Biles and Key top verification

Top three AA at the July Training Camp verification:

1. Simone Biles – 2. Madison Kocian – 3. Kyla Ross

1. Bailie Key – 2. Norah Flatley – 3. Jordan Chiles

Marta Simone


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4 thoughts on “Biles and Key top verification”

  1. I’m not worried kyla is still getting over a back injury but third is good she’s making progress. But baillie is the real deal this girl is only getting better and better she has a rumored working on a armar and cheng. As a jr she’s scoring the 59 range. Just wait until nxt yr as a senior . I hope she meets biles at the Tyson cup because she’s the real deal.

  2. I’m interested to see Kocian’s upgrades. She’s a lovely gymnast with a real international look, and a definite world team contender

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