Chinese diving training

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Bruno Klaus giants at age-78

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what does Shawn Johnson eat?

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U.S. National Team leg conditioning

This (very difficult) program credited to Mihai Brestyan. Presented by Tammy Biggs. Posted by Don Houlton.

Don and IGI hosted an EDGE (Elite Developmental Gymnastics Education) Symposium June 19-20, 2015. Tammy Biggs & Todd Gardiner explained what’s required to get into the USA Elite system.

As a sample, here’s the kind of leg strength and endurance they look for.

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Beth Tweddle on menarche

Menarche is the first menstrual cycle, or first menstrual bleeding …

From both social and medical perspectives, it is often considered the central event of female puberty …

Girls experience menarche at different ages. …

The average age of menarche is about 12.5 years in the United States, 12.72 in Canada, 12.9 in the UK …

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(via Gymnastics News Network)

Oksana Chusovitina montage

Now age-40, Oksana is still going strong. Still improving.

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Brandi Smith-Young on gymnastics stretching

The founder of Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy and Performance Training in Austin, TX posted exercises in the following areas:

1 Stretching Shoulders and Lats
2 Calf Stretching
3 Improving Hip Flexor Flexibility
4 Strengthening Hip Muscles
5 Strengthening Hip Flexors
6 Strengthening Soleus Muscles
7 Landing Mechanics

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