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There’s a very cool, very frustrating site at fb-curves.com.

Here’s why it’s cool.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Fantastic. A perfect Rybalko. The first time I’ve ever seen one. :-) Consider me seduced.

The site is frustrating for me because it’s so Flash based. I hate Adobe Flash. I turn off Adobe Flash every chance I get. On my laptop, fb-curves.com doesn’t work well.

Happily, developer Fabien Bougas has some of that same content on his YouTube channel.

He has a blog, as well, in French and English, with some of the content.

unusual Yurchenko blocks

Here’s our World Champion HONG Un Jong.

via FIG
via FIG

Here’s McKayla Maroney.

Maroney block

A common coaching error is to emulate the best of the best. Just because it works for Maroney, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

I don’t recommend wide arms with the hands out-turned for young, developing gymnasts. Stick with the most popular, traditional arm position (e.g. Cheng Fei) unless you have a very good reason not to.

Cheng Fei 2004

Watch VIDEO of Cheng Fei.

saltos – tuck tight

Rotation in this position on a somersault is slower than one with hands on shins. For me it’s an error, not a technique.


Bill Sands articles

Dr. Bill Sands is now posting some of his research on Advanced Study of Gymnastics. For example:

Vault Board Take Offs – What’s with the “Target” on the Top?

Puzzles and Paradoxes – Gymnastics


He found that Spring Boards vary greatly. That the best place on the Board to jump for each gymnast, for each vault, is often NOT the place on the Board coaches expect.

That’s a very interesting finding. It’s well worth clicking through.

His article includes a screen grab from a video of Sang Lan’s vault from the 1998 Goodwill Games NYC. The one where she was paralyzed. :-(

I’d always heard that no video of that vault existed. It does.

related – gymnasticsinjurydata.com

Dr. Sands is asking coaches to submit information on Gymnastics Injury.

Triple Cork – Sport Science

John Brenkus and the Sport Science team examines the physics behind one of the most difficult tricks in snowboarding.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Does that all look correct to you?

John Brenkus has voiced over erroneous biomechanics in the past. He thinks that’s a double twist. :-)

Winter X Games 2015 Aspen begins today.

mechanics – feather vs bowling ball

Compare the two falling with air resistance. And then in a vacuum.

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(via iflscience)

Kelli Hill – kip cast handstand

Click PLAY or watch it on Facebook. The YouTube version is geoblocked for some nonsensical reason.