Fragapane – layout or piked?

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I’m not contesting Claudia’s Gold medal. Simply pointing out that WAG judges are very inconsistent on what’s awarded layout.

The way they deduct landings is worse. There’s very little reward for landing safely and with complete control. :-(

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6 thoughts on “Fragapane – layout or piked?”

  1. her vaulting form and technique is disgusting and is never properly deducted, plus she didn’t even land well. There was so much to deduct here she didn’t deserve the gold, Ellie did. But this entire competition has been about overscoring the English (in WAG).

  2. Kari, do you happen to be Canadian?! Ellie does have good vaulting technique but she is not perfect either. Yes she may have deserved gold but I think your words are rather harsh towards a young women (16yrs) who has clearly worked hard and achieved something most of us could only dream of. To say the English have been over scored is not quite true, unfortunately the other teams didn’t handle the pressure well and disappointingly under performed-particularly the Canadians which is a shame.

  3. Nicely laid out during the twist but super super piked for the last half of it, and substantial pike going on to the horse as well. This should have been credited as pike, IMO.

    I also think we should all be a bit more respectful to these athletes. After all, if someone told me I was doing a disgusting job at my job or hobby or sport, whatnot, I would be upset. These are young girls after all. Not saying we shouldn’t make any criticisms, but perhaps less strong words.

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