wheel gymnastics

As a kid I remember playing around in a “German Wheel”.

Coach Doug Taylor bought one and would bring it out to our gymnastics events. He even took it on the road and charged people a few bucks to try it.

Recently, it has become even more popular in the circus. I love it!

Did you know there was a World competition in “Wheel Gymnastics”?

Details on this GymMedia.com page.


circus – Gypsy Roze – Alicia Schultze

Alicia.jpgScott Whiteside introduced me to Alicia Schultze, a circus flyer, while on tour with Motley Crue. She had popped into the local gym in Lethbridge for a workout.

This is one seriously fit athlete with serious circus background. See video.

I learned that many of the top music acts are adding Cirque-type performers to their stage shows. Alicia has toured with Busta Rhymes, Outkast, The Roots, De LA Soul, and the Rolling Stones.

.: Gypsy Roze – Alicia Schultze – Bio :.

video – pommel mushroom & tire tube

Shaping Skills with Drills

Once boys learn circles on the mushroom, they need drills to improve height. They need an incentive to lean the shoulders as far as possible.

There are many ways to do this, but a quick, safe and easy way is use a tire tube.

gymnastics – Pommel Mushroom – Altadore Gym Club on Vimeo

I taped this drill — so simple it works — at Altadore Gym Club. The coaches are Miguel Costante and Richard Herb.

Obviously you cannot use the tube unless the gymnast can stay stretched.

inline – Marco de Santi triple back

UPDATE – Speaking to the coach of Cirque du Soleil’s new show LOVE, I just learned that Marco is a performer. The first public show was June 2nd in Las Vegas.

2.1123445271.jpgPhoto ©Tony Donaldson/Icon SMI. Marco De Santi at the Inline Vert Demo. ESPN X Games 11, LA, California.

The most amazing thing I saw at Woodward West in California, the summer of 2005, was agressive inline skater Marco de Santi landing a number of triple backs.

On skates you take a lot of air, you land on a steep ramp … backwards! And have to skate out. Bloody impressive! Not many of the gymnasts at camp were keen to try.

Marco de Santi was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 26, 1983. He has been living and training in California in recent years.

Marco de Santi Fan Site – SkateLog.com

Woodward West – Marco de Santi triple back video clip on bootsoldjas.com

vote for Kyle Shewfelt

posted by Rick McCharles

olymp_cash.jpgIf there one gymnast I respect more than any other, it is Kyle Shewfelt. I’ve known him since he was 6-years-old (a Rec gymnast who could do handspring on floor perfectly, self-taught!) and have been editing his website since he qualified last minute as the youngest Olympic male competitor for Sydney in 2000.

Virtually every time Kyle stepped on to Floor Exercise over a very long career, he was the best gymnast there. He set a new standard for elegance and style at a time when Floor was being dominated by non-artistic tumblers. Gymnastics fans around the world were thrilled when he deservedly won the gold in Athens.

In any case, I post today to let you know about Team Visa.

teamvisa.gifVisa Canada is a big supporter of amateur sport — they sponsor a team of world-class athletes.

Team Visa is looking to add five Canadian Olympic sport athletes to their roster for Beijing. Kyle should certainly be one of them.

Nominations opened June 1st. I just sent in my vote. If you want to do the same, email me and l will send you the details.

photos – House Gymnastics

Originally uploaded by Dr Cereal.

Highlights from this year’s Kitchen Gymnastics World Competition in Monterrey, Mexico.

11 photos.

Seems next year’s KGWC will be in Zimbabwe.

I just read that over 40 million Americans now put content on the internet (photos, blogs, videos, websites, etc.). You could announce your own World Championships of _________.

More House Gymnastics.

Nunno responds to allegations

nunno,_steve_(mug_shot).jpgFormer Oklahoma University women’s gymnastics head coach Steve Nunno disputes claims made by critics that there was any controversy surrounding his recent resignation. He simply wants to spend more time with his family.

He had been disciplined by the NCAA for having too many mandatory practices.

Nunno responded to claims by Amanda Turner, a writer for International Gymnast Magazine, that the coach had pushed his athletes too far and was threatening at times regarding weight regulations.

Paul Ziert, an instructor at the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy in Norman and former OU women’s gymnastics head coach, compared Nunno’s coaching style to the stereotypical style of the Eastern European Bloc.

Nunno responds to allegations of coaching misconduct ::

I did one trip with Steve Nunno back when he coached world champion Shannon Miller. At that time I felt his coaching style was far too negative and severe. The US team was embarrassed by his behaviour.

Perhaps it is time for him to retire.

video – BASE jumping

I’ve seen a number of BASE jumping (Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth videos lately. This one features gainer back somersault starts including one from handstand. Another guy starts with inward gainer.

If you have ever felt an urge to jump off the Eiffel tower, click on the video below. Or watch it on YouTube.

Needless to say, BASE jumping is one of the most dangerous of the acrobatic sports. Tony Coombes, 30, from Australia slammed into a cliff face after leaping from Trollveggen, also know as Troll Wall, in Norway. The 7th to die there.

Was he a foolish amateur? No, Coombes was a member of a team that won the 2004 world BASE jumping championships.

the myth of anorexia in artistic gymnastics

There is an author named Murray Hughes who’s work I can dismiss unseen.

At a glance, his website shouted alarmist sensationalism. When I read this statement, Hughes lost me forever.

Anorexia: As many as 62% of gymnasts are effected!

This is wrong, long ago debunked by Bill Sands and others. Competitive female artistic gymnasts are at no greater risk than their non-gymnast classmates.

I am still irate from the day one of my gymnast came into the gym in tears, crying, because kids at school called her an anorexic gymnast. Needless to say she was a healthy, slim gymnast.

If you see any products tagged with “Secrets Revealed”, approach with caution.

Mr. Hughes, the real danger in our society is child obesity. Why don’t you write a book on that topic.