highest Olympic D-scores

Albert’s updated his ranking list for both score and D-score.

Of Olympians competing, Iordache, Larisa (ROU) 6,8 has the highest Beam start. Tweddle, Elizabeth (GBR) 7,0 is the highest Bars, unless He Kexin competes. Peña, Yamilet (DOM) 7,1 5,8 = 12,9 with the double front has a .3 higher start than Maroney. Raisman, Alexandra (USA) 6,5 is tops on FX.

WAG Best Scores: 9 July

UPDATE: Check the comments. Some are questioning these numbers, mentioning additional routines. Some done in training. Some in minor meets. I’ll add one myself — He Kexin was rumoured to have done a 7.4 Bars somewhere, sometime in 2012.

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