Gaylord 2 on bars

Gaylord 2, Geinger, Pak, Tkachev. Some new Chinese up-and-comer?

Nope, Zhou Duan competing at the 1997 East Asian Games. That’s 10yrs ago.

Did she compete it first?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Linked from (profanity warning). That guy has excellent taste.

Chelsea Otto competed Gaylord 2 in 1999.

We’re still waiting for the first Kovacs in competition from a woman.

huge gymnastics meets 2008: Beijing and Athens

The Beijing Olympics. And NCAA Championships in Athens, Georgia.

I’d love to go to both. But expecting only to get to Athens. It just might be the more thrilling of the two.

The best gymnastics writer working today by far is Dwight Normile, editor of International Gymnast magazine.

His Women’s NCAA Preview article is perfect:

Suzanne Yoculan’s Gym Dogs are the team to beat, whether she likes it or not

Courtney Kupets and Suzanne Yoculan

Though the women’s preseason rankings are not yet out, Georgia is considered the favorite at the NCAA Championships next April. It has to be. The Gym Dogs have won the last three titles, they will play host to the 2008 NCAAs in Athens, they lost no routines from last season’s Super Six Final and they just began training this year in a new, state-of-the-art facility named after their coach, Suzanne Yoculan, who will retire after the 2009 season.

That’s a lot of upside for one program, but Yoculan knows that a ninth team title, which would tie Utah for the record, is far from a done deal. She says that in 1997 she had her “best team ever” but lost the meet because of mistakes. “I saw how our team reacted to that,” Yoculan explains.

Yoculan … won’t feel too relaxed at home. “I’m not crazy about hosting if we’re No. 1,” she says. “There are some high expectations for us on campus. (The pressure) is constant.”

Read the entire article on International Gymnast.

great idea – Gymnastics Intensive

Twyla Ryan organized a terrific coach education course in July 2007. It was a first, but hopefully not the last.

Twyla called it a “Coaching Intensive”.

She combined a number of Canadian coach education courses into one package: Level 1 Technical, Level 1 Theory, First Aid, etc. New candidates could get everything they needed to start coaching after that one intensive course.

Some coaches opted into some sections, and out of others, as needed.

It was hosted by Phoenix Gymnastics in Vancouver, Canada.


Twyla hopes to organize another, even more intensive, package of courses late June, early July, 2008.

Contact Gymnastics BC for more information.

more coaches should start blogs

Valentin just started a new blog for The Gym Press.

I wish more coaches would do the same. Acrobatic coaches are much unrepresented in the blogosphere.

Gymnastics Coaching is BIG PICTURE. All things to all people. Most blogs are narrow focus. One club. One athlete. One coach. The narrower, the better, usually. Those have fewer readers, but readers who are very engaged.

If you’ve considered it, check a new tutorial on how blogs work:

WordPress is better than Blogger, in my opinion, though the two are similar. (This site is on WordPress.) Both are free.

There are so few acrobatic coaching blogs now that I can guarantee you will have readers.

she without arm, he without leg – ballet

The CCTV Dance Contest found some dazzling new stars … “Hand in Hand” performed by disabled dancers Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei moved and inspired the audience in equal measure …

Click PLAY or watch the video on YouTube.

… Both the dancers had lost limbs as a result of car accidents. Ma Li lost her right arm and Zhai Xiaowei his left leg.

Their dance is about how people overcome life’s frustrations and enjoy the happiness of love.

Zhang Jigang, judge of the 4th CCTV Dance Competition, said, “I don’t expect the dance to be so dazzling. It’s not only about joining hands, but also care, support and help in the heart.” … Hand in Hand

Thanks Stu.

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coaches needed in New Jersey

Rettig’s Gymnastics is half way between New York City and the Pocono Mountains.

They are seeking full and part time instructors and coaches including Womans J.O. Program U.S.A.G. levels 4 – 10. Starting pay between $18.00 and $23.00 per hour depending on experience and versatility. Benefits include paid vacations, holidays and health insurance.

Email: djrettig @

Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic test meet

Starts tomorrow …

… they have invited the top 20 athletes and the top 10 teams of this year’s World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships to compete in Beijing.

As each of the associations of those best 20 athletes can only field one gymnast, so there will be a total of 16 gymnasts in the individual events and 10 teams in the group events. Among the 10 teams Italy and Japan will only take part in the group events. …

Press conference for rhythmic gymnastics event – 2007 Rhythmic Gymnastics International Invitational Tournament


official website

Christ as sports guru for kids

Jesus has got game.

They’re called Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues. Each features Jesus Christ engaged in one of 12 different sports, from soccer to track to gymnastics, with two children.


… The imported color statues, about 6 inches tall, have been a hit, … said Frank Pollicino of Nesconset, N.Y., who sells them and other goods on his Web site

“These really have outsold everything that I do,” Pollicino said today from his Long Island store. “This is going to sit on a child’s dresser where normally you have images of God. I think it’s an inspiration to people.”

The Web site calls the statues “the perfect gift for every young Catholic athlete or coach. . . . a wonderful way to reinforce Jesus ‘as friend’ in everyday activities.”

Jesus statues got game / Inspirational figurines depict Christ as sports guru for kids

I hope no one is offended. That would be as silly as jailing a dedicated teacher for calling a Teddy Bear Mohammed.

There’s more, from another company. Jesus sports action figures:



source –

how to find information on Gymnastics Coaching

Why the incredibly long list of links in the right hand navigation? That’s typical of the blog format. Blogs are all about networking.

It’s cluttered and messy looking. But very useful, if you are looking for something in particular.

one-click.jpgThe goal is ONE CLICK. Find what you want in only one click of the mouse.

For example, lets say you are looking for information on “psychology” or wanting to click through to the Gymblog website.

On any page on this site use the FIND FUNCTION in your web browser to search for the key word Gymblog or “psychology”.

Nine times out of ten, you will jump immediately to what you are looking for. (The more unique your search term, the better)

When that method doesn’t work, use OUR SEARCH box (top right hand corner). And when you really, really get frustrated, email us.


Based on a suggestion from coachnate, we’ve cleaned up the gymnastics category, putting the competitive apparatus together: