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worse hands than a gymnast

Kovacs series?

This can’t be real. :-)

Can it?

????? ???×7

koji uematsu??(@uematsukouji)??????? –

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flyaway 1/1 bar-to-bar

Cool. :-)

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Hambüchen – Tkachev series

Fabulous Fabian is an entertainer.

The last guy I saw do this many Tkachevs was Sharipov in the 1990s.

Men’s 2014 Toyota International

1. Ryohei Kato 6.5 8.775 15.275
2. Kim Han Sol 6.5 8.325 14.825
3. Helge Liebrich 6.1 8.400 14.500

1. Kohei Kameyama 7.0 7.925 14.925
2. Ryohei Kato 5.6 8.900 14.500
3. Cyril Tommasone 7.0 7.250 14.250

1. Igor Radivilov 6.8 8.675 15.475
2. Hadi Khanari Nejad 6.4 8.500 14.900
3. Brandon Wynn 6.8 7.650 14.450

Japanese on Top at Toyota Tournament – day 1

1. Yang Hak Seon 15.375
2. Kenzo Shirai 14.937
3. Igor Radivilov 14.625

1. Yusuke Tanaka 6.6 8.875 15.475
2. Ryohei Kato 6.6 8.625 15.225
3. Philipp Herder 6.4 8.350 14.750

1. Kohei Uchimura 7.2 8.725 15.925
2. Yusuke Tanaka 7.2 8.625 15.825
3. Jackson Payne 6.9 7.250 14.150

Japanese Take Four More Toyota Titles – day 2

Click PLAY or watch Kohei’s 7.2 H Bar on YouTube. Superb piked Kovacs to open.

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Dave Eby 1974

Now that’s a tuck position. :-)

Ryohei Kato training Liukin

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Bretschneider getting consistent

Andres caught his double twisting Kovacs in both routines at DTB Pokal.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Execution needs some work.

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1001 consecutive giants

Guinness World Records:

Watch Roman Sahradyan of Armenia spin round and round a high bar, performing non-stop giants for nearly 30 minutes!

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Thanks Greg.

JAO – clear hip progressions

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

related – my presentation on free hip progressions including a 9min VIDEO of progressions. I lean towards safety strap drills.

Kevin Lytwyn – Def to mixed grip

Kevin Lytwyn is beast.

He’s a Ring man, 2nd at Commonwealth Games. But a Ring man with great Horizontal Bar. Watch his 14.866 Commonwealth Bronze medal routine. (VIDEO) Tak 1/2 to Def at the END of the routine.

Check what Kevin’s working now.

F Mondays… #jks #gymnastics #turnup #newskill

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Many would name Oleg as the man with the best chance to catch Uchimura in the AA. Verniaiev went 90.400 at Blume including a poor FX routine.

The catch?

Oleg’s H Bar is far, far weaker than the King.

On the other hand, Oleg’s improved, no longer looking like a USA J.O. Level 10.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

If the Code changes, however, and I believe it will, this routine could be very low start score in 2017.

Epke – slow motion Kovacs

Our World and Olympic Champion is astonishingly consistent at over bar release moves.

What’s his secret?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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