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life / gymnastics BALANCE

Tony Retrosi is a philosopher.

His advice:

As a gymnastics club owner and coach coach as well as a gymnastics consultant I have a great deal of experience trying to find and maintain balance and I am not just talking about on a beam. Balance between business and personal life. Balance between my “gym family” and my “home family”. Maintaining balance in my life enable me to be more fit, have better overall health and embrace a better attitude toward life. …

• You’ll wake up excited and happy for the day.

• You’ll have time for others. You’ll be in harmony with the outside environment.

• There will be less worry in your life, and you’ll feel motivated more often than not.

• There will be measurable improvement in fitness and health.

• More people will LIKE you and want to be LIKE you

• You will be more efficient at work …

Here is my #1 piece of advice. UNPLUG at night. …


Finding Balance

Hope to see you at Tony’s GYM MOMENTUM CAMP BOSTON June 26-29 at Yellow Jackets Gymnastics.

Aliya Mustafina – Unbreakable Stride

… a legacy that is among the greatest the sport has ever seen.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Aliya Mustafina // I Bleed When I Fall Down

Gymtastic Montages:

… I made this montage for Aliya because she has fallen and stumbled multiple times in competition. But she is fierce, strong, and determined, and that’s why she is such a phenomenal gymnast.

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(via @ArabianPF)


class, dignity and sportsmanship by this incredible 10 year-old girl.

She might not have gotten to stand on the podium this time around, but this I know for sure: Zoe is a champion. …

Zoe, her teammates, coaches and me in a group hug after the meet.


To protect her privacy, I won’t say which child she is. But I will tell you, she is smiling!



Inspirational story from coach Charlie Amerosa

Swakopmund Gymnastics, Namibia

Via GYMNAST CROSSING … weighing in on the topic with this post — Character Counts

Why Your Coach Is Great

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150lb women

A number of friends shared this on Facebook.

They all weigh 68kg.

Muscle and bone are heavy.

Keep reinforcing the message that a good body is one that can get the job done.

THWTS – Luke Carson (IRL)

Of the Hard Way To Success episodes so far – Luke Carson’s is hardest.

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gymnastics #happyday

Visit 24hoursofhappiness.com to participate with Pharrell Williams and the UN for the International Day of Happiness, Thursday, March 20th.

To celebrate, the gymnasts of Avant-Garde de TERVES put together this awesome edit.

I love it. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Memmel Up!

Couch Gymnast:

On the wall at M and M Gymnastics:

memmel up

don’t EVER give up

do not ever give up

(via Manajak’s Ed Sterenberg)

Road to Nationals vs Troester

I’ve not logged into the painfully antiquated Troester NCAA rankings all season. Road to Nationals (linked from the top of our home page) is far superior.

Road to Nationals

And sometimes more accurate.

falling from heights

Before we put a child up high, we need teach them every possible way to land and fall from that height.

Some of the most important “skills” we teach young children are: safe climbing, safe landing, safe falling.

jumping from H Bar
Visions Gymnastics, RSA

I find some coaches, in a rush, neglect getting new kids technically and psychologically ready prior to the first time they accidentally fall.

splits 450ft above the ground

Slackliners walk across highlines of various lengths at the Fruitbowl in Moab, Utah, during the sixth annual Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah (GGBY) gathering on November 30, 2013.

GGBY is an unofficial gathering of slackliners from all over North America, bringing some of the newest members and biggest names in the sport. The Fruitbowl has lines ranging from 25 to 330 feet long, all roughly 450 feet above the ground. …