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Kyla Ross hip injury

Christopher Korotky interviewing Kyla:

“I’m kind of held together by tape right now,” Ross joked after podium training.

“The last few days at the ranch (the U.S. National Team Training Center), I think I kind of overstretched it doing a few leaps. …”


Post by FIG.

Kyla Ross is a soldier. Marta, and everyone else watching, believe she’ll be doing the AA come prelims.

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what doesn’t kill you …

CrossFit® Beauty in Strength

Skinny or fit?

What is beauty?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

A good body is one that can do the job.

you can’t get it wrong

Most of the gymnasts getting ready to compete Worlds are mainly focused on consistency at this point.

Gym Jag – choose words carefully

Hint: The best of the best always choose the second option.

Sacrifice vs. Choice
Pressure vs. Drive
Failure vs. Setback
Short-term vs. Long-term goals
Criticism vs. Coaching
Tragedy vs. Disappointment
Difficulty vs. Challenge
Competition vs. Motivation
Winning vs. Celebrating
Quit vs. End (or retire)

Napoleon Hill wrote, “Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” …

Words have power. Choose them carefully.



don’t feel like training?

New Zealand Gymnastics Haka

Coaching in New Zealand I learned to love the Haka. It’s a ritual challenge to your opponent, “in order to invoke the god of war and to discourage and frighten the enemy“.

Click PLAY or watch the Tall Blacks on YouTube. They are about to play the strongest challenger, Team USA.

I’m trying to convince Kiwi Men’s Head Coach David Phillips that his Small Blacks should throw down a Haka challenge in Nanning.

Perhaps at the banquet dance. :-)

on parents watching Gymnastics

This article by Kim Dale got some angry responses from coaches and parents. Click through to read the comments on that post and on our Facebook page.

original post ___

Kim Z Dale:

Why are you staying? Be free. This isn’t the Olympics. You don’t need to watch every move. …

To the parents at my daughter’s gymnastics class: Why are you there?


Uchimura’s Mom competes All Japan

If you’ve seen Shuko Uchimura, you know she’s lean and muscled.

I’m not surprised she could put on a leotard and still do gymnastics. :-)

Shuko Uchimura Floor

Mother “active return” All Japan Senior gymnastics, Uchimura (Japanese)

GymFever2012 is talking about it. This was Mom’s first meet in 30 years!

Haruhi Uchimura, Kohei’s sister, competed as well.

Worlds age: WAG 19.1, MAG 23.0


FIG corrected their statistics.

Turns out average age as it stands now is 19.1 years, not 22.5 as published in the article linked below.

____ original post from Sept 10, 2014

Grandi… One unusual aspect of the nominative list is the average age of women registered to compete. At 22.5 years old, it is the highest average age for women at a World Championships, according to statistics that date back to 1987. The average age of women at the World Championships has been increasing — from the mid-17s in the early 2000s, it climbed to 19.12 years for the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo and 19.78 years for the 2012 Olympic Games. The average age of female competitors at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp (BEL) was 19.16 years.

Should there be no changes to the nominative list, the average age of male competitors at this World Championships would be 23.0 years, the youngest average for men at a Worlds since 2006. The average male competitor in Antwerp last year was 23.29 years, while male gymnasts who competed at the 2012 Olympics averaged 24.44 years. ..

Nanning nominative list: See who’s registered for the 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships!

gymnasts are crazy

McKayla Maroney appreciation

McKayla is as beloved a gymnast as anyone today. She’s been getting a lot of support from her fans.

And if anyone knows how to move forward from adversity, it’s McKayla. :-)

Click PLAY or watch an old montage on YouTube.

(via Tsuk the Pain)

Sam Mikulak – Horizontal Bar

Not brilliant. But a gutsy go-for-it attitude with late regrasps on BIG releases. He deserved the come back win in the AA.

15.800 (7.0, 8.800)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.