Kenzo – Jaeger full

Kenzo Shirai trains the all-around. He does. :-)

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In the Code that’s called “Winkler – Pogorelev“, a 1/1 from el-grip.

Daniel Winkler actually competed it earlier in the 1981 World Championships than Alexander Pogorelov, so it tends to be called the Winkler.

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2014 Canadian Gymnaestrada

I heard Saskatchewan rocked it. :-)

I’m planning on attending the World Gymnaestrada 2015. :-)

Jim Fisher – Floor 1969

Wild routine. Handspring front to side splits.

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Back when “Floor Exercise” was exercises on Floor. (Carpet over a basketball floor, actually.)

Thanks David Niemand.

Aliya MUSTAFINA – Beam

I love Aliya. But if this routine gets through to Finals … #WChAntwerp

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14.133 = D score : 6.00, E score : 8.133

Compare the E score against that of Kyla Ross.

Nikita Ignatiev – interview

Amusing translation from Russian to English.

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Stuttgart: Nguyen, Purvis, Belyavskiy

Stuttgart World Cup Men’s All Around Final Results:

1. Nguyen, Marcel (GER) – 90,232
2. Purvis, Daniel (GBR) – 89,397
3. Belyavskiy, David (RUS) – 89,298
4. Tanaka, Kazuhito (JPN) – 89,097
5. Leyva, Danell (USA) – 88,364
6. Gonzalez, Fabian (ESP) – 87,498
7. Thomas, Kristian (GBR) – 87,365

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on the FIG elections …

NORA SCHULER posted an insightful interview with Wolfgang Willam, unsuccessful candidate for vice president, current Executive Committee member.

Were you surprised that Bruno Grandi was re-elected by such a large majority?

I wasn’t surprised he was re-elected. But it was surprising that it was such a large majority since it was the first time he had two opponents. In this respect it was an impressive result for him personally.

I’m in Senegal, Africa right now. Bruno Grandi is extremely popular here. He’s been tireless in trying to help smaller nations grow FIG sports.

I’m looking forward to what he does in this last mandate, freed from the need to run again in 2016. From his most recent Newsletter (#67):

… the Codes of Points are a priority on my agenda. I am getting a variety and increasing number of signals telling me to revisit the format and handling of our competitions, which no longer meet the needs of our public. This is of utmost importance …