judging leaps and jumps

SuperDuperJudge has a YouTube channel with many videos of interest to Judges.

One sample, looking at jumps and leaps, measuring split. She judges in the American Jr Olympic program.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

In addition, we need to go back to some sort of system rewarding Virtuosity.

Look how high Pavlova gets her front leg on this switch split, … never mind the awesome Ring itself.

GIF by gifsartist
GIF by gifsartist

(via WOGymnastike)

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15 thoughts on “judging leaps and jumps”

  1. This is very good. I find it interesting that all the coaches were standing at the end of the beams (arms crossed). I really can’t get a good enough look at leaps from this position. But I do love all the beams in that gym. Thanks

  2. In today’s Code of Points Anna Pavlova’s gorgeous switch ring would earn a deduction because the back knee isn’t bent to 90 degrees.

    Clearly the FIG has some issues to work through before they can start awarding artistry bonuses.

  3. Katie,
    you very much understate the issue……there are so many problems with the (mis)understanding of “execution” and “artistry” in the last several Codes….Pavlova actually lifts that back leg so high in the ring that her CALF is at head height and her foot is approximately a foot above it….”if” it were meaningful, she could easily bend the leg to the “required” angle, BUT….her technique and position is far more difficult….and because of the open angle and straightened lines, much more artistic than what the Code rewards……maybe the MAG and WAG TCs should be required to read Gerry George’s book before they make anymore rules pertaining to E score……

  4. I laugh every time I see her beautiful leap thinking they gave Gabby credit at the Olympics for hers that wasn’t even close to this.

  5. Pavlova’s leaps are as dramatic & evocative as her famous namesake ‘s . The code 2005-8 did not allow Anna to be rewarded as she ought to have been .

    What is more I consider that the many judges officials & fans actively ganged up against her. Not surprised she seemed to give up at times.

  6. Although that video is quite helpful, several of the 180° splits are not at 180°. The point of reference for judging angles is always the lowest part of the back leg. In some of those jumps the back leg is bent so the line must be drawn through the knee and not through the foot.

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