Ellie Black – bum hops


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Nile Wilson – “the struggle is real”

Episode 3 of my day in the life series.

First bit is his morning smoothie. Training starts at the 2min mark.

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Nile Wilson muscle-up drills

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Ninja Warrior Miles Avery age-56

Competed Monday night Aug 10th.

By day, Miles Avery helps kids flip, tumble and balance at OSEGA Gymnastics in Swannanoa, but on Monday night viewers nationwide will watch him compete on the NBC show “American Ninja Warrior.” …

In June, the owner of OSEGA Gymnastics and a four-time U.S. Olympic gymnastics coach proved age was just a number when he was one of 30 contestants to advance in the competition to the City Final.

At 56, Avery is considered one of the oldest contestants to ever appear on the program. …


Avery Ninja

Watch a TV interview filmed at his gym. (VIDEO)

Geoff Britten was best of the 15 who will move on to Las Vegas finale. Miles did not make the cut.

Magyar/Silvado conditiong

Baz Collie. Physical preparation for Pommels at the 2015 EUG training camp in Tirrenia, Italy. 25 gymnasts from 12 nations. 26 coaches from 13 nations.

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Keep watching for swing handstand conditioning from 1 pommel. And more.

Bruno Klaus – Giants

The founder of International Gymnastics Camp is how old?

Never mind. It doesn’t matter. He can still do Giants (without straps). :-)

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cricket players training Gymnastics

… Warriors are using an Australia first training program to get an edge on the competition. As Michael Thomson discovered, our state cricketers are doing everything from backflips to martial arts to hone their skills.

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