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9.65 E-score on Shewfelt at Winter Cup.

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new Men’s skills announced

FIG MTC NEWSLETTER #28 was posted.

BRETSCHNEIDER gets the H value double twisting Kovacs. Congratulations.

You might ask why. He didn’t compete it at Worlds 2014.

Here’s why.

MAG Naming of New Elements:

Any new element performed at an FIG registered competition with an official FIG TD or FIG MTC member participating in an official role (local TD, continental TD, Superior Jury, Apparatus Supervisor, or Jury of Appeals) is eligible for new element recognition in the Code of Points. A video of the completed element must be given to the TC member in attendance for later review and evaluation at the following MTC meeting.

Ferhat’s amazing new dismount from P Bars (G value) was not given name credit because of his bent knees. I dunno. It looks pretty good from this angle. (VIDEO)

They aren’t as straight as the new vault – RI Se Gwang 2. Double front pike with half twist.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (6.4)

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• Yamawaki ½ will need to have all turning continue in the same direction for the increase in letter value. If the element turns in two different directions, the element will not be recognized by the D jury.

We’re praying that Yamawaki will be devalued next Code. And that releases catching in mixed grip will be the same skill. One crappy Yamawaki is bad enough. Two is twice as ugly.

Next newsletter will finally address these issues:

• Exceeding the allowable time for a fall (Sam Mikulak on P Bars)

• Broken handguard (grip) rule (Zhang Chenglong)


FIG MTC broke their own rules at Worlds 2014 with those two athletes. It’s about time they answer for that.

good Yurchenko preflight

I like Boise’s Kelsey Morris. Low on. And with feet together before contacting the table.

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3 Yurchenko doubles at Canada Winter Games

Megan Roberts, Shallon Olsen and Rose-Kaying Woo.

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Ruggeri, Legendre, Bailey

Prelim leaders Winter Cup 2015.

1. Paul Ruggeri 87.70
2. Steven Legendre 87.60
3. Donothan Bailey 87.50
4. Donnell Whittenburg 87.20
5. Marvin Kimble 86.30
6. Chris Brooks 85.850

full results (stick bonus 0.1 added to D-score)

USAG – Paul Ruggeri Posts Top Preliminary Scores At Winter Cup Challenge

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But these are not the kind of scores that are going to worry China and Japan.

Akash Modi 84.250
CJ Maestas 84.050
Danell Leyva 84.000

It sounded a very rough meet.

Uncle Tim calls ‘em how he sees ‘em.

• Quick Hits: The 2015 Winter Cup – Session 1

• Quick Hits: The 2015 Winter Cup – Session 2

Toni Ann Williams – 10.00

The rookie is tearing it up in the NCAA.

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LONG Vault hecht

I’m impressed.