London Open – Max Whitlock 91.6

1. Max Whitlock – 91,6
2. Nile Wilson – 88,8
3. Brinn Bevan – 87,75

The London Open was the first trial for the British men. The final team is due to be announced on October 12th.

Max scored a personal best all-around score of 91.600 which shows an incredible improvement after a tough year struggling with illness. This world class score shows Max is in great form to challenge the world’s best in Glasgow. Not only an incredible all-around score, Max also impressed on individual apparatus scoring 16.300 on the pommels, 15.700 on the floor and 15.100 on the parallel bars. …

British Gymnastics


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adidas – Arthur Zanetti

Very cool. :-) Atop Sugarloaf in Rio.

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abolish Olympic Team competition?

Gymnastics Teams Suck

That’s the provocative post put forward by Aussie gymnast Luke Wiwatowski.


We should keep in mind team event rules change all the time, even within the same competition (hello team final vs qualification). How are we to take the team competition seriously when the teams that make the team final do so under different rules compared to the ones they follow competing in the final. Team numbers have been diminishing from 7 members to 6 to 5 and now 4 in the next cycle. Some events, such as the European Games, have experimented with 3 member teams. The logical conclusion is not hard to see in the distance. 1 member teams!

Luke admits he’s playing Devil’s Advocate there. But his main point is quite accurate. A group of individuals each doing their own thing is not nearly the same kind of “team” as is a soccer team.

Personally I’d miss the Olympic Team competition if it is eventually ended. :-(


2008 US Olympic montage

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Los Angeles 2024 Olympic video

Nick Zaccardi:

Los Angeles 2024 Olympic bid organizers called the city the western capital of the U.S., the northern capital of Latin America and the eastern capital of the Pacific Rim in a promotional video published Monday.

Los Angeles is bidding against Budapest, Hamburg, Paris, Rome and possibly Toronto for the 2024 Olympics.


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Word is that Toronto will not bid after all.

2019 Artistic Worlds Stuttgart

It’s a done deal.

Stuttgart 2019 Worlds

Upcoming editions of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships will be held in Glasgow (GBR) from October 23-November 1, 2015; in Montreal (CAN) from September 27-October 9, 2017; and in Doha (QAT) from October 25-November 3, 2018.

Marian Dragulescu back competing

Marian seems pretty serious about his latest comeback. And he can still stick his signature vault.

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Watch his Floor at Israel Cup (VIDEO)

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