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coaching difficult athletes

Let’s face it. If you teach or coach long enough, inevitably you will have some students who you find irritating, abrasive or exasperating. …

… you owe it to the child, yourself as a professional and to the profession at large to find ways to rise above your feelings and find a way to positively work with these students.

Here are 20 actions that might help you make the transition from difficult to delightful student.

Ask yourself why you find this child difficult. …

Check to see if it is just the age you find difficult. …

Fake it until you make it. …

Use neutral language that describes the behavior, not the child. Watch the labeling and the backhanded name calling. A child is not a headcase, rather she is struggling with fear. She is not lazy, but she isn’t working to the level that you know she is capable.

Give the athlete some responsibly. …

Set clear rules and standards and reinforce them consistently. …

Refrain from arguing, lecturing or yelling. ….

Commit to keeping your cool. No matter what. …

If all else fails, own that you might not be the right fit and have the courage to let the child move on. …


Jag GymWhen You Want to Tear Your Hair Out: 20 Tips for Coaching Difficult Athletes

Click through to read the rest. I’m really enjoying Anne Josephson’s blog these days. :-)

outdoor gymnastics in winter

77-year-old retired teacher Gao Yinyu from Jilin, in northeastern China, has exercised like this everyday for more than a decade. The only reason he wears gloves is to stop sticking to the frozen bars. …

CHN outdoor exercise

Daily Mail

vision impaired gymnast Adrianna Kenebrew


… In early October, the Houston sixth grader competed in a gymnastics meet, six days before undergoing laser surgery for her glaucoma, the 12th surgery she’s had in her young life. …

“I just really want to be Gabby Douglas … “

… the surgery went well and it will take one to two months to determine the effect it had on the tissues. …

When Adrianna was 4 she asked for a balance beam and started attending the Texas Academy of Acrobatics and Gymnastics (TAAG). According to Asha, her coaches may not even have realized anything was wrong because Adrianna went out and did the same things as the other students. …

In 2013, the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation named her the TAAG Female Athlete of the Year. …

11-year-old blind gymnast inspires, aims for gold

Veronica Wagner comeback

Veronica Wagner is a gymnast who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics …

She is Sweden’s most successful gymnast …

Sadly, the Swedish Olympic Committee would not send her to compete a second Olympics, Beijing. :-(

Veronica, after years away, decided to make a comeback. Here’s a terrific profile from before Worlds 2014.

Unless you speak Swedish, click over to YouTube and click the CC button for English subtitles.

Watch it on YouTube.

In Nanning, Veronica competed Vault (14.000) and Beam (13.766) to help Team Sweden achieve a rank of 21st. The top 24 teams are invited to Worlds 2015. :-)

(via Full Twist)

Aliya – Unbreakable Stride

Aliya Mustafina’s career will never be forgotten. She has many faults, but lacking courage is not one of them.

Falling on double Arabian one day, she added two whips to double Arabian the next. Respect.

Click PLAY or watch a Worlds montage on YouTube.

Uchimura is “not human”

… “He is not a human being,” Hiroyuki Kato said before Uchimura won his record fifth straight World all-around title in Nanning, China, on Thursday, according to Agence France-Presse.

“Other athletes fight by pushing themselves to the limit. But Kohei can fight by using a few tenths of his ability.” …

Kohei Uchimura’s coach: ‘He is not a human being’

His rivals change, but one man has stayed on the top of the podium for 6 years.

Kohe 3
Kohei 6

Those graphics are from the excellent supermura tumblr, a site dedicated to all things Kohei.

ELIZABETH LONG has a great career retrospective, so far. Kohei has said he may continue through the 2020 Olympics.

The All Around Editorial – King Kohei: The Greatest Ever

Victoria Moors

No update on Tori’s status from Team Canada.

She’s taking a break. Not injured. Undecided whether she’ll be back for Worlds 2015.


I saw this and I couldn't help but think that I have the best fans in the world ???? thank you guys ????????

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Kyla Ross hip injury

Christopher Korotky interviewing Kyla:

“I’m kind of held together by tape right now,” Ross joked after podium training.

“The last few days at the ranch (the U.S. National Team Training Center), I think I kind of overstretched it doing a few leaps. …”


Post by FIG.

Kyla Ross is a soldier. Marta, and everyone else watching, believe she’ll be doing the AA come prelims.

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what doesn’t kill you …

CrossFit® Beauty in Strength

Skinny or fit?

What is beauty?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

A good body is one that can do the job.

you can’t get it wrong

Most of the gymnasts getting ready to compete Worlds are mainly focused on consistency at this point.

Gym Jag – choose words carefully

Hint: The best of the best always choose the second option.

Sacrifice vs. Choice
Pressure vs. Drive
Failure vs. Setback
Short-term vs. Long-term goals
Criticism vs. Coaching
Tragedy vs. Disappointment
Difficulty vs. Challenge
Competition vs. Motivation
Winning vs. Celebrating
Quit vs. End (or retire)

Napoleon Hill wrote, “Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” …

Words have power. Choose them carefully.



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