U.S. Juniors Jesolo training


It’s an impressive junior squad this year, featuring five young ladies who could all be contenders for the 2016 Olympic team, and then Victoria Nguyen at 14 already looks like she could lead the way in Tokyo. …

The U.S. Juniors Training for Jesolo

Norah Flatley, Jazmyn Foberg, Laurie Hernandez, Ragan Smith and newcomer Olivia Trautman are all eligible for Rio.

Victoria Nguyen is too young.

Here’s Jazzy’s Maloney + Gienger.


See more GIFs like this on shutupmckaylasvaulting.tumblr

Gymnastike is in Italy. Paid Gymnastike members can see plenty of videos from podium training. Fans love to make short GIF highlights of their favourite gymnasts.

Seems Gymnastike has asked some sites NOT to create nor repost GIFs from Gymnastike videos. From what I could find in an exhaustive 3 minutes of research, animated GIFs are “fair use”. Fans are allowed to make them, by law.

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Jesolo – American Seniors

Lauren Hopkins pieced together a report on the training day based on Gymnastike videos.

Team USA will be GREAT. Perhaps the best ever to fly over for the Italian competition / shopping extravaganza. :-) The BIG news is how good Gabby and Ali are looking. Lauren calls them the “comeback girls”. Both are serious contenders to qualify for the Worlds team 2015.

Gymnastics News Network put together a montage of the Senior Americans. From past competitions.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Chusovitina – Cottbus Vault

Cleaner than ever. :-)

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She won this World Cup meet. To qualify to one more Olympics Oksana will need to finish top 3 at Worlds 2015. Not easy. But that’s how she did it for London. Oksana finished 2nd at the 2011 Worlds.

Oksana was 2nd on Vault, but qualified as part of Team Germany. IF Germany had not qualified a Team, she should have been named for Vault. Thanks for clarifying that, Jacob.

Volker points out there are other ways she could qualify, including the Tripartite Commission Invitation. It’s not clear that Uzbekistan is eligible for “Wild Card” selection, however. The rules seem to indicate that Uzbekistan is NOT eligible.

Hopefully FIG and IOC will find a way to get Oksana to Rio. She’s one of the very best stories in our sport.

Olga Korbut documentary

Linked by Olga herself.

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at the new Brazilian Training Centre

Training conditions are near ideal, a big improvement from the last Olympic cycle when Brazil was the 12th and last Team to qualify for the London Olympics.

This 6min video gives you an excellent look at a day in the life of those young women aspiring to qualify to Rio 2016.

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via Bernardo on GymFever2012:

Alexander smiling is just priceless :)

Brittany Rogers – Bars

The Georgia star, 2012 Canadian Olympian, has stated she’d like to be considered for selection to the Canadian Senior Team 2015 and 2016.

Could she do it?

IF available for the necessary training camps and trials, Vault would be no problem. Brittany would be one of the top vaulters in Canada immediately.

What about Bars?

Click PLAY or watch her College set on YouTube.

A lot of difficulty would need be added. But what I like about Brittany and Peng Peng’s chances of a return to Elite is consistency.

NCAA teaches consistency. Don’t be surprised if one or the other ends up competing at Worlds 2015. The Canadian Team needs experience, leadership and consistency.

everyone loves Kristina Vaculik

VaculikAsk anyone who knows Kristina personally. She is a class act in every way. :-)

2012 Canadian Olympian and Stanford University senior Kristina Vaculik told IG she is already reflecting with pride and pleasure as her gymnastics career comes to a close this spring.

“Looking back and realizing all I’ve done, I’ve been seriously the luckiest person in the world,” said Vaculik, who is preparing for the upcoming conference, regional and national collegiate championships. “I’ve had the chance to experience both international and college gymnastics. Both experiences have been amazing for me.”

Coached by 1980 Olympic all-around champion Yelena Davydova at Gemini Gymnastics Club in Oshawa, Vaculik won the Canadian national all-around title in 2007, 2010 and 2012. She enrolled at Stanford in 2011, but took the 2012 season off to train at home for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

At the London Games, Vaculik helped Canada finish fifth in the team final, its best team result in Olympic history. She returned to Stanford following the Games and resumed her collegiate gymnastics career.

Vaculik credits her successful transitions to the cooperation of her club and university coaches. …

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