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THE FIRE – Motivational Video

Features some gymnastics.

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child athletes pushed too far

It happens.

Changing the Game Project:

… “My 10 year old daughter’s soccer coach told her she had to pick one sport, and start doing additional private training on the side, or he would give away her spot on the team.”

So goes the all too common narrative for American youth these days, an adult driven, hyper competitive race to the top in both academics and athletics that serves the needs of the adults, but rarely the kids. …

Parents, start demanding sports clubs and coaches that allow your kids to participate in many sports. You are the customers, you are paying the bills …

Coaches, you need to wise up as well. You are the gatekeepers of youth sports, the people who play God …

The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports

A good read.

But I do feel the arguments are over-stated.

Specializing in one sport is a good idea for some children.

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inspirational training video

Featuring swimmers Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and others.

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Fail Harder | Basketball Motivation

Don’t be afraid to fail in training.

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8 essentials for Gymnastics success

John GeddertDesire
Support System

John Geddert explains – THE ESSENTIAL 8

it’s on us to stop sexual assault

A number of professional athletes have donated their time to support the message that sexual assault is never okay. Join them in taking the pledge to stop sexual assault at ItsOnUs.org.

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Julius Thomas
Aly Raisman
Caroline Wozniacki
Jason Hammel
Khris Davis
Rudy Gay


what fearful gymnasts want you to know


I know that I am difficult to coach.

I worry that you don’t like me.

Being fearful is different than being stubborn.

I can’t just “stop it.”

Yelling or threatening me doesn’t solve my fear issues.

My fear is a very real thing.

I would give anything not to be scared.

It hurts when you ignore me.

Please be there for me.

Help me work through my fear. Be patient with me. Break the skill down into smaller parts. Find alternative skills for me to do that might be less scary to me. If I am still struggling, get my parents involved. Maybe I do need to see a sports psychologist. Maybe my problem is larger than gymnastics. Pay attention and be an advocate for me, not an adversary. You are my coach, and I need you.


psychology of Beam

Click through for more detail. And a link to a coach’s perspective on this topic.

R.I.P. John Salmela

I’ve you ever met Canadian Sport Psychologist John Salmela, you’ve not forgotten him.

John H. Salmela, a native of Verdun, Québec, passed away on October 29, 2014. Born June 06, 1945, he was 69 years old. …

He came from humble beginnings and had a successful career as a national level gymnast and a member of university gymnastics teams that won national titles.

John subsequently pursued a 34 year teaching and research career that included positions at Université Laval, Université de Montréal, and the University of Ottawa, where he taught motor development and sport psychology courses in both English and French. He has authored/edited 20 books and written 250 articles, both in academic journals and for professional audiences. …

FIG – John H. Salmela passes away

Here’s a longer tribute. (PDF)

Champions are made …

slacklining Victoria Falls

After two years of preparation, 26-year old economic science student Lukas Irmler from Germany and 34-year old journalist and author Reinhard Kleindl from Austria, achieved their sought-after goal: balancing on a one-inch wide webbing in a height of 100 metres, right in front of the unique setting of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. …

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train today for tomorrow

getting kids to make corrections

Zari Goldmann via the Swing Big email newsletter:

“How do I get my kids to make the corrections I’m telling them to? …

1. Don’t overload them – too many corrections is almost as bad as none. …

2. Have them repeat it back …

3. Have them say it before their next turn …

4. Decrease difficulty and increase expectations …

5. Reinforce it when they do make changes

read more …

All WAG coaches should be following SwingBig.org


determination and satisfaction