Shawn Johnson – 700 calories a day

“I was always the very strong, powerful, muscly, bulky gymnast and I felt like people always wanted me to be thinner and lighter and leaner,” she tells PEOPLE. “And as a 12-year-old, the only way I really understood how to achieve that was to eat less and restrict myself. I remember kind of obsessing over it.” …

“I never went to a doctor, talked to a psychologist or was diagnosed as anorexic, but I was definitely obsessive and had very unhealthy habits,” she explains. …

“Back then, the judges liked the look of a very lean and skinny gymnast that was artistic and graceful, rather than powerful like myself,” she says …

People magazine

easier Beam tumbling

I’d seen the Janssen-Fritsen 20cm wide Beam at Worlds one year. But here’s the first one I’ve seen in the wild. :-)

Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar

A competition Beam is 10cm wide.

I’d love to try a wide Beam with a generation of girls training in conjunction with different “springy” Beams. Making tumbling easy for beginners.

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It works for tumbling. Why not Beam? :-)

No doubt making the final transition to the high competitive Beam would be the biggest challenge.

believe in yourself

Nurturing Positive Views, Furthering Good Habits, Taking Care of Yourself :-)

why Trampoline?

Here’s an excellent edit. A promotion for a competition in Portugal – the SCALABISCUP INTERNATIONAL TRAMPOLINE COMPETITION.

And reflection on why competitive trampolinists do what they do.

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Gonçalo Faro, Maria Neto, Maria do Rosário Taborda, Mariana Cunha, Mariana Montez, Marta Cunha, Matilde Brilhante, Patrícia Antunes, Rita Batista
The voice: Rita Arrais
Writer: Fernando Gaspar
Director and Editor: Andreia Calhau

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Eleftherios Petrounias’ story

On arrival in Glasgow we heard the medal contender wouldn’t be able to compete. Happily he did earning direct qualification to Rio.


– How did you decide to be coached by Dimitris Raftis?

I decided to choose Mr. Raftis because when I asked his opinion about our other coaches, he was the only coach who had something good to say about everyone. …

He worked hard with the successful coach Dimitris Raftis and 2015 turned out to be a golden year for our champion. The 25-years-old earned 10 first place finishes in 11 appearances until he got on the podium for the world finals.

However, on the other hand, he was facing obstacles throughout the entire year: bad training conditions in a cold gym, old equipment, financial problems and then, just weeks before the beginning of the world championships, the death of his beloved father.

– Out of all the hardships of the year, which one was the worse?

– My father’s death. It was very hard for me to return to the gym.

– You had a problem with your hand before the worlds qualifications.

– I was scared for my health. A virus entered my wound and it got into the tendon of my wrist. I’m still on antibiotics. At Sunday, right before the qualifications, I couldn’t even wear my grips. Then, my doctor, Odisseas Paxinos and my coach became… psychologists and managed to make me forget the pain. …

– What were the first feelings you had when you earned the gold medal?

– Joy, sadness because I couldn’t share it with my father, excitement but also puzzlement. I asked my self “so, that’s it?” …

read more on Illusion Turns

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2014 Belgium Gymnastics documentary

Florence Lestienne put together a report for Journalism at the University of Brussels. Passion and sacrifice. MAG & WAG. Includes Maxime and Gilles Gentges, Maellyse Brassart and Chloé Leblicq.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (24min English subtitles)

Florence edits the Belgian Gymnastics blog2015 Worlds: Top 20 for Lisa and Rune, first final for Florian

Our Belgian gymnasts made history once again at the 2015 Glasgow World Championships. Three gymnasts, two girls and a boy, reached the all-around final. …

it’s not how many times you fall …

It’s how many times you get back up.

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