebook group as to whether Mykayla Skinner was deducted enough for her 1st Vault day 1 at the P&G Championships 2014.

Score: 15.350 (6.4, 8.950)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Though she doesn’t have equal weight on both hands, nor is the half twist finished, I’d argue this vault is OK.

Skinner Vault 1 day 1 2014 P&G

IF you severely deduct that hand position, what are you going to do with all the Kasumatsu vaults? The first hand pushes, the 2nd hand blocks.

Ellie Black - Kasamatsu

Ellie Black – Kasamatsu

Though Mykayla is inconsistent, and Marta hates inconsistency more than Ebola, I feel Mykayla has a good chance to be selected for Worlds. She’s a medal contender on 2 apparatus.

Jordan Chiles – Vault and Floor

YDT – 14.900 (5.8, 9.100)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Jordan is one of only six juniors in this session vaulting a double Yurchenko, and hers was the best by leaps and bounds.

Jordan Chiles – Floor

13.950 (5.700, 8.250)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via The Gymternet)

Wang Yan the next Cheng Fei?

The Gymternet just posted a great profile on China’s Youth Olympic Games competitor Wang Yan.

Happy happy. She’s super strong on Floor and Vault. Just like Ching Fei. And just what China needs for Rio. :-) (She’s not age eligible for Worlds 2014.)

Check these Vaults (6.00 and 6.20 start scores)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

And she’s only going to get stronger on Vault.


Wang Yan is not nearly as strong on Bars. (VIDEO)

Kenzo is still in High School


Our World Floor champion is young. I mistakenly believed him too young to have competed Worlds 2013.

Nico’s new MAG Liukin blog linked to some video of Kenzo’s High School Championships.

Click here to watch highlights. Kenzo has never looked better.

He’s been named to Japan’s Worlds 2014 Team.

Chen Siyi – DTY

China will probably need 3 double twisting Yurchenkos or better if they want a chance to finish on the podium at Worlds as a team.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Not super strong.

Yao Jinnan – DTY

5.8 + 0.2 + 9.2 = 15.2

I assume the 0.2 is Chinese bonus.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

No injury at that time to Yao Jinnan. This was just posted.

That’s a 10. That’s a 10.

Today marks the 30th anniversary since Mary Lou Retton became the first American woman to win an individual Olympic medal for gymnastics…and not only a medal, but the all-around gold, something that wouldn’t be repeated for twenty years. …


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It truly was a 10 for that era.

The Soviet Union and most of the other East Block nations had boycotted Los Angeles.

Dipa Karmakar – Gymnastics in India

Dipa is a big media story in India.

She hopes her Bronze medal at Commonwealth Games will help popularize the sport.

Ashish Kumar’s medals from the Commonwealth and Asian Games in 2010 didn’t change much for Indian gymnasts. Fighting federations that led to de-recognition by the Sports Ministry, lack of funds, and no international tournaments in two years, meant the gymnasts got all of just three months’ training before the Glasgow Games.

“With this little training I managed to get a bronze and I am happy with that, but I would’ve done better if we got more international tours”, said Dipa.

There’s no time for Dipa to celebrate though, as she and the other Indian gymnasts prepare for the Asian Games in Incheon in September. …

Gymnastics is Not Circus, Says Dipa Karmakar After Historic Commonwealth Games Bronze

Jim Holt has been assisting the Men’s Team for some months. I’m looking forward to his assessment of how Dipa’s medals (hopefully) improves the sport in India.

There is plenty of heated discussion online, some Indian non-gymnasts assuming that any negative comment about Dipa’s vault is racism.

I recall a discussion with Raj Bhavsar and Mohini Bhardwaj a couple of years ago. There should be far more successful gymnasts from the subcontinent. They have excellent genetics for acrobatic sport.

On the bright side, I saw many people recommend the start score for handspring double front be reduced from 7.0 to 6.5.

That would help. I’d still rather see the Vault banned for WAG for this cycle. And perhaps one more. I don’t trust the judges. A cannonball landing should be deducted 3.0 – they deduct 0.3. :-(

Even if WAG judges applied the current code, that would help a lot. Any analysis of the women’s Vault judging from Glasgow will quickly reveal that those E-scores are absurd. And that many vaults credited as layout were not layout.

Commonwealth Vault, P Bars, H Bar

Vault Final
1. Scott Morgan (CAN)- 14.733 GOLD
2. Kristian Thomas (ENG)- 14.499 SILVER
3. Wah Toon Hoe (SIN)- 14.195 BRONZE

P Bar Final
1. Daniel Purvis (SCO)- 15.533 GOLD
2. Nile Wilson (ENG)- 15.433 SILVER
3. Max Whitlock (ENG)- 15.066 BRONZE

H Bar Final
1. Nile Wilson (ENG)- 14.966 GOLD
1. Kristian Thomas (ENG)- 14.966 GOLD
3. Kevin Lytwin (CAN) – 14.866 BRONZE

Vault Gold – Fragapane or Black?

Online, many felt that Ellie Black should have won Vault over local star, Claudia Fragapane.

Watching LIVE in real time, I had thought the ranking was OK.

But I went back to check.

Claudia had higher start values. (0.5 over 2 vaults) Ellie was much cleaner.

The judges seemed to be crediting just about anything as layout. Chant and Fragapane both were credited layout. I assume Dipa’s bizarre Kasamatsu was also credited layout.

1. FRAGAPANE 14.766 (14.500 & 14.633)
2. BLACK 14.433 (14.433 & 14.433)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Ellie starts here. Claudia starts here.

OK. I’m convinced.

Ellie Black should have been the Commonwealth Vault Champion. Claudia should have had more than 0.5 execution deduction compared with Ellie over the two vaults. The judges got it wrong.

Somebody call Nellie. :-(

Fragapane – layout or piked?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’m not contesting Claudia’s Gold medal. Simply pointing out that WAG judges are very inconsistent on what’s awarded layout.

The way they deduct landings is worse. There’s very little reward for landing safely and with complete control. :-(