Capoeira Move – Macaco

Chris Silcox

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Jackie Chan ladder fight scene

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Thanks gymcasual. :-)

tricking – Club 540

AlienWebguy put together a site for martial arts tricking called It’s got a lot of content. Most useful is an index of the names of tricks with videos.

Here you can check what these are: Masterswipe, Double Flash Kick, Full Swipeknife, … Even the QUADRUPLE FULL TWIST. Oh. Right. We know what that is. :-)

Check it for yourself –

club 540

As an sample, check Air Flare.

crazy strong female acrobats

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Some of the best stuff there comes from Check out their videos. Playground acrobats from Switzerland.

Spiderman in training


Thanks Kimmie.

Jackie Chan would have been a great gymnast

Red Bull – Kick It

Red Bull “Kick It” is a premiere 1-on-1 battle style martial arts tricking tournament that is dedicated to the kicking aspect of various martial arts. It is a blend of Taekwondo, Kung-fu, Capoeira, Karate, gymnastics and breakdancing.

Click PLAY or watch a promo from Kick It 2014 in Seoul Korea.