Jeff Metzger’s Small Business Boot Camp

Here at the USA Congress past customers of Jeff’s workshop for Club Owners are still raving. It’s simply the best bang for your buck for those who want to improve the management of their clubs.

jeff.jpgJeff Metzger, President and Founder

Who should attend?

Is BOOT CAMP for everyone? No, it is not. BOOT CAMP is an investment and, like any investment, one size does not fit all. BOOT CAMP is only for those GymClub Owners or managers who intend to make a career in this industry: short-timers will not reap value, as BOOT CAMP is not a quick-fix. …

What about small GymClubs? Can a small operation benefit? Absolutely: the size of your club has no bearing on the value of BOOT CAMP, as it focuses on and teaches a strategy to help you establish and reach your goals. …

american-gymnast-logo.jpgI highly recommend you sign up with American Gymnast.

It’s FREE (for now).

By far the most exciting thing I saw at the USA Gymnastics trade show is a preview of the next generation update of the site fronted by elite gymnasts Jay Thornton and Steve McCain.

They plan a roll out of hundreds, even thousands, of high quality video clips. It will be by far the best gymnastics coaching resource on the internet. I couldn’t be more excited.

The launch date for the video library is not fixed but the version I saw looked great. It could be ready to go any time. hosted a brilliant nightclub promotion party in conjunction with Championships 2006 to help get the word out.

Members have full access to the training tips section.

video – Ri Jong Song – Floor Exercise

What a routine! Triple-twisting double back mount. The last artistic gymnast to compete “Miller” in competition — so far as I know — was Steve Elliot in the NCAA.

I am really sorry the Korean powerhouse tumbler didn’t make finals in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Click PLAY below or watch the clip on YouTube.

Turn down the volume.

Dwight Normile feels he “got robbed”. That is debatable, however. A 9.675 is not a bad score for a routine with this many conspicuous deductions. The NEW code of points will certainly reward “Ri Jong Song” difficulty.

“For Women, It’s Nearly Ex Games”

The biggest story for me at X Games 12 got little attention.

Fabiola da Silva is the leading female medal-winner in X Games history, a seven-time in-line skating gold medalist, but she won’t even be in California when the games are contested …

… women’s in-line skating was dropped two years ago after organizers said the sport was no longer popular enough to be included.

… When the games debuted in 1995, six of 29 events were specifically designed for women and another, the Eco Challenge, paired a man and woman. Of this year’s 16 events, there are only two — skateboard vert and skateboard street — for women. …

“I really don’t understand why they don’t have more women’s sports at the X Games,” Da Silva said. “It’s really a bummer. They have the opportunity to help women, but it seems like they just keep cutting us off.”

“We’re committed to having women at the X Games in a meaningful way,” Skipper said. “By no means do we have a gender-driven agenda here. I think we just hit a little bit of a blip, but it is our intention to have more events with women in the coming years.”

For Women, It’s Nearly Ex Games – Los Angeles Times

I want X Games to succeed. I have more faith in ESPN than I do in the IOC when it comes to running an international sports event.

But they are bungling this. ESPN needs to return skating to the line-up. It’s my favourite event. And Fabiola should be prized as one of their brightest stars.


X Games – NEW – BMX mega Big Air ramp

UPDATE: Robinson won the new BMX Big Air event with a backflip tuck no-hander to no-handed flair. If you have no idea what this means, check the video clip on

Crazy, crazy.

A new cycling event closed X Games 12, Sunday Aug. 6th, in Los Angeles.

Riders’ goal: Big Air — New event added to BMX competition

Only a few world class riders were willing to roll-in from 60-80ft to jump a 60+ft gap.