pommel bucket – forearm circles

One of our favourite sites is American-Gymnast.com

They have a “pommel tips” page with equipment recommendations, notes for coaches and video clips.

Here’s an interesting one:

Elbow circles, on a mushroom with a bucket, are a useful way to facilitate the straight body position. This drill allows the gymnast to build muscle memory in the right position.


American Gymnast | Training Tips | Technique | Pommel Horse

(Of course you are going to crash once in a while. We would put the mushroom right on the floor to reduce the height of the drop.

The Altadore Gymnastics pommel bucket, by comparison, is excellent, the bucket held by a twisting spotting belt, suspended by link chain. It is easy and quick to change the length of that chain using a caribiner.)

historic silver medal for Malaysia

This guy gets a lot of press. I see articles about him all over the internet.



Ng Shu Wai had blisters on his hands and opted out of the individual all-around finals. And his move paid off handsomely when he vaulted his way into the history books as the first Malaysian to win an Asian Games medal in gymnastics.

Shu Wai bagged a silver in the vault final at Aspire Hall 2 yesterday with a average of 16.487.

It could have been a gold had Shu Wai executed a better first vault.

Ri Se-gwang gave North Korea their first-ever gymnastics gold medal with a flawless second attempt of 16.675 for a winning average of 16.625.

Kazakhstan’s Yernar Yerimbetov, who was fourth in vault in the World Championships and the first to start yesterday, took bronze on 16.300.

Asian Games: Historic silver from Shu Wai

1) He Ning, 2) Zhou Zhuoru, 3) Hong Su Jong

This is getting predictable. China tops podium, again.

He Ning won the gold medal in 59.450 points, 0.400 points ahead of teammate Zhou Zhuoru, while DPR Korean Hong Su Jong was third in 57.800.

Hong fell from the beam, which cost her chance to bid for DPR Korea’s first ever all-around title after leading the first two rotations.

Chinese finishes 1-2 in women’s gymnastic all-around


Chinese women win 9th consecutive Asian games

p61PangPanpan.jpgThe reigning world champions rock on.

CHINA’s women clinched their ninth consecutive Asian Games artistic gymnastics team title on Sunday, extending the country’s domination of the event.

China accrued 239.400 points with North Korea finishing 10.850 points behind for silver and Japan a distant third.

“Today, everybody did a good job. It’s a joint effort to win a gold medal,” said He Ning, China’s joint top scorer with Zhou Zhuoru on 59.050.

China established an early lead in the vault but North Korea closed the gap on the uneven bars. …

China ease to double gold in gymnastics

California gymnasts and coaches locked out

How would you feel if this happened to you?

Without warning, a popular Riverside gymnastics and cheerleading club has gone out of business, leaving parents stunned and coaches waiting for their latest paychecks Monday.

A letter taped to the mostly empty and shuttered club’s front door was the only notice given about the closure of Mission Hills Gymnastics, 7330 Sycamore Canyon Blvd. Parents and coaches said the company had been doing business for six years in Riverside.

“Due to a sudden and unforeseen meltdown with our business partners we have been forced to close,” read the unsigned letter. “This has been very difficult for our family to comprehend but unfortunately we had no other conclusion.” …

“I don’t have a job and I don’t have money,” said Rafael Aliyev, a cheer and artistic gymnastics coach from Kazakhstan. “I lost everything.”

PE.com | Inland Southern California | Moreno Valley-Perris

Trampoline and Tumbling Worlds 2007 Quebec

October 29th to November 10th, 2007 – Quebec City


The 2007 Trampoline, Tumbling & Double-mini Trampoline World Championships will be conducted in Canada by Gymnastics Canada (GCG) under the auspices of the Fédération internationale de gymnastique (FIG).

Some 250 men and women will compete for the titles of World Champions in the individual and team competitions in all trampoline sports: individual trampoline, synchronized trampoline, tumbling and double-mini trampoline.

About 1500 athletes will also meet for the 2007 International Age Group Championships (IAGC). The World Championships will be each country’s only chance to qualify for the 2008 Olympics’ individual trampoline competitions in Beijing, China.

Quebec City is one of the most fascinating tourist towns in North America. This huge meet is a good excuse for you to plan a trip.

photo – Grace Chiu

What is the USSSA?

How can I have never heard of a sport organization with 3.2 million members across the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada? It was founded in 1968.

Originally USSSA stood for United States Slow-pitch Softball Association. However, in 1998 USSSA expanded in other sports. Gymnastics was added in 2005.

Gymnastics clubs that join can opt in to camps, clinics, and competitions offered by USSSA. Those are less expensive and less competitive than USA Gymnastics events.

What often stifles upstart organizations are insurance issues. With millions of members, insurance does not seem to be a problem for USSSA.

I distrust all monopolies, even sport monopolies. More choices for coaches is positive.

Good luck to the USSSA!

More information on the USSSAgymnastics.com website.


Asiad – 1) Yang Wei, 2) Mizutori, 3) Tomita

Yang Wei still the man to beat.

Chinese world champion Yang Wei beat Japanese duo Hisashi Mizutori and Hiroyuki Tomita to lift gymnastics men’s all-around title at the Doha Asian Games here on Monday.

Yang Wei scored 95.500 points against 93.400 points by Hisashi Mizutori and Yang’s arch rival Hiroyuki Tomita followed in third with 93.250.

World champion Yang faces down Tomita in all-around