Canadian Gymnastics Championships

May 26-31st, 2014.

I’m already packing for Nationals, once again to be hosted at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Trampoline Gymnastics
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Details on the official website —

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With an Olympic Trampoline Champion and a best ever WAG Olympic performance in London, you’d think things should be very upbeat in Canada.

Yet not everyone is happy in the Great White North.

Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique after extensive consultation put in a new Quadrennial Plan through to 2016.

It hasn’t been well received.

Our Men’s Program Director Jeff Thompson was let go in December as part of the restructuring, only partly replaced.

Our Women’s Artistic Gymnastics National Team Program Director, Kyna Fletcher, stepped down in February, unhappy with the direction of Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique.

Finally our CEO, Jean-Paul Caron, stepped down April 24th. Not enough people supported GCG’s 2016 Quadrennial Plan.

Everyone respects and likes JP, but in the CEO model, the CEO is ultimately accountable.

I criticized GCG’s Communication in the past and had been hopeful to see major improvement this cycle. Higher priority was to be put on Communications/Media and IT/Web. Communication has not improved significantly, unfortunately.

On the bright side, GCG Coach Education is moving in the right direction.

With JP’s departure Gymnastics Canada is going back to the drawing board. I’m hopeful we emerge stronger for all this turmoil. It’s not easy to replace a man like Jean-Paul Caron, unfortunately.

Nationals will be a good chance for people to communicate, face-to-face.

If interested in the issues, check out Hardy Fink’s Open Letter about GCG Structure. (PDF)

Hardy is currently the Canadian Men’s Judging Chairman along with his many, many other responsibilities.

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  1. in the words of the late great Emily Latella……(slow loading or problem w/my computer….)

    “never mind…”

  2. After having read the open letter from Hardy, here is an interesting link to check out:

    Even more interesting is when it is dated May, 2012 and the comments section.

    In a country of Canada’s size, a dual role WAG and MAG Program Director would not work…

    1. It’s not impossible to oversee both MAG and WAG if the system was small enough. A club, for example.

      But if your goal is to qualify a team top 12 in the world, …

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