gymnastics – what guys think I do

It this a meme?

First I saw one of these funny photo comparisons (made by Kayleigh Walsh) go crazy on Facebook.

Click through to Facebook to see another.


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#4 Just Another Opinion on 02.16.12 at 10:45 am

Regarding the meme-ness of “what guys think I do.”

I don’t know if it’s reached full-fledged meme status, but there was a Seinfeld episode in the 90s about Jerry dating a former gymnast and getting excited about the “possibilities in the bedroom.” I imagine when girls tell guys that they are or were gymnasts, they may get a number of questions about where they can put their legs.

#5 Mel on 02.16.12 at 7:22 pm

They should have one for Gymnastics coach!!!!!

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