NCAA Code Modifications: 2016 and 2017


On vault, the big news is the fact that the Yurchenko layout full (a round-off onto the board, back handspring onto the table and a layout with a full twist) and Yurchenko layout-half have been devalued to start from a 9.95 …

… vaults that are still valued at a 10.0 start value. For example:

Front handspring pike-front half

Tsukahara (cartwheel or half turn entry directly onto the table) layout full or layout half (or Phelps, 1/2 turn to Front Layout)

Yurchenko or Tsukahara tuck 1 1/2

Omelianchik (round-off half turn to front pike) and Podkapaeva (round-off half turn to front tuck 1/2)

Tuck or pike Luconi (round-off backhandspring with a full twist on, back tuck/pike off)

Pike Ilg (front handpring onto board, front pike off)

Handspring 2/1 twist

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Originally I’d heard Y 1/1 would not be devalued until 2017. But this document states it will begin January 2016.

Nothing is ratified, as yet. There could be clarifications yet to come.

In my opinion Handspring pike 1/2 is the easiest of the remaining 10.0 vaults.

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tumbling trampoline to uphill vault

Just finished 8 intensive days at Phoenix in Vancouver. Thanks sincerely to Kyna Fletcher and her excellent staff.


It was Gymnastics Canada coach education. Organized by Jeff Thomson of Gymnastics British Columbia.

Phoenix is a great host for events like this. They have an excellent facility. One unique training set-up is a vault horse built into the spotting deck at the end of the tumbling trampoline.



Fantastic. It’s a full-time uphill vault station where no fussing with spring boards is necessary. We used it for Yurchenko and forward approach vaults. It can drop low for the little ones. Or be raised for advanced gymnasts.


That was designed by coach Doug Odin who builds high quality specialized spotting platforms for Phoenix and other clubs.


Brittany Rogers – Amanar

In training.

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landing this vault is almost as exciting as seeing my dogs 😋 #amanoway!

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That was linked by a new blog called GymButante.

A gym blog more straight talking than Marta Karolyi.


Emyre Cole – Shewfelt Vault

At the 2015 P&G Championships E won Vault in the Jr. 17-18 divsion.

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Trivia – It was Kyle Shewfelt himself who introduced him to this vault. Emyre trains with Nalani Cook at Go For It USA in Vegas. And is headed to Michigan.

Shania Adams – Vault

#PGChamps Jr day 2

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Yurchenko drills

SMVRT-2TChris Zimmerman put together a video for Mancino. It features the new Shannon Miller Round-Off Trainer mat.

Todd Gardiner and John Geddert, for two, like the narrow Yurchenko hand mat to encourage kids to do a normal round-off, not the overturned round-off you see so many Olympians use. I agree. We should delay any overturn of the round-off for as long as possible.

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Jordan Chiles – stuck DTY

#PGChamps Jr day 2

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. 15.500 (5.9, 9.600)