Ivan Ivankov – Kovacs to Kolman

POV – H Bar triple double

Swing along with USA Jr. National Team Member Alec Yoder as he does his Triple Twisting Double Layout Dismount on High Bar

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Jason Furr – quadruple pike

Horizontal Bar. In training.

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Jossimar Calvo – Bretschneider?

Is this one or two twists?

Cabriole is certain both releases are single twists. I guess he’s right. That vantage is confusing, however.

Entrenamiento de hoy!!! ????

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Bretschneider has not competed the skill at Worlds or Olympics. It will be named for whomever competes it first. Worlds 2015, I assume.

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BEST new Gymnastics skill of 2014?

Kenzo Shirai’s triple double layout in training?

Kenzo triple double

I’d vote for the Bretschneider (double twisting Kovacs) in competition. :-)

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Leave a comment if you were as impressed by any other skills (not in a pit) in 2014.

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Chenglong Zhang – ripped grip

In the Horizontal Bar final at Worlds 2014 Zhang broke one of his grips. Then was allowed to continue well after his 30 seconds was over.

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We’ve heard FIG MTC plans to allow gymnasts time to get a new grip in the future. But that rule change was not in effect for 2014.

Has anyone heard any follow up from FIG on this incident?

Kouji Uematsu – 4 releases

The Japanese Epke.

This is the guy who posted the 6 kovacs series a few days ago. In costume.

Merry Xmas(^^)

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