best backward handspring device yet

You may have seen the old “Packman” mat used for introducing backward handsprings to beginners.

Norbert’s Handspring Machine

OK for Rec. But these mats have been criticized by many coaches. The technique is not ideal as the knees and hips are too bent.

Norbert’s has made a huge leap forward with their newest trainer:

Unique “single flat side” design ensures Boulderâ„¢ is stable at starting position and always automatically returns to it after eash use. …

Three sizes available: 35″ Small Boulderâ„¢ (users up to 60″ tall), 40″ Medium Boulderâ„¢ (users from 60″-66″ tall) or 44″ Large Boulderâ„¢ (users 67″ or taller).


Looks weird, right? But check the video to see how well it works. AWESOME.

it was Nastia’s night …

She deserved it. Absolutely. No question.

(Photo credit: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images) – source

Talk about peaking at the right time. This was the best competition I’ve ever seen from her. That vault was, I think, the best 3/2 Yurchenko ever done by a female gymnast. (Where are the deductions, again? … Women’s B-score judging is idiotic.)

… Consider this. Nastia said this year she may not retire after the Olympics.

It would be easy to stay on the National Team as a Beam and Bars specialist. I hope she does.

Vietnamese gymnast fails doping test

Ngan Thuong

… kicked out of the Olympics after testing positive for the diuretic furosemide. …

Ljungqvist said he thought the gymnast’s use of furosemide was inadvertent.

“My interpretation is this was probably the result of poor information given to the athlete, who did not have the knowledge of what to avoid and what she was allowed to take,” he said.

2 more athletes fail doping tests – CBC

What a shame. In 2000, Romania’s Andreea Raducan was stripped of her all-around gold medal because of a positive test for pseudophedrine, a banned substance at the time, that she ingested via cold medication. This sounds similar, though no medal is on the line.


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Gymnastics Head Coaching job in Canada

My home club is looking for their next Head Coach. (Current Head Coach Jeremy Mosier is moving on.) It’s a great opportunity, I think.

… I’m a consultant and elder statesman for the program.

AltadoreLogo.jpgAltadore Gymnastics is looking for a Head Coach for our Women’s competitive program.

Be close to Rocky Mountain skiing and hiking in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is an oil economy boomtown with a fast growing population.

This full time position is ideal for someone with a positive, kids come first attitude. We have had Olympians, even an Olympic champion from Altadore — but our mission is to instill a lifelong love for the sport of gymnastics in every athlete.

Applicant needs experience coaching to the National Level (Minimum NCCP Level 3 in Canada), with good spotting skills. Pay commensurate with experience.

Email your resumé. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.

Altadore Gymnastics
Contact: TC Edwards, Executive Director
Phone: (403) 720-2711
Fax: (403) 720-3110

Yang Wei nearly quit gymnastics in 2004

disappointed in Athens, Yang was ready to quit at the age of 24. What a loss that would have been for China.

And for the sport.

“After the Athens Games, I wanted to retire from the national team because I thought I was in very good shape back then. If I couldn’t win a gold medal then, I thought I could never get a gold,” said Yang, who had the gold medal for the taking in Athens but couldn’t close the deal, falling — literally — to seventh.

“Extra training would not have had an effect. I was worried that even if I could have adjusted myself to the best standards in 2008, I could not get a gold.

“But my coach, Huang Yubin, kept on encouraging me. He took me on a vacation and told me that the 2008 Games would be the greatest chance in 100 years, and I should have a try at it. He kept pushing me, and then he kicked me to the highest position on the podium.”


Despite his Gawd-awful Horizontal Bar routine, Yang Wei …

… won so decisively Thursday (by 2.60 points) that the gap between him and Uchimura was the same as between the silver medalist and the 19th-place finisher.

More on Yang Wei’s gymnastics triumph – Dallas News