Quick Tip – Jumping

Swing Big:

… one of the drills I do with young gymnasts to develop their punching and coordination. …

There are lots of ways you can do these drills, this is with a small hula hoop, but I really prefer carpet squares or a chalk box on the floor. The more ways you can get gymnasts punching and jumping early, the better off they’ll be.


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  1. I’ve heard recently that you shouldn’t be doing plyometrics with kids too early. It can causes them to have injuries such as Osgood–Schlatter and other overuse problems. Instead you should just have them work a lot of sprinting until they’re older and their joints are strong enough to take it.

  2. in track they teach: small jumps like this in the hoop or jumping rope or skipping and the like are okay for all ages. big jumps (like long jump from sprint, jumping down from height and the like) are not okay in excess, they should only be done in moderation with little ones. no rebound jumps whatsoever (like drop jump or hurdle jumps) before end of puberty or strength around 1.5 bodyweight back squat with barbell because of the toll it takes on the joints and all passive structrues in general. jumping is very productive for explosivness and speed and coordination but also very hard on the body.

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