Sask MAG Winter Games Team

Three brothers, Jesse, Mitch and Wyatt Tyndall, will compete on the same Team. That must be a Canada Winter Games first. :-)

Nope. Coach Jim Rand points out that 3 Martin brothers competed in 2007 for PEITravis and twins Brett and Tyler.


Michael 500px

Warren Long took these photos. Wyatt is doing a Diamadov on the left, Teague a Heally on the right.

Heally Diamadov 500px

more photos

Uchimura – PB double front 1/2

Another upgrade in training. For the day he needs it. :-)

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Kenzo shows another triple twisting double layout on FX, as well.

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possible 7.5 P Bar difficulty

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hop Diamodov


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Calvo – P Bars double double

In training.


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Santa drank too much nog


Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

adams-gorilla-gold-grip-enhancerTo improve grip on Bar or rope, kids at Technics Gymnastics dab their hands with a sticky cloth.

Gorilla Gold Non-toxic Grip Enhancer For use on hands, gloves and grips for many sports. Clean alternative to pine tar. Effective on wood or aluminum bats. Ideal for wet grass or sweaty hands when fielding. Non-toxic. Approved by MLB, PGA, LPGA, NCAA Softball, ISCl, ASA and USTA. Resealable bag. One cloth. Cloth lasts 3-6 weeks.


The first time I’ve seen that product in a gym.