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Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

adams-gorilla-gold-grip-enhancerTo improve grip on Bar or rope, kids at Technics Gymnastics dab their hands with a sticky cloth.

Gorilla Gold Non-toxic Grip Enhancer For use on hands, gloves and grips for many sports. Clean alternative to pine tar. Effective on wood or aluminum bats. Ideal for wet grass or sweaty hands when fielding. Non-toxic. Approved by MLB, PGA, LPGA, NCAA Softball, ISCl, ASA and USTA. Resealable bag. One cloth. Cloth lasts 3-6 weeks.


The first time I’ve seen that product in a gym.

Oleg – 16.233 P Bars

Stuttgart World Cup

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

when girls competed Rings at Olympics

Dvora Meyers in 2012 posted an interesting and entertaining article on the history of Women’s Gymnastics:

… I spoke with Laddie Bakanic, 88, who had been a member of the 1948 U.S. women’s gymnastics team that won a team bronze medal at the Olympics and performed on the “flying rings” as they were known in her day.

“When I was on the flying rings and I had to leave go I was scared cause there was nothing there but a cotton mat on the ground,” she recalled, adding that there were male spotters hovering nearby just in case. …

Boys Club

Female Gymnasts Used to Compete on the Rings, But the Game Changed

Late 1970s at Santa Monica Gymfest in California, girls and guys were still training the long defunct Swinging Rings.

And Rings is NOT at all the only historical surprise. Here’s Olympic medalist and USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame artistic gymnast Clara Schroth Lomady, Captain of the 1948 U.S. Women’s Team. On the Parallel Bars.


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Jossimar Calvo – P Bars

Medellin World Cup

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more videos from the competition

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Andrew Brower – P Bar dismount


via GymFever2012

Sam Mikulak in Rio?

When pressed to predict who would finish 2nd to Kohei in Nanning I named Sam Mikulak.

Why Sam?

I felt his NCAA success would give him consistency under pressure. And that his relaxed psychology would help in that loud arena in Nanning. If Sam hit 6 for 6, he would score high.

My confidence in Sam’s consistency is not holding up, however. In the training hall we heard Sam was having problems, especially on P Bars.

He fell on P Bars in the AA Final and shouldn’t have been allowed to continue as he took longer than 30sec to resume his routine.

(Later Zhang was allowed to resume his H Bar routine after breaking a grip, even though it took longer than 30sec to get a new one. A new rule on that has been discussed by FIG MTC, but it had now been implemented by Nanning.)

Sam’s still a podium contender for Rio. But don’t bet the mortgage.

And he’s trying to upgrade.

outdoor gymnastics in winter

77-year-old retired teacher Gao Yinyu from Jilin, in northeastern China, has exercised like this everyday for more than a decade. The only reason he wears gloves is to stop sticking to the frozen bars. …

CHN outdoor exercise

Daily Mail

Danell Leyva – P Bars

Awesome set. Silver medal at Worlds 2014 after Oleg. The correct ranking, in my opinion.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

My favourite apparatus over the past 2 cycles is Parallel Bars.

There are many ways to reach a high start score. Leyva chooses to use Felge and Giant variations with difficult turns.

P Bars – Arican dismount

I’m loving the trend away from double pike dismount on P Bars. Most of the top guys are training double front, double front half or – biggest double front of them all, so far – the Arican.

Nico found this. Proof that Ferhat from Turkey did compete a new dismount at Worlds.

In training.


#new#element#ARICAN3 ???????? @umitsamil @ibrhmcolak @aposbas @barisspek @boncukgym @ahmetonder_

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That’s Ferhat Arican from Turkey.

Suleiman the Magnificent‘ is yet another example of how there are fantastic male gymnasts in many lesser known nations. MAG is far more widely developed world wide than WAG.

Parallel Bar doodle

These animations are excellent. P Bars, this time.

And here’s Rings, sideways. A beefy routine, by the way. :-)

Oleg Verniaiev – P Bars

His many fanboys finally got their wish. Oleg is a World Champion.

Difficult. Interesting. HUGE stuck dismount.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Embarrassingly, organizers played the wrong National Anthem at awards. Oleg’s from Ukraine, not Uzbekistan. More Russian plotting? :-)

full P Bar Final results

Worlds Men’s P Bars Final


1. Verniaiev (UKR) 16.125
2. Leyva (USA) 15.933
3. Kato (JPN) 15.666

full results

Great podium. Three super impressive routines in a super competitive final.


Oleg Verniaiev – P Bars

From the Individual All-around competition.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Sweet set. Ruined, a bit, by the knee bend too early in the descending swing on Moy.

I did end up voting Oleg for the Longine’s Prize, but Arthur OYAKAWA MARIANO is even better to watch.