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my wall handstand program

The most valuable few minutes of my workouts is this series of exercises. I recommend all advanced gymnasts use it daily.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

For the video I used an air filled Power Launch mat in order to slope the wall, but any wall works.

If wrists get sore, support the hands on blocks, a floor bar or a low beam.

Drills were shown by competitive Artistic gymnasts at Gymnastics Adventure, Regina, Canada.

Inspiration from CanAm Gymnastics Saskatoon circa 1997.

growth and development …

Some Jr gymnasts grow taller, faster than others.

Check this pic posted by Alec Yoder on Instagram.

Pacific Rim awards podium. That’s Kakeru Tanigawa from Japan with the U.S. guys.

(via Nico on GymFever)

Jet Lag app

Jet lag is nobody’s idea of fun. A bunch of mathematicians say they can make the adjustment less painful with a smartphone app that calculates the swiftest way to adjust.

Users plug in the time zone they’re traveling to, and the app will do the calculations before spitting out a schedule specifying when the user should stay in bright light, low light or be in the dark, says Olivia Walch, a graduate student at the University of Michigan who designed the app. …

This Jet Lag App Does The Math So You’ll Feel Better Faster

I’ve downloaded it to my iPhone. The Android version is still under development.

Great idea. Should work. But those eggheads made it far too feature rich. It’s not intuitive to use.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Get it free via iTunes.

150lb women

A number of friends shared this on Facebook.

They all weigh 68kg.

Muscle and bone are heavy.

Keep reinforcing the message that a good body is one that can get the job done.

Bodies Of Work

If you thought Epke was ripped, check these nude photos.

Bodies of Work is a celebration. It’s a jaw-dropping, thought-provoking collection of inspirational physiques. It showcases the hard work, dedication, and passion of 12 elite athletes. It highlights the beauty, power, and potential of the human body. …

Note: This gallery celebrates the beauty of the human form at its fittest. The shots are artistic but revealing, and may not be for everyone.



See more on Bodybuilding.com.

working backward Ring swing

Nick Blanton.

Surrey Gymnastics – conditioning

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

half straddle press position

The most difficult phase of the swing or press is this — hands, shoulders, hips over the base of support.

The more hip flexion, the more straddled the split, the better.

Practice jumping or pressing to this position against the wall.

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever

General fitness.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Justin Slife on Facebook)

Difficulty Level = MATRIX

Combating Achilles Tears – Pre-Hab

David Tilley:

Last week in Part I of this post I outlined my thoughts on what some contributing factors may be to a gymnast suffering an Achilles tear. …

… I personally feel that daily integration of pre-hab into training is an essential part of training in order to make sure that gymnasts stay healthy, perform at their best, and have a lengthy career. …

1) Be Smart About Training, and Know Signs of Injury Starting

By far the biggest preventative method coaches and gymnasts can use is to remember that there are many times during gymnastics where it may be more beneficial to train smarter, not always harder. …

2) Working on the Soft Tissue of the Calf Muscles, and Ankle Joint

… work on the soft tissue/ joint mobility for the ankle and calf muscles.

The first easiest way is to use a dense foam roller or PVC pipe wrapped in tape (a bit less forgiving) to roll out some of the tightness in the calf. …

3) Use Proper Stretching of The Gastrocnemius and Soleus

The easiest way I have found for gymnasts to correctly work on their calf stretching (other than the typical calf stretch in a warm up) is to use the end of a beam base.

calf stretch

The same type of stretch can be done with a bent knee to target the solues muscle.


4) Pro-Actively Addressing Flat Feet/Excessive Pronation, and Single Leg Stability

5) Work on Hip Flexor and Quadricep Soft Tissue Mobility

Another area that tends to become chronically tight and restricted on gymnasts are the hip flexors and quadricep muscles …


6.) Use Proper Jumping, Landing, and Impact Mechanics

Concluding Thoughts

… I’m sure as many people read this more ideas will come up about things I did not touch on. Areas like equipment, the code, other structural biomechanics, and proper training certainly can be expanded on. The concept of some gymnasts not having enough muscular strength and development to handle the forces of gymnastics is an entirely different topic …

read much, much more – Hybrid Perspective – Combating Achilles Tears In Gymnastics (Pt II): Pre-Hab Techniques and How To Help Possibly Reduce Injury

David Tilley PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist at Bay State Physical Therapy in Salem MA and a women’s optional gymnastics coach for North Shore Wildcat’s in Beverly MA.

the “perfect gymnast”

2013 research study in ANNALS OF RESEARCH IN SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY by Lisa E. A. M. Louer1, Marije T. Elferink-Gemser, Chris Visscher:


small and having a low body mass, an athletic posture, a good postural control and balance and a high explosive muscular performance. Psychological characteristics that seem to be important are a high intrinsic and achievement motivation, a good concentration and confidence, the drive to strive for perfection and excellence and the use of psychological strategies (to enhance performance or to cope with adversity, worries, fear and injury). …



The review was based on “an extended literature search” looking at Senior Artistic gymnasts.

At one point in the article they looked at optimal size and weight:

• female gymnasts about 153cm (5ft) and 44kg (97lb)

• male gymnasts 169cm (5.54ft), with a mean body mass of 67kg (147lbs) | average age 21.3yrs


GymnasticStrong’s DVDs provide coaches and gymnasts with a complete strength training exercise program that will improve a gymnast’s stability, power, balance, flexibility, and strength. Designed by a sports physical therapist and an experienced strength and conditioning specialist, GymnasticStrong programs were created to reduce risk of overuse injuries and maximize a gymnast’s performance. …

Click PLAY or watch an intro on YouTube.

General, not specific conditioning.

DVDs $29.95 and/or mp4s include:

• Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training
• Youth Strength and Stability Training
• Competitive and Elite Strength and Conditioning

Gym Strong


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