trampoline – world record number of twists?

Is the world record for twisting on a trampoline (and bouncing out) still 7?

Set in 1978?

I have to believe this record has been surpassed somewhere, sometime. Leave a comment below if you know.

Click PLAY to see a trampoline video clip or watch it on YouTube. (Uploaded by Justice Frangipane.)

cancel your flight to Monaco …

The 13th World Cup Final of Artistic Gymnastics – planned for December 15 & 16, 2006 – will no longer take place in Monaco. The new place will be Sao Paulo (BRA) … again.

The Monegasque organizers were unable to raise the money. Brazil immediately made a bid.

The 8 best gymnasts / apparatus on the FIG World Ranking List are invited. This is the “All Star Game” of our sport. The athletes love this meet.

Thanks to Kyle Shewfelt for letting us know of the change. And good luck to Kyle in the competition!

Olympic stadium 2008 – the “bird’s nest”

There has been a long history of zany architecture associated with Olympic Games. The tower in Montreal (1976) was never used though — at one point — there were plans to put a gymnastics club on one level.

The “bird’s nest” is no exception.

Sports stadiums have long followed the enduring design of one of the original wonders of the world, Rome ‘s Coliseum. Herzog & de Meuron’s National Stadium in Beijing is an attempt to rethink the classic sports-arena layout for more ecologically correct times.

The Swiss architects (of Tate Modern fame) wanted to provide natural ventilation for the 91,000-seat structure — perhaps the largest “eco-friendly” sports stadium designed to date. To achieve this, they set out to create a building that could function without a strictly enclosed shell, yet also provide constant shelter for the audience and athletes alike.

To solve these design problems, they looked to nature for inspiration. The stadium’s outer grid resembles a bird’s nest constructed of delicately placed branches and twigs. Each discrete space within the facility, from restrooms to restaurants, is constructed as an independent unit within the outer lattice — making it possible to encase the entire complex with an open grid that allows for natural air circulation. The architects also incorporated a layer of translucent membrane to fill any gaps in the lacy exterior.

See images of this and other modern Chinese architectural projects: 10 Wonders of the New China – Stupid Random and Hilarious


BBC NEWS | In Pictures | Olympic preparations in China

i-NeedtoKnow and GymnasticsCoaching

You may recognize the logo from my OLD gymnastics site ( which lists resources (websites, blogs, articles, people, etc.) for coaches.


The old site is very Web 1.0 (difficult to update, no interactivity, problematic).

I will keep it live on the internet as it is very popular, but likely put it in maintenance mode. Not adding much in future. is the place to go for new content.

I will be copying the best resources from that site here.

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, bronze on beam Worlds 2006

ElyseHopfnerHibbs.jpgNice article on Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs — the first Canadian female gymnast to bring home a medal from the World Championships.

She’s a superb student, averaging about 92 per cent at Northview Heights Secondary School while winning annual academic awards. She has a preference for biology, her favourite TV show is House, and right now she’s contemplating a future as a chiropractor or physiotherapist, though as she points out that changes often. She’s already agreed to a five-year scholarship at UCLA, which has been deferred until after the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. – Beam there, done that

The first medal at World’s for any nation does shatter a psychological barrier. Look at Brazil. At Greece. The first medal can lead to more.

Gymnasts in those countries now believe they can podium at the highest level.

2008 Olympics – wushu out, beach volleyball & BMX cycling in

I’ve been studying the fast-twitch wushu artists as they perform in Cirque du Soleil’s Ka.

With an estimated 60-80 million participants in China, it’s a shame wushu was not accepted.

Lu Jinming felt like he had been kicked in the guts when he heard that martial art wushu would not be a demonstration sport at the Beijing 2008 Games.

“We are still very hopeful of it becoming an Olympic item,” Lu sighed, as he studied 10-year-olds brandishing swords and launching flying kicks metres away from him.

“But unfortunately the decision is out of our hands.”

As a senior coach at Beijing’s prestigious Shichahai Sports School, Lu has championed wushu — both a contact and exhibition sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts — for decades and watched graduates mount podiums from regional championships right up to the Asian Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), however, loath to endorse more than 28 sports at the Summer Games after years of expansion, have slammed the door shut on wushu for Beijing.

An international wushu tournament is scheduled for 2008 but it will lack the demonstration status that Korean martial art taekwondo enjoyed at the 1988 and 1992 Olympics on its way to becoming a full sport at the Sydney 2000 Games.

Olympic dream still kicking at school of hard knocks – Guardian


photo of artists in Ka – the most expensive live show in modern history – Review Journal

stay off the “pommels” as long as possible

Ivan.jpgLast time I took Canadian boys to a U.S. competition I was reminded of the biggest problem with the American development program — they push young boys on to the F.I.G. pommel horse too soon.

Forcing kids who cannot do excellent circles to do routines on the Olympic horse ruins technique. At that meet — Peter Vidmar 2004 (photos) — every coach I spoke with agreed. As did the judge on pommels.

I know because I forced the issue by taking the pommels off the horse. The Canadian boys looked great — but scored 0.0 — as we had been informed in advance.

We learned from the Chinese in the 1970s to delay the start of high pommel training for as long as possible. When will the USA catch up?

Also, I’m concerned about injuries on pommel horse. The falls are much more dangerous than they look. If I have extra mats, I use them on pommels.

photo – 16-year-old Ivan Bulyha

Adam Ondra – world class rock climber

Gymnastics is a youth sport. We know athletes can get fantastically good at a young age.

That’s not the norm in most other sports.

But check-out this kid from the Czech republic. Adam Ondra, now age 13, some rank as high as 3rd as a SENIOR. His background is recreational gymnastics.

Does it exist any other sport where an 11-year-old can be part of the world’s Top-10 list? Probably, the closest you get is gymnastics . …

Adam Ondra –


(via Geared Up Blog)