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WS van Wijk – MAG Olympic highlights

Aussie Rock legends AC/DC are ending their 41 year career. :-(

In tribute I repost my favourite Men’s Artistic montage.

Thunderstruck. Brilliant editing.

Some of the best moments during the mens artistic gymnastics competition at the london 2012 olympics.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

Mens Gymnastics Best of London 2012: Thunderstruck from WS van Wijk on Vimeo.

USA wins MAG Pac Rims

1. USA 338.550
2. Japan, 333.550
3. Canada 326.400

1. Orozco 87.200
2. Ikejiri-JAP 85.050
3. Murakami-JAP 84.900

Watch John’s H Bar.

1. Tanigawa-JAP 82.700
2. Strech & Yoder, 80.400

via @USAGym @PacificRimChamp #pacgym

Julia Sharpe – why MAG?

Julia competed all 6 men’s apparatus (VIDEO) at the 2014 Nationals for the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs.

She qualified for all-around finals and placed 10th on high bar. :-)


Julia, who trains at MIT Gymnastics Club, sends some clarification:

Thanks for all the support everyone! To answer a few of the questions that have not been answered:

- I’ve been training MAG for 2 years now, but I did WAG for over 20 years before that.

- I started MAG for several reasons:

~ The MIT men’s program was down to two athletes, and I wanted to try to contribute and help build the program back up before it disappeared. It’s really upsetting watching the death spiral of men’s NCAA gymnastics and feeling like there’s nothing I can do.

~ The women’s scoring system doesn’t reward you for doing harder tricks. Why learn a handspring layout on vault when you score better with a handspring tuck that also starts at a 10 (in NAIGC/level 9 rules). It was hard for me to be motivated to train new tricks just to perform worse (read: I like to win). In MAG, I get rewarded for doing harder gymnastics.

~ I wanted to learn new things! I could maybe learn one new skill per event each year at the level I was at in WAG. In MAG, I learn new skills all the time!

~ As a female engineer, I spend all day trying to prove that I’m just as good at my job as my male counterparts. I don’t want other women to feel like there’s anything they can’t do just because of their gender. I think a lot of women are held back just because they don’t believe they are capable. Here’s me trying to prove that they are capable of anything!

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Get a (gymnastics) Grip

GYMNAST CROSSING posted the best summary I’ve seen of the pros and cons of leather grips.

Al Fong:

There’s no doubt leather grips with dowels are a big advantage to those who can afford them.

no grips Dabritz

no grips Dabritz

There are fewer and fewer high level Bars gymnasts like Georgia Dabritz.

In another post, GYMNAST CROSSING lays out possible methods of getting chalk to stick to gymnastics rails, including my own:

I like supersaturated sugar water. I boil sugar water in a microwave for perhaps a minute. … It’s much less slimy than honey.

Click through to read about the more common methods – The Sweet Taste of Gripping the Bars

honey bear

Uchimura – Tokyo H Bar

… I wonder if he stuck the triple double dismount? :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

All hail.

1. Kohei Uchimura 92.898
2. Fabian Hambüchen 90.231
3. Ryohei Kato 89.397

Amanda Turner has MAG & WAG full results and commentary.

via GymFever

British Championships – Men’s Finals

Men’s Gymnastics Perspective has a superb wrap-up. By far the best post I’ve seen (of many) on the competition.

A few highlights from their detailed report:

The British is a slightly unique format, in that Senior apparatus titles are handed out on the Saturday to the top scorers on each event, but the real final is on the following day, when the top 8 from all age groups fight it out in a traditional apparatus final to become the Masters champion.

After day 1, the Senior apparatus champions were not a great surprise, based on recent form:

Floor: Max Whitlock 15.25
Pommel Horse: Max Whitlock 15.85
Rings: Daniel Purvis 15.0
Vault: Kristian Thomas 14.875
Parallel Bars: Daniel Keatings 15.45
Horizontal Bar: Sam Oldham 14.6

The main talking point of Saturday was the tightly spaced 1-2-3 of Max Whitlock (15.85), Daniel Keatings (15.8) and Louis Smith (15.75) on Pommel Horse. … What a pleasure to have 3 world class pommel horse performers in the GB camp, competing at the top of their game in front of a packed venue!

The Masters format promised to deliver an interesting mix of Junior vs Senior. …

Day 2 – The Masters

Max Whitlock is a class apart in terms of start value, and only needed a clean performance to finish ahead of the rest of the field. His mix of multi-bonus complex twisting combinations and high value non-acrobatic elements (including his new spindle to air-flair) give him a 6.8 start which is well ahead of his British rivals.

Under-16 Champion Giarnni Regini-Moran was the only junior in this final, but his powerful tumbling was comfortably of senior standard. …

Click PLAY or watch Giarnni’s FX on YouTube.

Pommel Horse
The strength in depth in British Pommel Horse is great to see. In this final, the bottom 5 of Wilson, Wise, Purvis, Watson, Hall all scored in the range 14.666 to 14.266. Many world gymnastics nations (USA, Germany anyone?) would love for their top level Pommels workers to be able to provide those scores! …

Daniel Keatings hit his “hard” routine (with Busnari) in a final! Daniel’s execution has always been immaculate, and this combined with the 7.2 start value gave him a 16.133 total

Ok, we admit it, GB has some way to go to become a nation recognised with any real depth on Rings. …

This final was one of the less exciting points of the weekend. …

Parallel Bars
Suddenly GB has a group of parallel bar workers capable of threatening for medals on the world stage. After Pommel Horse, this was the most anticipated final of the day …

Horizontal Bar
This is another apparatus where GB is getting stronger with each event. The trio of Kristian Thomas, Sam Oldham and Ashley Watson stood out here. They presented three very different, but equally exciting 6.5 start value routines. …

Ashley Watson was clearly disappointed not to be in the Parallel Bars final, and jumped up on the High Bar with a determined and aggressive demeanor. His routine construction is probably our favourite of these 3 …

Click PLAY or watch Watson’s H Bar on YouTube.

British Championships: First Reactions – Apparatus & Masters Finals

Click through for much, much more.

One final excerpt:

What more to say about Daniel Keatings at this year’s British?

He was simply immaculate all weekend – excluding a fall on High Bar in the All Around – this was a flawless 2 days of competition. Hats off to anyone that can deliver 16+ scores in two finals on the same day! Suddenly we feel extremely positive about Europeans and Commonwealths prospects for Dan. Rio looks a real possibility …

Zonderland – Doha – H Bar

Our Olympic Champion looks a little cleaner in this routine.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via gymnasts391)

391 links also to his wild and crazy P Bar routine.

Bars chain snaps on Becky Downie

GymFever linked to this routine.

Craig Tilly:

You can hear the chain snap when she does the Pak.

Actually, the Bars themselves were OK. Something in the anchor itself failed.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Seems they moved the Bars to the Horizontal Bar tie down after the men’s competition.

She re-did the routine for 14.350.

Update from Susanne in the comments:

Becky didn’t re-do her routine. She was given the opportunity but decided against it as her score from the botched routine still put her in second place behind Ruby Harrold.

FIG specs for tie downs are not sufficient. Not safe.

When, oh when, will a safer mechanism be required for FIG meets?

Gymneo Jaeger – now in English



Spotting techniques for the Jaeger. Watch a preview of the fourth video of our training on this uneven bars release move. (www.gymneo.tv)

Stage 1 : The spotting technique for the Jaeger salto stretched, completely taken apart.
Stage 2 : The full spotting at normal speed.
Stage 3 : Spotting the Jaeger in hard landing, in a competition situation.
Stage 4 : What do you do when the gymnast doesn’t catch the bar?
Stage 5 : The typical spotting for hard landings.

This excerpt marks the official inauguration of the start of the translation of our trainings and our site into English . . .

early pirouette drill

Tom Forster.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Thanks Gymnastics Crossing.

(via Swing Big)

“tangent of release”

You cannot change the path of the centre of gravity after release.

tangent release

G.S. George – Tangent-Release Principle

Chris Brooks’ advice

Uncle Tim talked to the American star – 2014 Winter Cup: Chris Brooks on Broken Bones, Blaniks, and Rio

(via GymCastic)


Houston National Invitational

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