Worlds Qatar 2018

Artistic Worlds 2017 are in Montreal. Qatar is the only bidder for the 2018 Worlds. The Aspire Dome is a fantastic venue, the largest indoor sports facility in the world.

Though the selection of Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup has been controversial, I expect Gymnastics Worlds to go well.


QATAR Gymnastics Federation (QGF) President Ali Ahmed Al Hitmi exuded confidence about the country’s preparations for the 2018 FIG World Championships, following the grand success of yet another edition of the three-day Artistic World Cup at the Aspire Dome last week.

A total 128 gymnasts, including 44 women, competed in the event.

“We’ve the facilities and infrastructure to host any world-class event,” Al Hitmi told Doha Stadium Plus.

FIG – ‘Qatar will deliver a stunning Worlds’

I’ve no doubt. He’s a good man.

I’m happy to see Muslim nations hosting big events. Sport is a great way to break down barriers. I recall meeting the South African contingent, white and black, at Gymnaestrada. Back in the days of Apartheid. South Africans love sport. One big incentive in ending Apartheid was making their athletes eligible for Olympic sport. RSA did not compete at Olympic Games from 1964 to 1988.

Unlike some Muslim nations, boys and girls train together in Qatar. It’s like every other high performance club in the world. Westerners feel welcome and comfortable in Doha.

On the other hand, LGBT rights in Qatar are few. The nation needs to modernize their laws in advance of 2022. Hopefully in advance of 2018.

related – Azerbaijan is a Muslim-majority democratic and secular republic. They host the 1st European Games this summer. Gymnastics goes June 15-20th.

I expect that event to be a big success, as well.

Kenzo – Jaeger full

Kenzo Shirai trains the all-around. He does. :-)

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In the Code that’s called “Winkler – Pogorelev“, a 1/1 from el-grip.

Daniel Winkler actually competed it earlier in the 1981 World Championships than Alexander Pogorelov, so it tends to be called the Winkler.

via Nico on GymFever2012

2014 Canadian Gymnaestrada

I heard Saskatchewan rocked it. :-)

I’m planning on attending the World Gymnaestrada 2015. :-)

Jim Fisher – Floor 1969

Wild routine. Handspring front to side splits.

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Back when “Floor Exercise” was exercises on Floor. (Carpet over a basketball floor, actually.)

Thanks David Niemand.

Aliya MUSTAFINA – Beam

I love Aliya. But if this routine gets through to Finals … #WChAntwerp

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14.133 = D score : 6.00, E score : 8.133

Compare the E score against that of Kyla Ross.

Nikita Ignatiev – interview

Amusing translation from Russian to English.

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(via TAA)

Stuttgart: Nguyen, Purvis, Belyavskiy

Stuttgart World Cup Men’s All Around Final Results:

1. Nguyen, Marcel (GER) – 90,232
2. Purvis, Daniel (GBR) – 89,397
3. Belyavskiy, David (RUS) – 89,298
4. Tanaka, Kazuhito (JPN) – 89,097
5. Leyva, Danell (USA) – 88,364
6. Gonzalez, Fabian (ESP) – 87,498
7. Thomas, Kristian (GBR) – 87,365

Click PLAY or watch Kristian Thomas GBR | Yurchenko double pike on YouTube.