butt glue for gymnasts

I cannot recall when the older girls first started using “butt glue”. (… At least that’s what we always called it.)

kj, in response to the pros and cons of bike shorts post, linked to the butt glue she used in competition.

Gymnasts the world over are plagued by wedgies. Happening at meets everywhere is the dilemma of wheather to take the deduction.

Sticky Buns liquid adhesive and sticky strap adhesive tape help to solve this problem. The kit contains a 0.5oz jar of adhesive with its own brush, 20 tape pieces and 20 alcohol prep pads (skin does need to be clean and with no oils on surface). All is packed into a plastic pouch to throw in your gym bag.



Leave a comment if you have any other products or methods of keeping leos from “riding up”.

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  1. Hair spray does work but not as well as leotard glue. In my younger days dancing our dancing teacher used to spray all our ribbons with hair spray before shows and exams to keep them fastened. The disadvantage of using hairspray for leotards is that it is very cold when you spray it on the skin!

    We tend to buy our leotard glue at competitions as there is always a stand there selling stuff like that but you can definitely get a wide range online.

  2. I’ve always used glue sticks like Elmer’s brand. They’re cheap and easy to get. Never tried anything else so I’m not sure how they compare to the official leotard glue products.

  3. There is a product called QDA (Quick Drying Adhesive), which has been used for many years by high school football teams. Our high school girls used it back in the 80’s when I coached high school gymnastics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  4. I have been a competitive gymnastics for 6 yrs. I hate it when your leotard rides up my suggestion is to use hairspray or double sided tape. We now use sticky buns off of http://www.ten.o.com.

    thanks kaitlyn adams
    level 7 gymnast in louisiana

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