late twisting Yurchenkos

Most gymnasts tend to rush the twist off the table. Here are examples of gymnasts who REALLY set before initiating the twist.

NastiaFan linked to two:

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Anon linked to Khorkina.

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late twisting Yurchenko

This is awesome.

Click PLAY or watch Sachi Sugiyama on instagram.

Here’s another one on YouTube. Can you think of anyone who twists later than Sachi?

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Gymnastics Explained – Yurchenko

British Gymnastics, in advance of their Championships, is posting a series explaining skills to the general public. (And Gym parents. :-) )

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There are more on BGtv: Sheep, Pak, Magyar & Silvado, Double Arabian.

Chusovitina – Cottbus Vault

Cleaner than ever. :-)

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She won this World Cup meet. To qualify to one more Olympics Oksana will need to finish top 3 at Worlds 2015. Not easy. But that’s how she did it for London. Oksana finished 2nd at the 2011 Worlds.

Oksana was 2nd on Vault, but qualified as part of Team Germany. IF Germany had not qualified a Team, she should have been named for Vault. Thanks for clarifying that, Jacob.

Volker points out there are other ways she could qualify, including the Tripartite Commission Invitation. It’s not clear that Uzbekistan is eligible for “Wild Card” selection, however. The rules seem to indicate that Uzbekistan is NOT eligible.

Hopefully FIG and IOC will find a way to get Oksana to Rio. She’s one of the very best stories in our sport.

Chusovitina – vault in Cottbus

Oksana Chusovitina leads prelims. :-)

Can she qualify for yet another Olympics?

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First day qualifications of Cottbus Cup. Vault 1. First place! Oksana Chusovitina. Finals on Saturday.

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Morgan Hurd – Yurchenko triple

This girl is a GREAT gymnast. :-)

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Yurchenko triple👊 #yurchenko

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Tomi Tuuha – Vault

Very nice. There are great gymnasts all over the world.

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It might be a Kas with with 2 more twists. Or a stagger handed Front with 2 1/2 twist. FIG should consider those the same vault.

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