Beam layout layout series

It’s been great to see the return of the layout series this cycle.

Eileen Imbus – handstand layout layout

Click PLAY or watch her Beam series on YouTube.

Or … standing like Morgan Hurd. :-)

(via Swing Big and GymFever)


#1 Julia Smethurst on 05.25.14 at 3:59 am

Seriously beautiful but couragous!!!

#2 Hannah on 05.25.14 at 4:34 am

Why do coaches allow gymnasts feet to hang off the beam? Attention to details will help this talented girl in the future.

#3 Beam layout layout series | Gymnastics News Network. on 05.25.14 at 7:02 am

[…] Beam layout layout series […]

#4 JO on 05.25.14 at 7:36 am

Hannah, I fussed at my talented one to put her heals on the beam 10 times yesterday alone. One day it will stick. :)

#5 Sylvester on 05.25.14 at 7:15 pm

Julia – just a friendly tip . Courageous . Lots of people drop the e in spoken but it is there.

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