Acrobatic gymnast – great balance

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former gymnast – new Pole Vault record

New junior women’s outdoor best at 4.59m. Congratulations to Nina Kennedy.

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Nina trained at College Park Gymnastics Academy in Claremont, WA under coaches Pam and Elise Pryce. …

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics international development program in 2008. …

Gymnastics Australia

Many of the best female pole vaulters in the world were gymnasts.

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Battle of The Bars 6

Playground fitness competition. Bizarre and creative stuff.

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details – Fit Expo – World Calisthenics Organization™ – Battle of the Bars™

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Uptown Abs at Manjak’s

Two sets. :-)


The first training day after a competition is a perfect time for conditioning.

Uptown Abs by Andrew Vetter is well over 20 million views on Facebook and YouTube. (VIDEO)

Manjak’s Gymnastics.

moving a 650 kilo log

About 1433 pounds!

This is Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays “The Mountain”, Gregor Clegane, in Game of Thrones.

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Legend has it that the last man to achieve this feat was Orm Storolfson from Iceland, a thousand years ago!

details – Hafthor Wins World’s Strongest Viking, Sets Sights on World’s Strongest Man

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“Uptown Abs” – repost

Coach Andrew Vetter’s abdominal conditioning video went viral. It’s already over 1.9 2.7 million views on Facebook. :-)

A number of people have asked how they can get a hard copy to use offline. If you have a YouTube download extension on your browser, you can save it to your computer.

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If you’re not geeky enough to install a YouTube downloader, click on the link below to open a low resolution version on your own device. Once it has uploaded, SAVE it to your device.

Uptown Abs workout at Gymtastics Gym Club (9.2MB)

Andrew coaches at Gymtastics. He’s given me permission to host that low res hard copy. You should be able to store it on your phone.

Reebok – Be More Human

A new fitness campaign from Reebok is odd, but inspiring.


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The new Delta logo evokes change.

… its biggest marketing campaign in over a decade. …

“Be More Human” is being referred to as Reebok’s rally cry to consumers, urging them to live up to their full potential. …


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