hair and make-up for gymnasts

Top American gymnasts on pre-competition preparation. Link –×240&apv=doubleclick

Much more elaborate is costume and make-up for Cirque du Soleil acrobats. Click PLAY or watch Bobby and Emma on YouTube.

I’ve heard some Cirque costumes weigh 40 pounds!

Dominique Moceanu ticked at Marta

You might want to tune in to HBO tonight:


A 1996 Olympic gold medalist, Dominique Moceanu, said in an interview airing Tuesday on HBO that elite gymnastics has a “dark side” and that many athletes, former athletes and administrators hope her former coach, Martha Karolyi, will be removed from her leadership role in USA Gymnastics.

Moceanu and former women’s all-around national champion Jennifer Sey, author of a book titled Chalked Up, discussed criticisms of women’s elite gymnastics for a story that airs at 9 p.m. Tuesday on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Houston Chronicle

I’ll be giving it a miss. Dominique Moceanu hardly has an objective perspective.

Marta Karolyi will remain as head of the U.S. program until she decides to retire. Perhaps Dominique will recommend a successor.

Dominique Moceanu – official website

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U.S. Olympic Team selection – analysis

mascot.jpgThe always excellent Polish101- Gymnastics blog posted the best wrap-up I’ve seen:

Is This Process of Naming the Olympic Team Too Exhaustive For the Gymnasts?

With two major injuries (three if you count Memmel) happening at the camp, all signs seem to point to yes. While having three pressure-packed meets will do very well for the gymnasts’ mental toughness and confidence levels heading into the biggest meet of their lives, the potential for injury, as proven at the camp, runs at an all-time high.

It was said by most insiders that five spots to Johnson, Liukin, Memmel, Sacramone, and Peszek were sewn up at trials and having them compete at this camp meet could indeed backfire on the USA team who wants to send a team that is not only the best possible team, but in the best possible shape.

However, Martha K. was definitely intelligent to wait to the last minute to select this team. In the end, Bridget Sloan was unquestionably the best pick for the last spot, but would anyone have said that back in Philly? Surely not.

Worley’s injuries cannot really be blamed as much on this selection process, as she didn’t compete at Nationals. But in her case, she could’ve easily been named had her leg held up and thus might’ve been able to have competed great UB routines at the camp.

Had the team been named in Philly, than there would be no Sloan or Worley on the roster and Bieger would’ve most likely been picked, and as the camp showed us all Jana really wasn’t peaking at the right time. If I were to change how this selection process were to go down, I would say hold Nationals around or maybe a tad bit earlier than when Olympic Trials would usually be held (mid to late June) and hold an Olympic Trials in mid to late July, in front of a packed house and all, and decide the team right then and there. I think that would cover the needs for picking the team as close to the games as possible, and eliminating the camp meet entirely would do well for the girls staying healthy and in peak form in preparation for the Olympics.

there’s much more – It Is Now Official – Polish101- Gymnastics blog

National Anthem

more photos from Karoli camp – USAG – via Live.Breath.Love Gymnastics

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The girls, I think, handled the intensity. I’m feeling very good about their chances, especially in Olympic Team Finals.

So long as they are intelligent in the “taper” before Beijing, I don’t believe they have “peaked” early. These young women must be tough as they must endure travel and jetlag, as well. China does not.

all WAG gymnastics Olympians announced

It seems to me that every single WAG gymnast has been announced that’s competing in the Olyympics. Keep in mind though that these are nominative rosters and countries have up until 24 hours until the games start to change their team.


see the list on gymnicestics


Ksenia Semenova, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Anna Pavlova, Ekaterina Kramerenko

Daria Elizarova and Svetlana Klyukina are not yet confirmed

Yulia Lozhechko won’t be going to Beijing, head coach Andrei Rodionenko said Monday. – IG

Yang Tae-young on Paul Hamm

Paul is not the only contender talking the trash.

Yang Tae-young is the gymnast who’s coaches screwed up during the Individual AA competition at the Athens Olympics. A huge blunder, they did not check his start scrore on PBars.

He finished with the Bronze in the AA.

… “Whether I’ll be competing with him (Hamm) or not at the Olympics, I don’t really care,” Yang said in a joint interview with South Korean media this month.

“There are other gymnasts who are better than him and I’d like to focus more on them and also on my performance,” he said in the interview recently released to international media.

With the FIG refusing to redistribute the medals, Yang and the South Korean Olympics committee filed an appeal with the Court for Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Hamm said he would return the gold if the decision of the Lausanne-based CAS went against him but the court ruled in the American’s favour.

Yang accepted the verdict when it was made a few months after the Athens Games and pledged to win gold in Beijing. …



Don’t these guys have media training? People advising them not to help motivate their opponents?

China donates gymnastics equipment to Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, July 16 (Xinhua) — China Wednesday donated a batch of gymnastics equipment worth around 14,000 U.S. dollars to Cambodia for its gymnastics federation to carry out daily training of national athletes.

The equipment included balance beam, low balance beam, spring board, crash mats and landing mats, according to the relevant certificates signed by Cambodian Tourism Minister and president of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) Thong Khon and Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Zhang Jinfeng.

While delivering his speech for the donation ceremony, Thong Khon wished that the upcoming Beijing Olympics and the current series of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries would score success.

China View


I was there, coincidentally, leading an Olympic Solidarity course.

The proceedings were hampered by an electrical outage caused by a HUGE thunder storm. But the Cambodians were charmed by the Chinese ambassador who spoke fluent Khmer and seemed genuinely interested in the young gymnasts who demonstrated for her.

Cambodia now has a full set of F.I.G. equipment for Artistic. But the Floor is badly damaged. Currently they tumble on a slightly less broken tumbling strip about 3ft wide.

Paul Hamm arrogant?

“they should be worried.”

That was Paul Hamm’s reply when asked if the Chinese should be worried about his comeback.

(via StickItMedia)

It’s comments like this that make me cheer for Yang Wei.

I’m one of those who wished Hamm — and USA Gymnastics — would have handled Paul’s controversial 2004 Olympic win differently. As did this blogger:

… Hamm not only refused to give his gold medal to Tae-Young, but even announced his opposition to Tae-Young receiving a second gold …. in doing so Hamm missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. If he had stepped up and given Tae-Young his gold, he would have gone down as one of the great heroes of Olympic history, held up to generations of children as an icon of virtue and sportsmanship.

Hiphop Music

Perhaps we’re all due for a reminder of Vault in his 2004 Olympic All-around win.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The score of 9.137 seems a bit high.

If he wins the 2008 Olympics, Paul Hamm will still not be one of the great heroes of Olympic history. At least not to me.

Leave a comment if you disagree.

gymnastics drill – flyaway to land on the bar

This is a video of a drill progression used to teach high level release skill like Kovacs, Kolmans and so use it for double layout flyaways. … The performer in the video is Alexei Bondarenko during a training in his club Dynamo Moscow. The body shape is not ideal and this is by no means a perfect example of how to perform the drill but it does illustrate the idea and it shows its application. Notice the safety mat that is slid on the bar after the release. Play safe. This video was used in the March 2008 Vol 2 Issue 1 of the TheGymPress.

watch it on Gymnast Tube.

Thanks Valentin for posting this.

I recall when we first saw it at Taiso Gymnastics in the early 1990s. And went straight to the gym to ask all the boys to try it.

They were a bit “freaked”. (I recall the first to do it successfully was Trent McClements.)

After that, all the boys did it easily. Found it FUN.

We did it first as a progression for Geinger.

Later I came to realize it was even more beneficial psychologically. Once the guys landed on the bar (with very little impact) the fear of hitting the bar was much reduced. At Taiso we always slid a mat for every release and dismount.

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recovering from serious gymnastics injury

More good news from Jan van der Ham regarding Dutch gymnast Imke Glas who was injured on vault.

Her recovery continues. Check this out:



Imke was interviewed on T.V. last night in the Netherlands. See more photos.

I’m hoping Imke will inspire a gymnast from my Province, in hospital after a fluke training injury on beam dismount. A fractured vertebrate.


Send Get Well Soon messages to Sydney via her club website blog.