Sidewinding Circular Skates

Yet another variation on the traditional skateboard. Or traditional inline skates.

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(via NPR)

Airwheel – Damien Walters

We spent time putting these AirWheels to the test in the gym and this is the result!

Outtakes at the end. :-)

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Segway meets skateboard – IO Hawk

Here’s another cool motorized skateboard.

Similar to the Segway (but minus the handle bars), the product is powered by batteries, motors and uses slight pressure from your feet to guide it where you want it to go. …

IO Hawk is part skateboard, part Segway — and it’s strangely wonderful

IO Hawk

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official website. It’s not inexpensive. $1800.

Onewheel skateboard

This is the coolest skateboard. (The coolest aside from the Hendo, the one that floats above ground, at least.)

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TechCrunch has an update – How Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard Onewheel Goes From Assembly Line To Users’ Homes:

For the novice rider, Onewheel has a basic setting that restricts the speed and handling to help users get used to the board. But as they get more advanced, they can change to a more advanced setting, which allows them higher speeds and more control over it.

Gnarly in Pink

Tumbl Trak’s Carrie Spender Lennox showed me this skateboard video. She loves the content. And loves the editing. Carrie’s been doing a lot of video editing, of late. :-)

Woodward West.

This short film celebrates the “Pink Helmet Posse,” three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding.

Produced by: Kristelle Laroche and Ben Mullinkosson

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(via New York Times)

Tony Hawk tries the Hoverboard

The Funny or Die HUVr Hoverboard was a hoax. Here’s the REAL one, the Hendo. Floating an inch or so above a copper floor.

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the hoverboard is real

Sean Hollister:

I stepped onto a glorified piece of plywood equipped with eighty pounds of batteries and electromagnets… and glided effortlessly across the ground. Ladies and gentlemen, the hoverboard is real.

… Yes, the batteries drain after a few minutes

And yes, it only floats above non-ferrous, highly conductive surfaces like copper or aluminum, since it works by rapidly electro-magnetizing the surfaces beneath it to actually lift off the ground. You won’t be able to take this on the pavement, or really anywhere outside of its testing grounds.

But when I stepped onto the floating board and felt it effortlessly resist my 200-pound frame—without even trying to slip out from under my feet, I might add—I was filled with joy. …

Where is all of this going?

Good question, because the answer isn’t quite clear. Most immediately, the company intends to ship a few working $10,000 hoverboards and quite a few $300 and $900 Whiteboxes one year from now, on October 21st, 2015. (Yes, that’s the day Marty McFly goes back to the future.) …

Gizmodo – The Hoverboard Is Real, and I Rode It