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feats of gymnastics strength

American Gymnast posted a few.

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Bart Conner NEVER in the NBA



… All three men are on the Board of Directors of Special Olympics International. …

Yao Ming 7’6″. Dikembe Mutombo 7’2″. Bart Conner 5’5″.

Brandon Wynn teaches Cross

To the non-gymnastics fitness community.

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sprinter vs marathon runner

Nature and nurture.

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Ferrari is flexible

For a power gymnast, Vanessa is very flexible. She looked in particularly good fitness at Worlds 2014.

Ferrari Beam Leap

Ferrari splits

chin-up challenges for little ones

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That’s from the excellent Gymnast Crossing blog.

World’s Toughest Sport – Gymnastics

Michael S. Yessis:

… we ranked 40 sports …

The categories are:

PAIN (p).
VENUE (v).

1. GYMNASTICS (567.6 OUT OF 1,095.4)
3. ROCK CLIMBING (558.8)
4. ICE HOCKEY (524.9)
5. BULL RIDING (523.4) …


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CrossFit® Letting Beauty Speak

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the ballet body

Australian Ballet:

Our Body Conditioning Specialist Paula-Baird Colt talks injury prevention and, with the help of dancers Dimity Azoury and Rudy Hawkes, demonstrates the exercises (including “Just Pick it Up” and “Superman”) that help keep the company healthy.

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outdoor gymnastics in winter

77-year-old retired teacher Gao Yinyu from Jilin, in northeastern China, has exercised like this everyday for more than a decade. The only reason he wears gloves is to stop sticking to the frozen bars. …

CHN outdoor exercise

Daily Mail

innovative fitness drills

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vision impaired gymnast Adrianna Kenebrew


… In early October, the Houston sixth grader competed in a gymnastics meet, six days before undergoing laser surgery for her glaucoma, the 12th surgery she’s had in her young life. …

“I just really want to be Gabby Douglas … “

… the surgery went well and it will take one to two months to determine the effect it had on the tissues. …

When Adrianna was 4 she asked for a balance beam and started attending the Texas Academy of Acrobatics and Gymnastics (TAAG). According to Asha, her coaches may not even have realized anything was wrong because Adrianna went out and did the same things as the other students. …

In 2013, the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation named her the TAAG Female Athlete of the Year. …

11-year-old blind gymnast inspires, aims for gold

Team New Zealand

Avril Enslow:

The NZL WAG team competed in the 2nd to last subdivision on Monday night (in Nanning) …

New Zealand in Nanning

… then flew home and arrived Wednesday, trained Thursday and competed Friday and Saturday at the NZL National Championships.

signing autographs

signing autographs

Aerobics, Artistic Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline competed same time, same venue.