female gymnast thumb around Bar

Male gymnast MUST ALWAYS have their thumbs around the Bar.

Female gymnast normally have thumbs around while in support (e.g. cast handstand) then flip the thumb back with the rest of the fingers during swings (e.g. giant, free hip, etc.)

Here’s an example — posted by Gymnastics Crossing — of a female gymnast who DOES sometimes keep her thumbs around on the swing. An exception to the norm.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Note the thumb tape. :)

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8 thoughts on “female gymnast thumb around Bar”

  1. I never ever put my thumb around the bar even for front giants, back giants, casts to handstands, etc. I was always told by my coaches that wrapping your thumb around the bar is risking breaking it and that’s not a risk we’re going to take.

  2. I have a question for the female gymnasts, when you catch a release to you catch with your thumbs around the bar?

  3. Thanks! I started thinking about that when Anna Li said she wanted to do a kovacs….catching that with no thumbs around the bar sounds terrifying. But than again for me as a former male gymnast, I wouldn’t even want to attempt a giant without my thumbs around the bar.

  4. It’s just the way the women’s apparatus has evolved. If you try to swing around a p-bar rail with your thumbs over you will find it very difficult and risk breaking them. Now that the a-bar rail is small and round it doesn’t matter (aside from thumb rips) if the thumbs are over or under.

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