introducing Free Hip with a Wall Bar

It was John Carney that first showed me this drill. He called it the “Tower of Power”.

Free hips should be first taught on a strap bar. When you move to the competition rail, instead of spotting, let them learn it by themselves.

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The drill encourages kids to keep their Centre of Mass as far away from the Bar as possible on the DOWN swing. And gives them plenty of practice on the grip change long before they need it for Giants.

Cody double back 1/1

Marique using it as a progression for the Vault. It’s great for Kolman, as well.

Looks like they need a new throw mat. :-)

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Kevin Lytwyn profile

A teammate of past Canadian great Nathan Gafuik, who’s now retired, Kevin won his region’s 2015 Athlete of the Year.

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Click PLAY or watch his 2014 Commonwealth Games Final routine on YouTube. Tak 1/2 to Def.

Kevin and team Canada will be fighting for one of the top 4 spots at the Rio Test Meet.

Horizontal Bar – Yamawaki

In series.

Fabian – H Bar release series

Team Germany has not year qualified for Rio. They’ll have a second chance at the Olympic Test meet in April. It would be a real shame if Fabian was not in Rio for the BIG show.

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Marvin Kimble – new H Bar releases

The American Worlds 2015 alternate has a very good shot at being named to the Rio Olympic team. He’s strong on Pommel Horse. And has great potential.

Click PLAY or watch him on Instagram. Two release series I’ve never seen anyone else train.

#NGD2015 #ShowYourSalute ??? @usagym

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Bar – tangent of release

Repost – Bar clinic yesterday. We talked, as always, about tangent of release:

… the body’s mass center exits from any external swing at a 90° angle to its radius of rotation (tangent to the swing) …

Just as the archer’s bow establishes the flight direction of the arrow, so too does the tangent release establish the flight direction of the gymnast. …

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double back tucked

Information excerpted from Championship Gymnastics: Biomechanical Techniques for Shaping Winners, by Gerald S. George, Ph.D.

That graphic would generate a discussion regarding whether or not she might “pull-in” to the bar by shortening the body before release. … She might.

I’ll use this layout flyaway graphic, instead, to introduce the concept of “tanget” to the point of release of swing.

Of course the path of flight is a “parabola” after release. (Unless the gymnast goes straight up, straight down.)

The problem with biomechanics is the risk of generating more heat than light.