Here’s a terrific interview by Irina Stepantseva with our surprise European Vault Champion. After reading it, I’m suddenly a huge fan.

Maria Paseka

-I really want to go to a second Olympics. I suddenly have this totally crazy dream. One such dream has already come true: I wanted to win some kind of competition, so that I would stand on the podium in first place and they would play the Russian national anthem. It had never happened to me before! And today I stood on the podium and the anthem was playing. And that’s it; the next dream is the Olympics.

-And skip Worlds? That won’t work.

-Of course, I’ll have to win Worlds as well. But the Olympics is the coolest.


Uchimura, Tanaka, Kato

Japanese Championships

1. Kohei Uchimura 15.75 + 15.1 + 14.95 + 15.0 + 15.45 + 15.9 = 92.150AA
2. Yusuke Tanaka 15.3 + 13.75 + 14.8 + 14.8 + 15.8 + 15.650 = 90.100AA
3. Ryohei Kato 15.45 + 14.6 + 14.6 + 14.8 + 15.600 + 15.00 = 90.050 AA

Kohei can compete almost any Vault. This time he used a Li Xiaopeng. And it wasn’t great.

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Lauren Beers – Vault

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Alabama junior Lauren Beers was named the 2015 NCAA Elite 89 Award winner for the sport of gymnastics at the NCAA Championship Banquet which was held at The Stockyard in Ft. Worth, Texas Wednesday night. It is Beers’ second consecutive Elite 89 Award and the Tide’s sixth in a row. …

Roll Tide

Ebbe Price – Vault

Our NCAA Champion.

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Ebee blasts off the table for an amazing yurchenko full! Awesome finals for Price! #DIBS

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Vault was the least impressive final. Almost every competitor hat done better in the prelims to qualify.

Ebee was by far the HIGHEST, however. :-)

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Maria Paseka – Vault

Our European Champion. Cheng ~ BAD. Amanar ~ pretty GOOD.

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Julia Sharpe 9th AA at Men’s NAIGC Nationals.

OK. Justin’s WAG floor was impressive.

But Julia, a regular competitor in Men’s competition, this year placed 4th on FX, 8th on H Bar a little over 3 months after giving birth to twins via c-section!

She admitted her “abs were pretty much dysfunctional”.

Click PLAY or watch her routines on YouTube. Or watch just her H Bar here.

Sean Senters – TTY

One of the two most impressive Finals routines at NCAA Championships 2015. (The other was Squires on Rings.)

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Sean won Vault with this. But what you really need to see is his triple twisting Yurchenko from warm-up. The best ever done on to competition mats, I’d say.

John Orozco posted that. The Men’s National Team is having a training camp at OU.

___ update: Here’s a better one from training.

Click PLAY or watch another angle on YouTube. BIG block.