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Parallel Bar doodle

These animations are excellent. P Bars, this time.

And here’s Rings, sideways. A beefy routine, by the way. :-)

P Bars – Arican dismount

I’m loving the trend away from double pike dismount on P Bars. Most of the top guys are training double front, double front half or – biggest double front of them all, so far – the Arican.

I believe he did compete it in Nanning.

Update. Papa Liukin reports he only competed double front tuck in prelims. Therefore it will not be named for Arican from Worlds 2014.


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That’s Ferhat Arican from Turkey.

Suleiman the Magnificent‘ is yet another example of how there are fantastic male gymnasts in many lesser known nations. MAG is far more widely developed world wide than WAG.

Oleg Verniaiev – P Bars

His many fanboys finally got their wish. Oleg is a World Champion.

Difficult. Interesting. HUGE stuck dismount.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Embarrassingly, organizers played the wrong National Anthem at awards. Oleg’s from Ukraine, not Uzbekistan. More Russian plotting? :-)

full P Bar Final results

Worlds Men’s P Bars Final


1. Verniaiev (UKR) 16.125
2. Leyva (USA) 15.933
3. Kato (JPN) 15.666

full results

Great podium. Three super impressive routines in a super competitive final.


Oleg Verniaiev – P Bars

From the Individual All-around competition.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Sweet set. Ruined, a bit, by the knee bend too early in the descending swing on Moy.

I did end up voting Oleg for the Longine’s Prize, but Arthur OYAKAWA MARIANO is even better to watch.

Men’s Worlds Apparatus finalists


Floor Results (PDF)
Ablyazin; Shirai; Hypolito; Kato; Zapata; Kosmidis; Kim Hansol; Dalton; Reserves: Deng Shudi; Purvis; Cheng Ran

Pommel Results (PDF)
Berki; Naddour; Bertoncelj; Ude; Tommasone; Seligman; Likhovitskiy; Keatings; Reserves: Merdinyan; Belyavskiy; Whitlock

Rings Results (PDF)
Liu Yang; Ablyazin; Petrounias; Zanetti; Tulloch; Ait Said; You Hao; Ignatiev; Reserves: Radivilov; Colak; Whittenburg

Vault Results (PDF)
Yang Hak Seon; Ablyazin; Ri Se Gwang; Radivilov; Shirai; Dalton; Shek Wei Hung; Sasaki; Res: Thomas; Kim Hansol; Hypolito

P Bar Results (PDF)
Leyva; Verniaiev; Tanaka; Deng Shudi; Kato; Cheng; Whittenburg; Kuksenkov; Reserves: Augis; Hambüchen; Bucher

H Bar Results (PDF)
Zonderland; Uchimura; Zhang Chenglong; Kuksenkov; Moznik; Wilson; Belyavskiy; Calvo. Reserves: Thomas; Verniaiev; Schroe

via @theallaround:

Only three gymnasts miss event finals due to country limits: Uchimura (FX), You (PB); and Zhang (PB)

Danell Leyva – P Bars

Here’s your prelims leader, so far. Crazy difficulty without having to chuck double somersaults.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Danell was deserving World Champ in 2011.


Everybody loves Oleg. But he was over-scored on this set in prelims.

6.9 difficulty – 15.766

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Oleg has the second highest score (so far) going into the Final. Leyva is the favourite, I’d say,

Asiad Finals – day 2

1. KIM Unhyang PRK 6.3 14.700
2. PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 6.2 14.433
3. SHANG Chunsong CHN 6.8 14.300

The media in North Korea will be thrilled with this gold medal.

1. YAO Jinnan CHN 5.7 13.966
2. SHANG Chunsong CHN 6.0 13.800
3. YUN Narae KOR 5.6 13.700

Bea Gheorghisor has full results and commentary.

1. Shek Wai Hung
2. Yang Hak Seon
3. Huang Xi

Ri Se Gwang was 4th despite having far higher start values. Hong Kong’s Shek Wai-hung is suddenly a superstar, defeating the Olympic Champion in his own nation. :-)

… “This is a do-or-die situation for us,” Hong Kong Gymnastics Association Chairman Cheung Siu-yin told the South China Morning Post about the possibility they could lose their centralised funding next March if they did not win any medals in Incheon. …

Yahoo Sports

P Bars
1. Yuya Kamoto 15.800
2. Anton Fokin 15.475
3. Dinh Phuong Thanh 15.416

Vietnamese gymnasts were 3rd and 4th. Impressive.

H Bar
1. Zou Kai 15.800
2. Yusuke Saito 15.533
3. Masayoshi Yamamoto 15.491

see more on IG – Yao, Zou Golden Again as Asian Games End

After 2 gold medals, don’t be surprised to see Zou Kai moved from Worlds alternate on to the team competing in Nanning.

Zou Kai

great P Bar routine

Who is this?

Compare that against our Asian Games AA Champion.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via gymnastikfabriken)

Men’s Pan Am Apparatus Final 2

1. Sergio Sasaki (BRA)- 14.720
2. Jorge Vega (GUA)- 14.662
3. Caio Souza (BRA)- 14.650

1. Jorge Giraldo (COL)- 15.700
2. Manrique Larduet (CUB)- 15.625
3. Caio Souza (BRA)- 15.150

1. Jossimar Calvo (COL)- 15.825
2. Manrique Larduet (CUB)- 15.150
2. Sergio Sasaki (BRA)- 15.150

Click PLAY or watch Calvo’s winning Bar on Gymnastike. HUGE and CLEAN Liukin.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Gymnastics Canada has yet to post a single video from Finals day 2. I’d much prefer to link to YouTube as those videos stream faster. But nobody but Becca is uploading immediately.

Leyva – P Bars

The former World Parallel Bar Champion HITS.

15.800 (7.0, 8.8)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Keatings new P Bar dismount