Japanese Gymnast Game

One of the coolest toys from Takara Tomy, … (Daisharin Tetsubou-kun), a.k.a Japanese Gymnast Game!

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. :-)

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on hand rips

The first time a child rips it’s a big shock. For the gymnast. And Mom.

hand rip

Gym Gab posted a discussion on the topic.

Rips are injuries. To be prevented as much as possible. Smarter gymnasts and coaches suffer fewer rips than the average gym.

Training Bar in a circuit is recommended. The hands cool off during the stations NOT causing friction on the rail.

Using Safety Straps is recommended. More reps, less distress.

Wearing grips is recommended. Gymnasts can start as young as age-7 or 8.

Leave a comment if you have a strong opinion on this topic.

more Koji Uematsi releases

Horizontal Bar. In training.

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I visited the Cirque du Soleil studios in Montreal on Tuesday. They are training nothing this crazy. :-)

layout Bretschneider?

Watch through to the end to see it connected.

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gymnastics bar grips – finger wedgies

What are they?

This photo was posted by bogwoppit on the Chalk Bucket forum.

bogwoppit explains:

They make the finger holes of your grips smaller. I managed to get some from the UK, where they call them wedgies!

Order from GymnasticExpress.co.uk in Europe.

1039Ginnasta USA sells something similar. Cheap. $3 per package of 8.

Without them, kids simply stuff foam into the finger holes to fill the gap. Messy and inconsistent.

Leave a comment if you know of anyone else selling something like this.

Tumbl Trak Quick Flex Bar

I love the Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag. ($299) AKA the Al Fong Bar.

For introducing Tkachev it’s far safer than a hard rail.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The Tumbl Trak can be flat or sloped.

We are currently using it for Hop 1/1 on Bar, as well. The last step following this stage.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s Kennedy Sterenberg from Manjak’s. (Who’s interested in competing NCAA, by the way.)

Tony Retrosi is using the Quick Flex Bar for Shaposhnikova drills.

Click PLAY or watch them on YouTube.

If you have a Tumbl Trak in your gym, consider getting this add-on. It will be used non-stop by gymnasts of all level.

Elite Canada 2015 Bars Champ Sabrina Gill.

Sabrina Gill Tumbl Trak

related – Tom Forster and Todd Gardner explain how they use the “Al Fong” bar.

new Men’s skills announced

FIG MTC NEWSLETTER #28 was posted.

BRETSCHNEIDER gets the H value double twisting Kovacs. Congratulations.

You might ask why. He didn’t compete it at Worlds 2014.

Here’s why.

MAG Naming of New Elements:

Any new element performed at an FIG registered competition with an official FIG TD or FIG MTC member participating in an official role (local TD, continental TD, Superior Jury, Apparatus Supervisor, or Jury of Appeals) is eligible for new element recognition in the Code of Points. A video of the completed element must be given to the TC member in attendance for later review and evaluation at the following MTC meeting.

Ferhat’s amazing new dismount from P Bars (G value) was not given name credit because of his bent knees. I dunno. It looks pretty good from this angle. (VIDEO)

They aren’t as straight as the new vault – RI Se Gwang 2. Double front pike with half twist.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (6.4)

Horizontal Bar

• Yamawaki ½ will need to have all turning continue in the same direction for the increase in letter value. If the element turns in two different directions, the element will not be recognized by the D jury.

We’re praying that Yamawaki will be devalued next Code. And that releases catching in mixed grip will be the same skill. One crappy Yamawaki is bad enough. Two is twice as ugly.

Next newsletter will finally address these issues:

• Exceeding the allowable time for a fall (Sam Mikulak on P Bars)

• Broken handguard (grip) rule (Zhang Chenglong)


FIG MTC broke their own rules at Worlds 2014 with those two athletes. It’s about time they answer for that.