Tom Forster – Blind Change

Some great drills for a problematic skill.

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Tom dislikes late turning drills. Personally, I feel they are useful. The BIGGEST error on Blind is turning too early and stopping the swing.

That was linked on a Big Swing post which includes more Blind Change drills.

Gymneo teaser – Clear Hip

Free Hip has been added to the collection of tutorials on Gymneo English.

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Gaylord 2 before Kovacs?

Langley Gymnastics Head Coach Kris Kunick suggested we teach all the Kovacs progressions. Then catch Gaylord 2 before trying to catch Kovacs.

Gaylord 2 is more complex, but less scary than Kovacs for some guys.

Less scary. But still scary. :-)

Click PLAY or watch one guy trying to catch his first Gaylord 2 on YouTube.

In fact, Kris had one gymnast who caught Kolman before Kovacs.

___ related

No female has competed Kovacs. Several have competed Gaylord 2.

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Bruno Klaus giants at age-78

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H Bar – best Liukin ever?

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Finally put this one over a hard landing!! Now to start putting it in the routine!!

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Jake Dalton – tap swing

Great drill by a great gymnast. Jake was demonstrating for coach Dave Juszczyk.

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Don’t expect your beginners to swing like Jake. Older, taller gymnasts with long limbs have a biomechanical advantage. It’s easier to snap a longer whip than a shorter one.

Be patient with your shortest, youngest kids. Swing technique takes time.

European Games AA qualifiers

A Mustafina RUS 58.865
G Steingruber SUI 56.565
S Scheder GER 56.432
L Wevers NED 55.099
T Ugrin ITA 54.765
V Pikul FRA 54.566
D Boczogo HUN 53.764
K Simm GBR 53.299
G Mys BEL 53.066
A Iridon ROU 52.999
G Janik POL 52.365
T Yilmaz TUR 51.532
V Millousi GRE 51.466
A Carmona Urbano ESP 51.332
M Nekrasova AZE 50.532
A Kysla UKR 50.432
T Feldon ISR 50.299
B Mokosova SVK 50.032

Good morning #AZE #RUS

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O Verniaiev UKR 91.532 … with a fall on Pommels
N Ignatyev RUS 89.065
O Stepko AZE 88.231
F Hambuechen GER 87.432
D Barkalau BLR 87.365
B Bevan GBR 86.264
F Arican TUR 85.830
V Cotuna ROU 85.365
A Augis FRA 85.198
N Abad ESP 85.198
A Shatilov ISR 83.965
K Behan IRL 83.831
C Schmidt NED 83.565
S Skjerhaug NOR 83.299
T De Vecchis ITA 82.231
R Guscinas LTU 82.299
T Serhani SUI 81.864
J Verbaeys BEL 81.797

Could Oleg Verniaiev dethrone Uchimura at Worlds?

Many think it’s possible. He’s only age-21. Still improving.

Click PLAY or watch his weakest apparatus on YouTube.

Full Twist – Baku 2015: Team Results & Day 2 Qualification Results