coach Philippe Rizzo

The 2006 World H Bar Champion from Australia.

… “Every coach at every step of the way is no more important than another.

Especially with me now coaching the juniors, [I can see] it’s really important at every stage to have a good support network, which comes from parents as well as coaches.

It’s really important that everyone’s working together and has good communication and that the athlete is the centre of everything…making sure that everything is supporting the athlete, and not overburdening them.” …

Philippe Rizzo: From World Champion to Coach

Uchimura – triple twisting double layout

An excerpt of this is the video I use most in coach education courses. Talking safe landings. Bringing massive impact forces to zero.

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computer generated H Bar

Here’s one where judges could evaluate both E-score and D-score.

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Leyva – Kolman gif

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point-of-view H Bar

With the great former Stanford gymnast Rico Andrade. A new perspective.

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related – Rico’s Double Twisting Kovacs attempt from 2008 (VIDEO).