how Trampolines are constructed

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Shawn Johnson – 700 calories a day

“I was always the very strong, powerful, muscly, bulky gymnast and I felt like people always wanted me to be thinner and lighter and leaner,” she tells PEOPLE. “And as a 12-year-old, the only way I really understood how to achieve that was to eat less and restrict myself. I remember kind of obsessing over it.” …

“I never went to a doctor, talked to a psychologist or was diagnosed as anorexic, but I was definitely obsessive and had very unhealthy habits,” she explains. …

“Back then, the judges liked the look of a very lean and skinny gymnast that was artistic and graceful, rather than powerful like myself,” she says …

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Brinn Bevan – broken leg

Instagram. :-( I do think FIG must widen the Vault landing mats. Ken Ikeda from Canada suffered a similar landing injury a couple of years ago. On Yurchenko.

News has travelled pretty fast around the world anyway, so I thought I would inform you all correctly. At the weekend, the 21/11/15 to be specific. I had a freak accident on vault. I went wonky on a yuchenko and landed with one leg on the landing matts (right leg) the other on the concrete (left leg) which left me with a broken leg both tibia & Fibia. I had to have surgery shortly after. The pain as excruciating as it was I could handle, but the disappointment & heart break from going from such a high at the world championships to the lowest low after a little mishap was very hard for me. all my emotions just erupted and I've found myself constantly In tears. This may be a big stepping stone to overcome but most if not all successful athletes have had to overcome adversity to reach their goals. That moment at the world championships I will never forget & it's something I want to feel again. So after my recovery stage I will be grinding to get myself back better than I have ever been. I would like to thank a lot of people for your support, my family & team mates which are basically the same thing @jaythompson_96 @maxwhitlock @reissbeckford @haydenskinner43 & the biggest thank you to my coach and father figure @scotthann who never left my side once and I know your behind me every step of the way. My motto I live by; Tough Times Don't Last Tough People Do

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do back bridges harm young gymnasts?

… One of the concerns of many gymnastics professionals is the training of the spine in hyperextension—the ubiquitous ‘arch’ seen in many gymnastics positions and movements. …

Does practising a back-bend and other hyperextension exercises harm young gymnasts?

Current information on spine stretching among gymnasts indicates that, within reason, spine stretching does not appear to be an unusual threat to gymnasts’ health.

William A. Sands • Jeni R. McNeal • Gabriella Penitente • Steven Ross Murray • Lawrence Nassar • Mone`m Jemni • Satoshi Mizuguchi • Michael H. Stone

The new article is available free as a PDF from Sports MedStretching the Spines of Gymnasts: A Review

Good news. However, athletes must be physically ready for bridge work. Well coached.

From the study:

… Performing a back-bend requires specialized fitness. Teaching a back-bend requires sound coaching judgment and serious attention to detail. Only those athletes who are ready for this skill should attempt it. Great care should be exercised to ensure that coaches monitor technique and fatigue in all skills. Coach education should be a high priority for all those engaged in teaching the back-bend. …

Personally I prefer doing as many bridges as possible with the feet elevated.

in China

Jake working landings

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Florian Landuyt – Achilles

I’ve not seen official statistics as yet, but it sounds like we had about 6 serious injuries at Worlds 2015. About 1% of the competitors suffered injuries in Glasgow that will require months of recovery.

Florian is an up-and-coming gymnast from Belgium, happy to have qualified for the AA Final last minute.


But on take-off for double double on Floor, he snapped an Achilles. :-(

Artistic Gymnastics is a dangerous sport. :-( We need to do more to reduce that rate.

people are awesome

Some are quite reckless, too.

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