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circus Bar act – Tournik

Eight artists cross paths in the Tournik Act from Corteo which marries horizontal bar techniques with circus arts. The artists perform on a central cube-shaped structure, with two additional bars on each side of the cube. The various parts of the structure turn, sometimes all in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions… just to keep everyone on their toes!

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Good and crazy Bar workers, male and female, are pretty much constantly in demand by Cirque du Soleil. If you coach such an athlete, contact Casting for more information.

Stars of Gymnastics – Epke

An excellent mini-documentary. Posted just before Worlds 2014. He’d not yet won a World Championships title.

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acrobats Tom & Jerry 1952

This excellent clip comes from their appearance on the public domain episode of “The Colgate Comedy Hour”, aired on December 14, 1952.

Unique Facts

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trying the Bretschneider


German gymnast 'bretschneider' has inspired @deccazz to attempt the elusive double twisting kovacs. Here are the first 2 attempts. It definitely deserves to be a H. #verrrrrrdifficult

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Epke Epke Epke

Zonderland had a 7.7 start without needing to do 3 releases in series.

Kohei, the eventual silver medalist, could only smile after watching this.

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Epke’s form continues to improve. :-) He should have won.

On the other hand, those guys in the blue jackets supposedly judging the routines awarded the same execution score 8.525 to Kohei as Epke.

That’s wrong. Kohei’s is considerably cleaner.

Click PLAY or watch Kohei’s routine on YouTube.

Execution judging is terrible in both WAG and MAG in 2014. But the rules and evaluation are worst of all on Horizontal Bar. :-(

Worlds Men’s H Bar Final


1. ZONDERLAND Epke 7.700 – 16.225
2. UCHIMURA Kohei 8.525 – 15.725
3. MOZNIK Marijo 6.700 – 15.000

full results

Weakest apparatus final at Worlds.

Especially after former World Champion ZHANG Chenglong ripped a grip mid-routine. He was allowed to get a new grip and continue when ready, a new rule I’m told.

It was his best routine of the 3 competitions up until that point. :-(

All hail Epke.

cheering Epke


Olympic Horizontal Bar Champion Epke Zonderland is the favourite, I’d say, in the Final today.

Click PLAY or meet some of his fans on YouTube.

ZHANG Chenglong is one of his strongest challengers.

Click PLAY or watch this split screen edit on YouTube.

Finalists may well change their routines to raise start scores closer to Epke. It’s going to be interesting. :-)

related – a playful, artistic VIDEO of Epke training

the Bretschneider on H Bar

In the oddest moment of Worlds 2014, so far, Bretschneider from Germany competed a HUGE new skilldouble twisting Kovacs.

… He thought he did.

But what we saw was a routine with two full twisting Kovacs. The second one is no value and a deduction for repetition. :-(

This is a skill so difficult and scary that his mind defaulted to the “simpler” skill under pressure.

He can do it. Very well.


related – It’s for real this time. Full twisting Kolman. (June 2013)

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Zhang Chenglong competed only his specialty in the Team Final.

Last competitor. Last apparatus.

He hit.

The host team China won the meet with that routine. He’s a National hero today.

But when his final score was flashed and the score was exactly enough for Team China to win by 0.10, I was angered and outraged. It looked very suspicious to me (and many).

We were in China. The apparatus supervisor was from China. Thousands of local fans were raising the roof with their cheering.

Was the score manipulated?

Were the Execution judges swept up in the moment?

Because the E-score for ZHANG Chenglong was too high.

Click PLAY or watch the big moment on YouTube.

ZHANG – Difficulty 7.500 + Execution 8.466 = 15.966

UCHIMRA – Difficulty 6.900 + Execution 8.500 = 15.400

Click PLAY or watch Kohei on YouTube.

Uchimura’s routine is cleaner. His angles are better. Kohei has fewer unnecessary hand placements. Kohei’s landing is better. The difference is far more than 0.034.

The judges got it wrong.

FIG MTC will review the scores from this meet, as they always do. Perhaps some action will be taken. More likely not.

Uncle Tim posted the best summary of the JPN vs CHN Team Final – 2014 Men’s World Team Finals: When Difficulty Edges Out Execution:

… Sure, judges will mess up from time to time. They are human – just like the gymnasts. When it is crystal clear that the judges did mess up, they should be castigated.

But was Zhang Chenglong’s high bar score as painfully wrong as the Marian Dragulescu’s 2004 vault score situation?

No. … Don’t be so dramatic. …

Perhaps I did get too wrapped up in the competition myself. Too emotional.

But FIG Judges are not nearly held accountable enough when they make mistakes. I was a Brevet Judge myself for decades.

Here are the official results if you want to do more analysis yourself.

In my opinion Japan were the rightful winners of the Team competition at Worlds 2014. Just as I felt Japan should have finished 4th in Team at the London Olympics. The judges got it wrong there, as well.

And if anyone would like to put up a contrary opinion on this site, I’m happy to post if for you.

congratulations ZHANG Chenglong

The former World Horizontal Bar Champion competed only his specialty in the Team Final. Last competitor. Last apparatus.

He hit.

The host team China won the meet with that routine.

Zhang Chenglong

That pic is from Inside Gymnastics excellent MEN’S TEAM FINALS photo series.

ZHANG Chenglong is a National hero. My interpreter next morning was thrilled with that performance. And with Gymnastics.

He upped his difficulty to a massive 7.50 to be competitive with Zonderland, Hambuchen, Uchimura and the best of the rest. Respect.

That all said (if a day late) the judges got his score wrong.

Japan was robbed


How disappointing.

A fantastic Men’s team final at the World Gymnastics Championships was ruined by the Horizontal Bar judges.

Team Results

full results (PDF)

The battle for team gold came down to the final routine on Horizontal Bar, former World Champion Zhang Chenglong.

He hit. But not perfectly. It was clear that Japan had won the team competition.

Yet (somehow) the H Bar panel came up with an impossible score of 15.966.

15.966 was far too high. The highest score of the competition, so far. Impossibly high.

It will be obvious to anyone when we compare Uchimura’s vs Chenglong’s routines and scores.

ZHANG – 7.500 + 8.466 = 15.966
UCHIMURA – 6.900 + 8.500 = 15.400
(full results)

When we compare the E-scores. :-(

Japan was robbed.

I’ll forever regard JPN as the legitimate winners of the World Championships 2014.

Here’s the Judging panel.

HUANG Liping (CHN) – Horizontal Bar Supervisor

E1 TSAI Heng Cheng (TPE)
E2 LESIV Genadi (BLR)
E4 IANEZ RAMOS Miguel Angel (ESP)
E5 ??

The E panel should be sanctioned for handing out an impossible score.

This is worse than the Uchimura pommel dismount scandal at the 2012 Olympics.

On par with the Dragalescu 2nd Vault scandal at the 2004 Olympics. Four judges were sanctioned that time.

I’m disgusted. :-(

Men’s Worlds Apparatus finalists


Floor Results (PDF)
Ablyazin; Shirai; Hypolito; Kato; Zapata; Kosmidis; Kim Hansol; Dalton; Reserves: Deng Shudi; Purvis; Cheng Ran

Pommel Results (PDF)
Berki; Naddour; Bertoncelj; Ude; Tommasone; Seligman; Likhovitskiy; Keatings; Reserves: Merdinyan; Belyavskiy; Whitlock

Rings Results (PDF)
Liu Yang; Ablyazin; Petrounias; Zanetti; Tulloch; Ait Said; You Hao; Ignatiev; Reserves: Radivilov; Colak; Whittenburg

Vault Results (PDF)
Yang Hak Seon; Ablyazin; Ri Se Gwang; Radivilov; Shirai; Dalton; Shek Wei Hung; Sasaki; Res: Thomas; Kim Hansol; Hypolito

P Bar Results (PDF)
Leyva; Verniaiev; Tanaka; Deng Shudi; Kato; Cheng; Whittenburg; Kuksenkov; Reserves: Augis; Hambüchen; Bucher

H Bar Results (PDF)
Zonderland; Uchimura; Zhang Chenglong; Kuksenkov; Moznik; Wilson; Belyavskiy; Calvo. Reserves: Thomas; Verniaiev; Schroe

via @theallaround:

Only three gymnasts miss event finals due to country limits: Uchimura (FX), You (PB); and Zhang (PB)

Nile WILSON – Horizontal Bar

There are two new guys at Worlds that everyone is talking about. The first is Donnell WHITTENBURG USA, just turned age-20, sitting 4th in prelims AA with 89.631. Donnell has got crazy potential.

The other is 18yr-old Nile Wilson GBR, a beautiful gymnast, fantastic for his age. Nile scored 88.323 and knocked teammate Max Whitlock out of the AA Final.

Nile will qualify to the H Bar Final.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.