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what doesn’t kill you …

Illinois NCAA strength training

In 2012, former gymnast Jon Ham, after 10 years, returned to his old team and joined in with the guys on their general conditioning. Yes, it hurt. :-)

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CrossFit® Beauty in Strength

Skinny or fit?

What is beauty?

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A good body is one that can do the job.

climbing acrobats

… 3,500 enthusiastic spectators came to celebrate the twelve finalists from nine countries …

In a thrilling superfinal on a dual boulder, on which the two best athletes climb simultaneously an identical route, the 2014 Overall World Cup Champion Akiyo Noguchi (JPN) and the reigning Climbing World Champion Overall, Sean McColl (CAN) claimed the title adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

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30 one-arm chin-ups

Dmitry Malakhov.

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World Record?

I’ve never seen anywhere near that many.

Thank George Thomas for the link.

standing Arabian burpees

The Burpee is named for a physiologist named Royal Huddleston Burpee. For his Ph.D. thesis at Columbia University in 1940, he invented the exercise as a way to assess the fitness of non-active adults. Burpee made participants perform only four Burpees at a time …

Originally, the exercise was called a “Squat Thrust” …


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gymnast Kaylyn Mintz

Recall the video of Kaylyn besting a young military cadet at push-ups?

She actually defeated 2 other cadets at feats of strength that same day. :-)

HLN did a follow-up interview:

… Mintz and the high school ROTC cadets were taking part in a charity event for Active Heroes, a group that helps active military and their families.

The 10-year-old trains 17-20 hours a week as she aims to make the U.S. Junior Olympic gymnastics team.

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Georgia fitness

A BIG part of College Gymnastics is arriving for day 1 in good physical condition.

Johanna Quaas – who’s OLD?

beating Usain Bolt

You’re going to need one of these Jetpacks.

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Jeffrey Wammes – Pole

If you thought the concept of BBC Tumble was a little extreme, how about a TV show where celebrities try Pole Dance?

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she kick your butt

10yr-old Kaylyn from Port City Gymnastics takes on a Marine cadet in a push-up contest.

No contest. :-)

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foot stretcher

Gymnast Crossing linked to a number of video drills and products for improving foot flexibility.

This one appealed most to me.

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