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injuries at Pan Ams?

Did anyone get stats from the medical team?

I heard it was awful. Not surprising with so many smaller nations trying to compete against the USA. They are generally far more prepared than the rest of the Americas.

McKayla Maroney appreciation

McKayla is as beloved a gymnast as anyone today. She’s been getting a lot of support from her fans.

And if anyone knows how to move forward from adversity, it’s McKayla. :-)

Click PLAY or watch an old montage on YouTube.

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Minnesota’s Meg Stephenson resigns

University of Minnesota women’s gymnastics head coach Meg Stephenson, who had been with the program for almost two decades, resigned on Thursday amid an investigation of sexual harassment within the program.

A University investigation in the spring found that the former coach had violated the school’s anti-retaliation policies following an investigation into her husband and former volunteer assistant coach Jim Stephenson’s behaviors with team members. Jim Stephenson resigned last fall. …

Jim Stephenson held the title of head coach for 17 years and soon after, Meg Stephenson joined as an assistant coach. From 1999-2009 the couple led the program as co-head coaches. …

The program’s two assistant coaches, Jenny Hansen and Louie Johnson, will keep their current positions as the athletic department conducts a coaching search, the University said in a release Thursday. …

Meg and Jim

read more on Minnesota Daily

Gymnastics Injury Seminar

Oct 18th, 2014 in the Boston area.

Dave Tilley on Facebook:

… registration for the 1st Annual Gymnastics Injury and Performance Seminar (G.I.P.S.) is officially open!

Check out the details, list of presenters, and find the registration forms …



Deadline for Registration is OCTOBER 15th.

Aliya Mustafina – Beam

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (fall)

They allow a beam mat in competition. Good idea.

Protect Aliya like the Czar’s jewels. :-)

gymnast survives 100ft fall

Dylan Schuetz age-21. From Colorado.

(From 9news via FIG)

Chellsie on parenting gymnasts

Chellsie Memmel is soon to be a Mom. I think she’ll be a great one. :-)


I first want to thank the parents who put their kids in our great sport! Without parents, we wouldn’t be here or have any of the amazing opportunities that we do. With that said, I believe there should be boundaries in parental involvement in sports.

MemmelsDo watch practices….but only once and a while. If you just can’t stay away, don’t bring up things that happened or any trouble they may have had in practice that day. Let your child talk to you. If they want to vent, listen. If they would rather leave their bad day behind, let them. If they had a great day and are super pumped to tell you about it, be excited and happy about it.

Don’t set your own goals for them…

Tumbl Talk – Do’s and Don’ts of Parent Participation by Chellsie Memmel

That’s the Tumbl Trak blog. If at Congress Pitsburg, be sure to stop by and say hi to everyone at the Tumbl Trak both. I’m going to miss the P&G Championships. I’m presenting at the Gymnastics B.C. Congress instead this year.

misguided Gymnastics parents

One skill set many coaches lack is the ability to communicate well with parents.

If you don’t educate them on the very complex sport of Artistic Gymnastics, don’t be surprised if they arrive at some of these wrong conclusions.


With tuition that can approximate a car payment each month, missed family dinners and weekends lost to travelling to remote locations to sit inside a gym or hotel convention center eating over priced hot dogs and too many brownies, no one can doubt that gymnastics parents are among the most dedicated sports parents. …


Here are a dozen dangerous ideas that can plague even the best-intentioned gym parents:

1. If my child fails to make consistent progress it is her coach’s fault and we should change gyms.

2. For all the money I am paying, there better be results

3. The more time in the gym, the better.



great spot on Bars

Claire Martin (FRA) – Barres- Match France/Roumanie/Belgique Senior

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Epic Slip ‘N Slide Pool Party

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Expedition Idaho Adventure Race

7-days of continuous physical and mental challenge, almost no sleep, bad food, questionable water. Who invented this sport? :-)

To stagger the start of Expedition Idaho, Race Director Dave Adlard, invented a unique prologue.

Teams had to climb the toughest waterslide, starting over if anyone slipped.

If successful, they then took a victory laprunning the Lazy River. Backwards. :-)

This is even tougher than it looks.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Gymnastics sport scientist Jeni McNeal is running this race.

Good luck.

Secret podium training

Gymnastike mostly skipped covering Commonwealths. But they are locked and loaded for the 2014 Secret Classic.

Click PLAY or watch podium highlights on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

I like Brenna’s Shaposh to Giant 1/1.

Bloggers are listing the number of original competitors scratched due to injury, most recently Lexie Priessman, injured on Beam dismount during podium. This is a dangerous sport.

Some will be back for Championships.