Aerobic Gymnastics

Affair of the Art – Part 4/4

… Aerobics must appear playful, artfully intense, but never hurried. Look for rapid arm, leg and head movements as well as runs, jumps and distinctly aerobic planks and lifts done in unison with the music. All of this has to be done effortlessly. …

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#1 naama on 04.06.13 at 6:49 pm

I’m not shure that the whole thing off “Affair of the Art” is doing good for gymnastics. It makes it look like a circus thing that accidentally became a sport. In the cases of rythmic and artistic gymnastics, this “circus thing” even managed to get into the Olympics.
I truly love gymnastics, every part of it, and i do believe artistic gymnastics these days is lacking some artistry, but “strangers”? they won’t understand this short series of videos. The only differents that a “stranger” (one who isn’t familiar with gymnastics) will notice, are the different customs and sets. Is this what these videos were created for?

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