USA Olympic divers announced

From email from Dr. Jeni McNeal, sport scientist currently consulting with USA Diving:

The US Diving team was just announced …

Thomas Finchum, David Boudia
Hailey Ishimatsu, Mary Beth Dunnichay
Ariel Rittenhouse, Kelci Bryant

Also Laura Wilkinson (3rd Olymipcs!) Troy Dumais (3rd Olympics) Nancilee Underwood, Chris Colwill, Jevon Terontino, and Christina Loukas …

US diving team mixes youth, experience – ESPN

coach in Beautiful British Columbia

The Glacier Gymnastics Club in Nelson, BC is looking for an enthusiastic coach to join our successful team starting in September of 2008. The club is a well organized not-for-profit organization with a membership of 450 and growing. We offer artistic programs ranging from parent/tot, preschool, recreational, pre-competitive, competitive boys and girls teams. …

“Nelson’s quality of life is what attracts most residents to this mountainous region. The city’s close knit community, the variety of winter and summer recreational activities and the stunning beauty of our natural surroundings are some of the perks of living here.” Consider relocating to Nelson for a truly unique lifestyle opportunity in the heart of the Kootenays.

Visit I Love Nelson to learn more about this fantastic place to live. …

Please forward resume and cover letter to: Club Manager/Head Coach: Sandra Long, Fax: (250) 352-2448

ex-gymnast on changes in the sport

A former high level gymnast watched VISA Championships USA — then posted on her blog:

I still can’t believe how so much about it has changed! Here are just a few differences I notice between my competition days and the gymnastics we see today…


She’s not a fan of the new scoring system.


see the rest of this humourous blog post by l. Michelle.

sportswear for the Muslim gymnast

Ahiida® is an Australian owned company that designs and produces quality swim and sportswear.

Our garments are designed with the respect of Islamic values and aimed to enhance the lifestyle of the active Muslim female.

Ahiida – home page


This company produces some interesting garments including the Burqini®™ Swimsuits. (It’s not easy to combine a burqa with a bikini, as you can imagine.) …

The dress expectations for Muslim women vary widely, of course, in different parts of the world. When I coached in Sri Lanka the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist girls all dressed in “normal” leotards and bike shorts for work-out. The problem there, in the late-1990s, was that the families were reluctant to have the girls compete in public in competitive leotards. Somehow modesty was compromised in a public venue, but not in the training gym.

(Sri Lanka eventually competed in the 2003 World Championships, fan favourites at that meet.)

I would argue that competitive leotards are not “provocative”. But perhaps in some countries, they are.

This is a problem.

As a coach I feel Artistic gymnasts need wear tight fitting clothing in training and in competition. This is for both safety and artistry.

If you arrive for workout in baggy skateboard clothes or a burqa, I’ll send you back to the locker room to change.

Perhaps the best solution for Muslim women who want to train acrobatic sports safely is to book the gym exclusively and hire female coaches. Then lock the gym doors to outsiders.

Leave a comment if you have any other positive suggestions for Muslim women who wish to do acrobatics.

UPDATE: Note that very few Islamic societies in history have ever required women dress in a certain way as part of the sharia (law). The abuses of sharia in Iran and Afghanistan have been widely publicized, but most Muslim women around the world will laugh if you assume how their dress has been imposed on them by law.

Related story: Female artists back on stage in Pakistan – Times of India.

World Gymnastics Gala video – Korea

IG Publisher Paul Ziert put together a gymnastics sports production in Seoul, Korea.

… “Of the more than 200 shows I have produced over the past 30 years, this was the most dynamic. Every performer gave us a maximum effort, and I would like to thank all of them for showing an extremely high level of gymnastics performed in an elegant and theatrical way,” Ziert said. …

That’s not saying much as most coaches feel Paul’s shows are “lame”.

But judging from the highlights reel, this one would have been well worth attending. I like the widely varied and international line-up of performers. (Catalina Ponor, Ivan Ivankov, Jordan Jovtchev, Ashley Postell, Blaine Wilson, Yulia Raskina, Li Ya and many more.)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via International Gymnast)

(Note: Rumour is that USA Gymnastics will not be running a series of Gala performances after the Olympics after losing some of the top stars to a rival production company. Is that Paul Ziert? Leave a comment if you know the details.) UPDATE: Read the comments for more information.

British Olympic Gymnastics Team videos

Click PLAY or watch a tribute montage of super talented Beckie Downie on YouTube.

There’s more:

Unwritten. Laura Jones montage on YouTube.

Pocket full of sunshine. Hannah Whelan montage on YouTube.

Love song. Becky Wing montage on YouTube.

Thanks Jenny. And thanks gymnastdory (Luna Lovegood) for putting together these tributes.

gymnastics camp photos and videos

Right now the gymnasts are marching in the 4th of July parade in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

But I’m missing it, instead uploading memories of the Funtastics gymnastics summer camps, just finished, to the WWW.

I thought camp was the best of the past 6-years, likely the best ever. Congratulations Dave, Lisa and the Funtastics hosts.

An awesome coaching staff.

coach Morgen double back

Everything is going up on the official camp website:

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