tallest female gymnast?

I once coached 3 young women 5′ 10″ and taller at the same time.

They were IMPRESSIVE on Beam and Bars, let me tell you.

Haley Cameron is 6′ 2″ tall (1.88m) and competed all-around Level 7 in California.

But who were the tallest International gymnasts ever?

Double Olympian Jana Komrsková was 1.67 m (5.5 ft) tall.

Katheleen Lindor, another Olympian, stands at 5’6″. She had to have the bars adjusted for her in Beijing!

But the tallest I could find on the internets was …

Marie Sophie Hindermann, a German Olympian … at 5’7″

Here she is at the 2007 Worlds Event Finals on Bars. Click PLAY or watch the IMPRESSIVE routine on YouTube.

Past & Present Gymnastics lists more – The not so tiny tumblers?

There must have been taller. Leave a comment if you know of any.

Sandra Izbasa (1.64m – 5′5′’) is likely the tallest Olympic gold medalist. Along with Svetlana Khorkina who was about the same height.

UPDATES from commenters:

A Canadian gymnast, Cara Pomeroy, is 5′9″.

She was Canadian National Bars Champion on more than one occasion (beautiful Stalder and Endo Work, Giant Full to Gienger, Flyaway Double Twist Dismout), and did well in the all-around (won medals at National Championships on Floor and Beam).

Cara went to University of Illinois on a full Scholarship…And scored a 10.0 on Bars in NCAA competition.

Ashley Miles was probably the tallest in elite gymnastics and to compete at a World Championships at 5′7″-5′8″.

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  1. We had a 6′ girl compete high school this past year. She was probably a low Level 8, but the jumps and leaps were big and beautiful!

  2. Heh.. brain fart.. No, Im not female. However, I do have some girls who are decently tall on my high school team. Tall girls look great when they do stuff right… it’s neat.

    1. You absolutely can start and compete, Jazzy.

      But at your age and height, consider all the OTHER gymnastics-related sports where you wouldn’t be starting late. Cheer. Acrobatic dance team. Trampoline. … etc.

  3. I’m 5’10” and a middle hitter for an elite volleyball team. I have been watching the London 2012 Olympics and have been really impressed with the gymnastics. I’m 14 and clearly too old to start competetive gymnastics, but is it possible for me to learn basic/advanced skills?

  4. I’m 13 and 5’8! My Dads family says I’m too tall and too old to start gymnastics. On the other hand my Moms family has several gymnasts in it and they all say I can still try. I’m also an Equestrian but I would love to do both. Should I try Gymnastics or something like Equestrian Vaulting wich has both sports in it?

    1. Of the two choices, horse Vaulting would be the better choice at your age and height.

      Coach will likely recommend you train in a gymnastics gym for physical preparation and to learn the acrobatics.

  5. MY friend Julia IS 5’2 and is 11 years old she is just starting at starbound gymnastics and worried that she is way to tall what do u guys think about this, this is her dream, and i want yher to try and please help me encourage her alot what do u feel about this?
    Please reply thank you so much

  6. I am 11 and just started gymnastics this year i am 5 ft 3 and i am probobly going to be 5 ft 7.I am in an intermediate gymnastics class and hope to make the team some day.As long as you have determination and love your sport i say you can be an olympian at any age or height !

    1. Gymnastics girl……. Same with me I’m in level 3 and I’m about 5″2″ and it’s a little harder but I always believe that I can do it!

  7. I’m 5’8 and I’m doing just fine. I’m 14 and in level 8 and still pumping you are never to tall. And if you really want to do it go for it. It will be very hard. It was for me but look where I am.

  8. To every single person saying “I can’t.”: Yes, you can!!! It doesn’t matter what they tell you. It doesn’t matter if they’re coaches, professionals or family. Do it and prove them wrong. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Sure, it might take some extra effort, but you CAN do it and I believe that you will.

    I’m 13, 5’5″ and 114 pounds. I really want to do ballet. Well, actually I want to do theater, but I have to know ballet. I’m tall, curvy, clumsy, have next to no muscle and I haven’t took ballet classes since I was 7. But I believe that if I really try my best I CAN and I believe in my heart that I WILL and you can and WILL, too. Go prove them wrong!

  9. My sister is on the national team where we live and she is 172cm (5’8/9 I think) So if you want to try out you should no matter the height (she started when she was 3 years old)

  10. I am 15 and 5’9″ and I have been doing gymnastics at the same gym for 12 years and competing for 4. There are only two problems I have encountered related to my height: my coach always has to move the springboard back when I vault, and I don’t compete on bars anymore because they would have to be adjusted every time. I think the biggest thing for me is that it’s just awkward for me being that tall when I stand with my team because they’re all under 5’5″. But I have watched other tall gymnasts, and when they do a routine right it’s AMAZING. I think as long as you love what you’re doing and put the effort into it, you are never too tall. <3 Go for it!!!

  11. Just try it even if you are tall I’m 5`5 and I’m 13 and I’m supposes to be 5`9ish but that doesn’t stop me from doing the sport that I love!! It does make things harder but you just have to push through it!! You can do anything if you put your mind to it!! It does stink that I’m taller than most of my coaches….you never know how good you will be if you don’t try something.

  12. Height doesn’t really matter until you get into the higher levels and even then, there are tall gymnasts in those levels too… If you are tall and want to try a gymnastics class, go for it! There will be plenty of other tall people there.

  13. I am 14, 5’5ish and I only started competing last year. I love gymnastics and would keep doing it even if I grew to be seven feet tall! If you are tall and want to try a gymnastics class, go for it! There are plenty of tall gymnasts and you will have a great time. Gymnastics is an amazing sport, don’t let a couple inches get in your way.

  14. I got really depressed when a motherload of people swarmed in on me and told me I was too tall for gymnastics. I’m 5’8 and 13 years old, by the way. Then i see a bunch of people who are actually taller than me that have made it to, like, level 8, and that made me glad. :) Well, I’m not trying to get to level 8, I just want to have fun.

  15. I’m 5’8″ and 13 years old and i’m a level 8 gymnast. For all of those who are saying 5’4″ is too small, I say I wish I was that short! I would say past 10 years old is a little too late to start though. I was 7 when I started. And being tall hasn’t been too big of a challenge for me-I’ve won state championships! If you think you’re too tall and you’re not taller than me, you’ll do fine. If you are, I’m not sure.

    1. I fully agree. I am just starting and when I went to get my Leo the lady that was there said that I will be a good gymnast because I have a long torzo, but it will also be hard because I have long legs. I have talked to my coach and he said the same thing. I am pretty good a vault and bars. But i am horrible at floor and beam. I know that I will just have to work harder and I am willing to do that. I am 11 and 5″ 4″

    2. I’m thirteen and the same height as you I did dance since I was 5 but it was too easy for me I needed a challenge, gymnastics I started gymnastics when I was 12 but it’s never too late whatever you set your mind too you can achive if I keep it up by the time I’m 15 ill be doing championships already

  16. I’m 5’8? and 13 years old and I’m a level 8 gymnast. For all of those who are saying 5’4? is too tall, I say I wish I was that short! I would say past 10 years old is a little too late to start though. I was 7 when I started. And being tall has not been too big of a challenge for me-I’ve won state championships! If you think you’re too tall and you’re not taller than me, you’ll do fine. If you are, I’m not sure, sorry.

  17. I started when I was 11 years old, and I’m 5’5. Don’t let people say you can’t start late! I just got my front tuck on floor a few weeks ago, something I never thought I could do. So just go for it!

  18. I started gymnastics 8weeks ago (I was 11 then). I’m 12 ,5″3, and about 7.8stone. Basically I’m not tiny and skinny… You don’t have to be the perfect size and shape!
    I don’t struggle on UB because the first bar is way to low to the ground. I’m not petite or delicate .. I’m big nod clumsy! 8weeks ago I could do anything ,now I can do; left splits,handstand(stretch&straddle),cartwheel,forwards roll(&into straddle sit),backwards roll,stretch jumps(on beam),leg lifts(on beam) ,backbend(and stand up from it&i can also kick over with help),a good bridge,this thing on Ubars which makes you look like a fish -haha- , circle up&down(on bars,but with kind of a lot of help,squat on vault…
    So yeah don’t matter about your height and age flouts go for it!!!

  19. I cant believe what I am hearing on hear, or seeing rather, no matter how tall, short or what your age is you can do anything you want to do. If you listen to people that discourage you, and make you think differently, you will entertain those thoughts and tell yourself you can’t do it. Please don’t do that. Do what you want to do in your heart, if you want to dance gymnastics, or become a pre team cheerleader go out and do it don’t let others put you down. Is going to be hard work-Yes, Are you going to want to give up trying to accomplish it-Yes, Are you going to be a Champion everytime- Yes, because you are doing what makes you happy-Do what makes you happy and stop listening to the negative, you only live once and if you keep wondering about the what ifs and the why didn’ts you will die just like that, never accomplishing what makes you happen in life. So I tell everyone on here if you want to do it then do it. Don’t listen to the haters and the no sayers, they sometimes wish they could have done what they really wanted to do but they listen to all the negatives and gave up. DO WHAT YOU LIKE!

  20. My five year old want to start gymnastic class. She can do some of the flips that they do and she has never taken a class. She studies gymnast on her iPad all the time and she is always flipping all through the house. I am just concerned about her height because we are all tall. It would be nice if we could petition to have the bars lifted higher for the taller gymnast. She want to go to the olympics and they should change the rules for the height of the bars….maybe if I start now the rules may change by the time she is older…..

  21. I was 6’0″ when I competed level 10. So for all of you out there who are tall and want to do gymnastics, you CAN do it. Don’t let your height deter you, if you enjoy what you do.

  22. I am 12 years old and i am 5’3 and weigh about 90 pounds and i have been doing gymnastics ever since i was 3 and i am adopted and my birth mom was 5’8 and my birth dad was 6’8 i think that is the height so i might be 6 foot tall and i was wondering if that is to tall and i’m having a hard time on my back handspring i can do it on trampoline and almost on mats. so what should i do

  23. I was reading articles about short gymnasts and it’s really discouraging me because I’m a 11 year old girl and I’m already 5/2. And there’s also a article that says if u do gymnastics before your growth spurt your growth will start to slow down. I don’t wanna be short but I also don’t wanna be too tall for gymnastics. I’m going to keep trying to increase in gymnastics. ILOVE IT!!! I feel like I was put on this earth to do it. Some of my relatives say I’m too tall but I try to pay them no attention about it. I’ll just prove them wrong.

    1. It’s easier to do gymnastics when you are short. But taller gymnasts look more beautiful.

      I once coached 3 young ladies taller than me. And I’m 5′ 10″.

      So don’t let being tall stop you. :-)

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