Australia – National Institute of Circus Arts

I visited NICA in Melbourne last January and was VERY impressed:

What We Do

NICA provides professional training through a three-year Bachelor of Circus Arts, preparing students from across Australia and around the world for exciting careers in all facets of the circus industry.

Based at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, NICA is the only training institution of its kind in Australia.

Our students graduate with awe-inspiring circus and performance skills and are equipped to work nationally and internationally. …

NICA offers short courses for children, teenagers and adults, and supports the circus industry with professional development and master classes.

about NICA

Auditioning for one of the top Circus schools is still the best way to pursue a career in circus. Staying strong and injury-free is highest priority.


Many high level artistic gymnasts find the work load easier at Circus school than at their clubs.


Puerto Rico wins historic gold at Pan Ams

Men’s Gymnastics Team Competition is VERY competitive around the World.

I am not all that surprised that tiny Puerto Rico (pop. 4million) knocked off the USA (300 million) and Brazil (190 million).

Under the new FIG code of points, your team score can drop by several points for a single error.

But this is a fantastic result for Puerto Rico. Congratulations to everyone in gymnastics on the island!

“It’s a historic medal,” gymnast Tommy Ramos said. “I’m not surprised because we have worked hard for this and always believed we would succeed.”

Puerto Rico wins historic gold in men’s team gymnastics at Pan Ams – International Herald Tribune


Favourites USA had problems early on. But I still have faith they will rank in the top 12 at Worlds 2007. The team is definitely on the upswing. Details on the American performance:
U.S. men win bronze at Pan Am Games

Gymnaestrada 2007 a great success

I’ve been twice to Gymnastrada in the past. And certainly wish I could have been there in Austria. Looks like this was the best ever.

Photos from the FIG Gala:


Esthetics from SCHWEDEN… light, playful, but with total assurance!


Precision and elegance from JAPAN…

GymFamily.Com FIG Gala has a section of their website dedicated to coverage of the event which wrapped up July 14th.


Woman Dies Doing Handstand on Balcony – News

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Alabama woman died after she fell 15 feet from an apartment balcony, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Jessica Ashley Hawkins, 20, asked two friends to take her to the hospital after she struck the ground headfirst Thursday evening. …

Hawkins lost consciousness in the car on the way to the hospital, according to a sheriff’s incident report. …

The investigation revealed nothing had gotten out of hand,” Solomons said. “By all appearances, this is just a very, very tragic accident.” – Woman Dies Doing Handstand on Balcony – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

Thanks Jacob Small.

USA, Brazil, Mexico – Pan-Am Gymnastics results

Keeping up a great tradition of success in acrobatic sports, the fans in Rio had much to cheer about.

Members of the women’s Brazilian gymnastics national team salute the crowd after winning the silver medal in the team competition of the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Saturday, July 14, 2007. The US took the gold, and Mexico took the bronze.

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

ESPN – Gymnastics Photo Wire

photos from Pan-Am Games


Canada’s Jared Walls performs on the high bar during the men’s qualifying round and team competition of the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Saturday, July 14, 2007. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

ESPN – Gymnastics Photo Wire (Click NEXT or PREVIOUS to see more gymnastics photos from Brazil.)

Jared was married in June, by the way. Congratulations!

And he qualified for the Final on horizontal bar.

blog – Tramp and Tumble

We’ve linked to a trampoline and tumbling blog posted by American Brett Miller under both Trampoline and Tumbling in our right hand navigation column. And subscribed.

News and information from the world of Trampoline and Tumbling (with a special focus on Missouri and Region IV)

It’s well done.

Check Brett’s sample post regarding Facebook:

While exploring in Facebook, trying to understand more about the site, I found that there are a couple of groups set up specifically for trampolinists and tumblers:

You need to be a member of Facebook (free) if you want to see those pages, of course.

WOW! – Gaylord 2 on Bars

TKO has been commenting on different BIG release skills.

When asked about Gaylord 2 on Women’s Bars, I was left scratching my head. Had it ever been done?

Click PLAY or watch Chelsea Otto’s bar routine at the 1999 American Classic on YouTube.

That’s what Men would call a Gaylord 2. The unusual dismount is full-twisting double back OVER the bar.

For comparison, watch mighty Mo Huilan at the 1994 Asian Games on bars doing what Men call a Gaylord 1 (double front over the bar to regrasp). It’s now called the Mo Salto on Bars in her honour.

Click PLAY or watch Mo on YouTube.