Pole Sports: ‘We Will Not Become Part of Gymnastics’

Pole sports (that would be pole dancing, not pole vaulting) continues its quest for international acceptance. And along the way, it has made one thing clear: it’s not gymnastics and it never will be.

In August, the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) saw its application for membership in the Global Association of international Sport Federations, or GAISF (formerly SportAccord) receive a boost when it was endorsed by the International Gymnastics Federation, FIG.

In fact, IPSF signed a three-way agreement with GAISF and FIG, intended to help the IPSF to develop its sport with guidance from FIG.

But, IPSF is careful to note, this indicates support only; it is not a harbinger of pole sports coming in under the gymnastics umbrella. …

Sport Destinations 

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