tumbling trampoline to uphill vault

Just finished 8 intensive days at Phoenix in Vancouver. Thanks sincerely to Kyna Fletcher and her excellent staff.


It was Gymnastics Canada coach education. Organized by Jeff Thomson of Gymnastics British Columbia.

Phoenix is a great host for events like this. They have an excellent facility. One unique training set-up is a vault horse built into the spotting deck at the end of the tumbling trampoline.



Fantastic. It’s a full-time uphill vault station where no fussing with spring boards is necessary. We used it for Yurchenko and forward approach vaults. It can drop low for the little ones. Or be raised for advanced gymnasts.


That was designed by coach Doug Odin who builds high quality specialized spotting platforms for Phoenix and other clubs.


FIG Men – 8 counting skills?

The number of skills required in a Men’s Artistic Gymnastics routine may shrink from 10 to eight after the 2016 Olympic Games, FIG Men’s Technical Committee President Steve Butcher (USA) has confirmed.

Difficulty scores in Men’s Gymnastics are currently calculated based on the 10 most difficult skills shown in an exercise. …

“Regarding safety of the gymnasts, this potential change would reduce every exercise by 20 percent. This could result in fewer overuse injuries,” Butcher said. “Improving the safety of the gymnasts is always my primary concern. Reducing the amount of elements also brings the D-scores of the top gymnasts even closer, requiring even better execution in order to reach the finals and award podium.” …

The MTC is expected to make its decision regarding the number of elements for the next Olympic cycle during its September meeting in Krakow (POL). Any definitive change would also need to be approved by the FIG Executive Committee, however.



Grandi has always wanted MAG and WAG to require the same number of skills.

My gut feeling is that both Floor and Horizontal Bar would be instantly better with fewer counting skills. But those two could hardly be worse with any Code change.

Pommel Horse and P Bars are amazing now. They might be less amazing counting 8 skills.

Rings might be slightly better with eight. And safer. Gymnasts who cannot do multiple major strength holds would be more competitive on that apparatus.

Vault would not change, I assume. But right now there is far too much reward for difficulty, not enough credit for execution.

Marvin Sharp charged with child molesting

A one-time US Women’s Olympic coach who owns a gymnastics academy in Indianapolis is facing several felony charges relating to sexual misconduct with children.

Marvin Sharp, 48, is charged with four counts of child molesting, three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and knowing possession of child pornography. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office says the crimes took place beginning in May 2013 and up until May 2015, at times with victims younger than 14.

Sharp, the owner of Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy, was taken into custody Sunday night. …

Former Olympic coach of the year Marvin Sharp charged with child molestation, child porn possession

That’s a shocker for me. :-(

He’s made no public statement, so far as I’ve heard.

BAN pay-for-play Trampoline facilities

Trampoline and Gymnastics professionals recommend parents get an experienced, certified coach.

Sending kids in to a barely supervised free-for-all Trampoline facility is dangerous and irresponsible. :-(

Christopher McKenna broke his neck at a Trampoline centre
Christopher McKenna broke his neck at a Trampoline centre


Rare/Unique Men’s Gymnastics

MrBulletPig (UK gymnast Gabriel Hannah) is back with another INCREDIBLE montage. Men’s Gymnastics has many, many new skills yet to be competed. And named.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

If you are wondering who those maniacs are, he’s got links on that Facebook page to the Instagram sources.

Some of his related videos:

• 10 Rarest Men’s Gymnastics Skills (84,000+)

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Kyle Thalman – Spotting

Kyle posted his DVD on YouTube so more coaches will get to see it. Thanks!

Basic Concept of Spotting – 1:02
Safety Tips – 4:08
Running Tumbling Spotter Progression Skills – 18:26

1 – Handstand chapter – 5:57
2 – Forward Roll Chapter – 7:23
3 – Backward Roll Chapter – 8:46
4 – Front Walkover – 10:12
5 – Back Walkover – 11:37
6 – Cartwheel – 12:47
7 – Standing Back Handspring – 14:08
8 – Standing Back Tuck – 16:26

9 – Running Aerial – 19:35
10 – Running Front Tuck – 21:27
11 – Round-off Back Handspring – 23:27
12 – Round-off Back Handspring Back Tuck – 25:55

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (30min)

recreation gymnast near collision

How many times have you seen this happen over the years? :-(