Wayne Goldsmith on over-coaching

WayneAnother thought provoking article by the leader in though provoking coaching articles. :-)

Who OVER coaches?

Typically five types of coaches OVER coach:

1. Young, inexperienced coaches who are trying too hard

2. Coaches who lack real belief in themselves and who try to make up for it by giving too much information. …

3. Coaches who lack belief in their athletes and feel the need to control every element of preparation and performance

4. Coaches who are being evaluated or assessed and aim to impress …

5. EGO driven coaches …

Problems with Over-coaching:

1. All sports require athletes / players to take responsibility for decision making and problem solving in competition.

6. Coaching is about creating independent athletes / players.

9. Over coaching can create anxiety and pressure

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Gym Mom on the J.O. Level system

Jodi Brichta-Coyne has it figured out:

… instead of wondering when she will make it to level 10 (and she may not ever make it and I am OK with that), I am going to sit back and watch her and enjoy the moment.

It is her sport, her journey, and wherever it takes her the lessons learned along the way are much more valuable then striving to get somewhere before it’s time.

Get Psyched

live in the moment

Strong Is The New Pretty

photographer Kate Parker:

“My goal with this project was to showcase my girls and their friends, to tell their story,” she added. “That there is beauty in confident, strong, fierce, messy, silly young girls. I hope that other girls see this and recognize that whatever they love, whatever makes them unique and special is beautiful and worthy of celebration, too.”

Huffpo – ‘Strong Is The New Pretty’ For These Young Girls, And It’s A Wonderful Thing


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Yves Rossy — the Jetman

Ironman flying. But for real. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (12min)

The future of human flight is clear. … Completely autonomous. …

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courage in Gymnastics

Yep. You need be courageous to compete this sport.

Here’s a VERY dramatic dramatization of one girl overcoming a challenge on Bars.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

That was edited for the TRC Gymnastics 2013 Banquet Video to benefit CFF.

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Here’s a terrific interview by Irina Stepantseva with our surprise European Vault Champion. After reading it, I’m suddenly a huge fan.

Maria Paseka

-I really want to go to a second Olympics. I suddenly have this totally crazy dream. One such dream has already come true: I wanted to win some kind of competition, so that I would stand on the podium in first place and they would play the Russian national anthem. It had never happened to me before! And today I stood on the podium and the anthem was playing. And that’s it; the next dream is the Olympics.

-And skip Worlds? That won’t work.

-Of course, I’ll have to win Worlds as well. But the Olympics is the coolest.


‘Perfect’ Body – video by Casey Ho

Cassey Ho, creator of Blogilates, has posted a Youtube video that will force you to think about yourself, your thoughts, comments and actions. The video has over 2 million views since it was posted one week ago. The “Perfect” Body makes quite a statement in two minutes. Casey is fit and toned but finds herself second guessing her body after reading negative social media comments. …

Hard Body

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.