Bars coach catches gymnast

You may wonder why so many coaches stand in on high to low transfers. Here’s one reason.

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happiness in Gymnastics

unhappy Anne Josephson posted a thoughtful article on happiness. And unhappiness.

1. I must be perfect.
2. I must make constant progress.
3. There is only one path to success.

9 Beliefs That Will (Eventually, Probably) Lead Your Gymnast to Quit (or at Least be Very Unhappy)

gymnastics bar grips – finger wedgies

What are they?

This photo was posted by bogwoppit on the Chalk Bucket forum.

bogwoppit explains:

They make the finger holes of your grips smaller. I managed to get some from the UK, where they call them wedgies!

Order from in Europe.

1039Ginnasta USA sells something similar. Cheap. $3 per package of 8.

Without them, kids simply stuff foam into the finger holes to fill the gap. Messy and inconsistent.

Leave a comment if you know of anyone else selling something like this.

safer Gymnastics anchors

The International Gymnastics Federation approves Bars and Rings with a single point of failure design.

FIG Bars collapse too often. :-(

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If you MUST rely on a single point of failure system, what are the best designs?

Worst is a single drop anchor. Especially those installed by amateurs. (like me)


Those can shear. Or pull out.

This is better. PULL is in line with the chain


This is better again. Two anchors are safer than one.


These systems are safer again:


Of course any failure to any of the 4 anchors, chains or attachments causes collapse. You need double the anchors to prevent collapse absolutely.

FIG could change specifications to require manufactures do so. And they should.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this topic.

Jessica O’Beirne on GymCastic was ranting :-) on this topic the other day. Prompting me to repost.

Al Fong on wrist wrap

He’s not a fan of Tiger Paws.

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Gymnasts do get dependent on Tigerpaws and other permanent wrist supports.

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Bri Guy back from double Achilles

… Guy tore the Achilles tendons in both heels on Valentine’s Day last year. She was in the middle of a double layout half, a key element in her floor exercise routine. …

“They both decided to pop,” Guy said. “I thought I hit a dead spot on the floor


Auburn gymnast Bri Guy inspires Tigers with incredible recovery from two torn Achilles tendons

related – Bri Guy’s will trumps double Achilles injury at Auburn

She’s been competing Vault, Beam and Bars in a good season, so far, for Auburn.

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Best of Web 7 – Zapatou

Luc Bergeron put together a crazy montage of extreme sport.

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Here’s where he got those clips.